Lara Logan: 60 Minutes Reporter Openly Blasts Obama For Being Soft on Terrorism

Politics aside, Lara Logan's courage and willingness to publicly reveal her opinion on a subject she feels so passionate about should be applauded. More journalists should follow her example.

Gary Johnson Spoiler: Latest Presidential Polls Show a Third Party Disaster in the Works for Mitt Romney

Following the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney appears to be gaining ground. Gary Johnson could change that.

Gary Johnson Polls: Latest Presidential Poll Shows Romney Leading Obama, But Trailing When Johnson is an Option

The latest Zogby shows Mitt Romney with a slim lead over Barack Obama, and a Pew poll tells a similar story.

Presidential Polls 2012: Rasmussen, Pew Show Romney Surging Nationally and in Swing States

Six days after his strong performance at the Denver presidential debate, Mitt Romney has effectively tied up the race both nationally, and in several key swing states.

Latest Presidential Polls: Real Clear Politics Polls Show the Senate is Completely Up For Grabs

With four weeks to go until Election Day, Republicans have seen several leads in critical Senate races disappear. The chamber is now up for grabs and a majority could be obtained by either party.

Orlando Cruz Gay: First Openly Gay Boxer Could Change Contact Sports Forever

Orlando Cruz became the first openly gay boxer in history. Cruz’ announcement could be as significant a moment as there has ever been in the history of contact sports.

Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Schedule and Preview: Why Ryan Will Dominate Biden

Don't expect the October 11 Vice Presidential Debate from Kentucky to be as civil (boring) as the presidential one. Ryan and Biden will go for each other's jugulars.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Kelly Marcel Confirmed as Screenwriter, Cast TBD

"Fifty Shades of Grey," the movie, has taken a big step toward its anticipated production as English writer Kelly Marcel gets confirmed to adapt E.L. James' erotic novel to the big screen.

Supreme Court Docket: Kirtsaeng v John Wiley and Sons Case May Prevent You From Selling Your Own Property

A pending Supreme Court case could have a major impact on your ability to sell the things you own.

Special K Drug: Psychedelic is Powerful Anti Depressant, Says New Study

New research is showing that ketamine, a powerful dissociative hallucinogen, can provide near instantaneous relief from severe chronic depression.

Stacey Dash: This Black Actress Supports Romney, Invokes Race Charged Rage

For most African Americans, the notion of a black conservative is an oxymoron.The conservative message hasn’t changed, and neither has its reception in the black community.

Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Speech: Romney Never Served, and is Unfit to Push a Pro War Agenda

Mitt Romney never served, but neither did President Obama. Romney's policies would put thousands of U.S. troops in harm's way in new Middle East conflicts. The president's would not.

New Red Sox Manager Rumors: Next Red Sox Manager Will Have One of the Worst Jobs in Baseball

The atrocious 2012 Boston Red Sox season has come to an end, and with it, the managerial tenure of Bobby Valentine.

Mass Senate Race: Brown Warren Debate Schedule and Polls

Senator Scott Brown leads challenger Elizabeth Warren by four points, according to the latest poll.

Ellie Goulding New Album: Halcyon Review Shows Goulding is Reaching For the Stars

While her debut album Lights made you starry-eyed, UK artist Ellie Goulding's new album Halcyon will prove to you that her musical career shines even brighter now.

Real Clear Politics Poll: 49 Percent of Americans Find Obama Foreign Policy Favorable, Beating Out Romney

Romney promises “to use America’s great power to shape history,” but will his speech erase Obama’s lead in foreign policy polls?

Fiscal Cliff Could Cost America 277K Jobs in January

Romney and Obama have avoided discussion of January tax hikes and spending cuts capable of pushing the U.S. economy back into recession should Congress fail to put forth an alternative.

Voter Guide for Election 2012: Can a Person of Faith Vote for Barack Obama?

Is there a moral comfort-zone a candidate must not cross, lest it becomes a deal breaker in your being able to vote for them? If your answer is yes, has Obama crossed that line?

Why Cutting Foreign Language Classes in Schools Would Hurt Future Generations of Americans

Many schools are stripping away their foreign language programs to cut costs. This is the worst step we could possibly take in our rapidly globalizing world.

The Bias Against Women in Science: Why Women, As Well As Men, Are at Fault

It is time society starts not only accepting but, also supporting and recognizing the strengths of female contributions in the fields of science.

9 Ways Obama Has Ruined the Millennial Generation

Obama's policies in everything from health care, to foreign policy, to education will seriously impact millennials for years to come.

Ron Paul Sent Me: My Strange and Awesome Journey Into the World of PolicyMic

A Ron Paul article led me to PolicyMic, which offers a great opportunity for aspiring writers to hone their journalistic skills and obtain name recognition for their work.

Presidential Polls 2012: 12 Reasons They Do Not Matter, From George Carlin

From stupid people to political correctness, and cigar-smoking businessmen to warmongering, George Carlin explains everything you need to know about the demoralizing futility of election 2012.

War on Women: Mississippi Attempts to Close Its Lone Abortion Clinic

Right now, Mississippi has only one abortion clinic — and even that solitary clinic is threatened by anti-choice legislation in the state.

New Kony Video: Kony 2012 Followup Tries to Redeem Invisible Children Founder

Following a public breakdown and six months of silence, Jason Russell emerges on Invisible Children’s new video and Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Latest Presidential Poll: Romney Beating Obama on China Policy, But His Plan is Straight Sinophobia

Mitt Romney's China-bashing is part of a global trend where opposition parties are vying to take control.

Marvel Comics The Untold Story: An Inside Look at The Avengers, Spiderman, and X Men

Sean Howe's account provides an intimate and detailed look at the company that brought us the modern superhero craze, although it might be irrelevant for casual readers or average moviegoers.

War on Women: New Social Media Campaign Aims Hook Millennials for Reproductive Justice

From Sandra Fluke to Todd Akin, reproductive rights have been a hot-button issue this election season. A new social media campaign from the NWLC aims to get millennials personally involved.

Hugo Chavez Wins the Venezuela Election, But Democracy is the True Victor

Venezuelans can now say that they have a competitive party system, a hallmark of a true democracy.

Jay Z Barclays Center Concerts Show His Music Is More Important to His Success Than the Nets

Jay-Z just finished his eight-show celebration of Brooklyn, basketball, and beats at the Barclays Center on Saturday night. For all his success, is his music still meaningful?

Romney Foreign Policy Speech Transcript: Clearly Mitt Did Not Do His Foreign Policy Homework

Republican candidate Mitt Romney flops on foreign policy. Again. Here's a breakdown on where the presidential hopeful stands on foreign policy issues.

Vagina Should Not Be a Dirty Word in Michigan and Indiana

After Lisa Brown was kicked out of the Michigan House for saying 'vagina' in a debate about abortion, irate female politicians suggested a sex strike — maybe for good reason?

Intelligence Squared Debate: Are Islamists or Dictators Better Leaders For the Middle East

The latest IQ2 US debate, "Better Elected Islamists Than Dictators," tackles the issue of radical Islamists taking over Arab Spring countries and their threat to the establishment of democracies.