California Election Results 2012 LIVE: Democrats Seize Supermajority and Pass Prop 30

Will California become a Democratic supermajority? Will the death penalty be abolished? Follow along live for the latest 2012 election results live from California.

Electoral College and Popular Vote LIVE: Full Election Results

The race is over. President Obama will roundly win this election, getting a minimum of 281 electoral college votes to a maximum of Romney's 257.

Election Results LIVE: Electoral College Map and Popular Vote Update

Follow-along live as I cover election night 2012. Live updates on swing-states, Senate races, and referendum from around the country! Come for GIFs, stay for the analysis!

California Proposition Results: The Election Goes On in California

Follow along live for the latest presidential election, House and proposition results from the Golden State.

Presidential Candidates 2016: 10 Democrats Who Might Be the Next Presidential Nominee

The 2012 Election has concluded and plans for 2016 are already underway. From Hillary Clinton to Cory Booker, here are 10 likely candidates for the Democratic ticket.

Obama Wins Reelection: Electoral Vote Count and Why Obama Won

The election is finally here, and PolicyMic has live coverage of the presidential race between Obama and Romney in all 50 states, as well as key Senate, House, and gubernatorial races.

Who Won the Popular Vote: 9 Takeaways From Election Day 2012

As election coverage winds down and before the news media makes the shift to 24/7 coverage of the "fiscal cliff," let's take a look at the big takeaways from last night's election results.

2016 Presidential Candidates: 5 Possible Republican Presidential Candidates

One election ends and another begins. Here are some of the candidates we will see running for the Republican nomination in 2016.

North Korean Prison Camp Survivor Reveals Horrific Details Inside the Yodeok Concentration Camp

Kim Young Soon was sentenced to a North Korean concentration camp for "knowing too much" about Kim Jong Il's secret relationship with a famous actress. She survived to tell her story.

How I Met Your Mother Season 8: The Tarnished Legacy of a Hit Sitcom

"How I Met Your Mother" is now in season 8, and it's losing momentum fast. Ultimately, it's the show's premise that may make it unwatchable.

2016 Presidential Candidates: Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio Are the Frontrunners

Though it's not clear whether Secretary of State Clinton will run in 2016, her potential Republican rival Florida Senator Marco Rubio has already traveled to Iowa.

California Election Results LIVE: Proposition 30 May Pass, 37 Going Down to Defeat, Some Members of Congress Since Jurassic May Need New Jobs Soon

Follow along live with the latest presidential election results from the state of California. Get updates on propositions and down-ballot candidates, in addition to presidential vote updates.

Electoral Map: Romney Will Win Presidency With 325 Electoral College Votes

After a long, hard fought campaign, it appears that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will win the presidency tonight during the election.

Presidential Polls 2012: Business Leaders Endorse Obama, Electoral Math Trending Blue

Friday's jobs report and a flurry of new polls produced competing narratives on the likely outcome of the election. But last-minute endorsements, from the business community, swing Obama's way.

Electoral College Map: LIVE Exit Polls, Electoral College Results Show Approaching 270 Votes Needed

Romney has very few pathways to victory remaining, whereas Obama will likely win 294 electoral votes, compared to Romney's 220.

2016 Presidential Candidates: Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and the 9 Republicans Who Could Lead the GOP

The GOP is going to go through a reboot in the next few years. These politicians will be the defacto heads, going forward.

The Ron Paul Effect: How the GOP Threw the Election By Disenfranchising Ron Paul Supporters

New analysis reveals that in no less than five states, Romney’s margin of loss to President Obama in the general election was less than the number of votes received by Ron Paul in the primary.

Obama Secession: Citizens From 18 States Ask President to Secede From the Union

That's right, thousands of Americans have already signed petitions at asking President Obama to allow them to peacefully secede from the union.

Maryland 2012 Election Results LIVE: Question 6 Gay Marriage Issue to Be Decided

Follow along for regular updates on the presidential election results in Maryland.

2016 Presidential Candidates: 5 Possible Democratic Presidential Candidates

Some old and new faces in the Democratic Party will make an attempt at the president in 2016.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama is 98 Percent Likely to Win, But Republicans Deny This Reality

With Obama all but sure to win the election, Republican reactions to statistical projections will only serve to greater polarize the country.

Nate Silver 538 Blog: Why NYT Pollster is Right about Election 2012

Nate Silver is on the hot seat from all ends for his predictions, but his past accuracies may prove to all his haters that he has still got it.

5 Common Misconceptions About Voting: Your Vote Doesn't Count

Whether choosing between Obama and Romney or any other candidates, people often explain their voting behaviors with one of five statements, all of which are false. There's no good reason to vote.

Electoral College Map: Obama Will Win, See State By State Breakdown

Check for full electoral college predictions, latest swing state polls, and popular vote projections. Obama will win election 2012, by all accounts.

Minnesota Election Results: Bachmann Win; Voters Reject Same Sex, Voter ID Amendments

Follow along LIVE as I provide timely updates and results for presidential election, as well as other key races from the state of Minnesota.

Virginia Election Results: Who Won this Key Swing State

Virginia became one of the country's newest swing states in 2008, making it a hot race to watch again in 2012. Follow live for updates on the presidential race and down-ballot contests.

Israel War: Why Israeli Attacks Against the Palestinians Are Not Self Defense

Israel's disproportionate and aggressive attacks in Gaza are not acts of self-defense, they are war crimes.

Colorado Election Results LIVE: Obama Wins Colorado, Coverage, Results and Analysis

Live coverage of the battle for swing state Colorado.

Washington Election Results: LIVE Initiative 502 Hangs in the Balance

Live election results and commentary about the presidential contest, congressional races and ballot initiatives in the state of Washington.

Halo 4 Tricks: 5 Crucial Game Tips and Tricks

If you think you simply can't compete with the expert Halo 4 players online, here are some tips on how to survive and, more importantly, win.

Gary Johnson Poll Numbers: 5 Percent of the Vote Will be a Win for Libertarians

High voter turnout is being reported across the country and it could favor the Libertarian cause and the frontrunning Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson. What happened to American apathy?

Obamas Reelection Layoffs: Papa Johns, Applebees and the Companies Where Obama Reelection Will Get You Fired

The reasons range from Obamacare to Obama's hostility to coal.

Amendment 64 in Colorado: Marijuana Legalization Will Create Jobs and Raise Revenue

Smart Colorado voters from all sides of the aisle voted Tuesday night to establish regulations and tax structures for the legal sale of recreational marijuana with Amendment 64.

President Barack Obama wins Ohio and Re-Election : LIVE

Ohio was irrelevant. Making history, President Obama presumed winner of electoral and popular vote for the Presidential election!

Presidential Polls 2012: With Polls Tied, These 3 Endorsements Should Put Obama On Top

Ever notice how Republicans who work with President Obama seem to all of a sudden change their tone and praise his leadership?

Nate Silver 538 Blog: Silver Projections are Right, So Get Over It

Nate Silver is catching a lot of flak from Joe Scarborough and other pundits, and it's led to highly-publicized wager.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Will Ride Electoral College Advantage and Key Endorsements to Victory on Tuesday

Real Clear Politics election 2012 state polls show President Obama ahead everywhere it counts. And Bloomberg is right for endorsing Obama.

Obama Wins Second Term!

President Barack Obama won Ohio and six other swing states to gain a second four-year term.

Ohio Polls: Nate Silver 538 Predictions Have Obama Winning Ohio and a Second Term

Nate Silver's 538 blog at the New York Times, has President Obama winning Ohio, and the general election.

The Hobbit Movie Release Date: Why Some People Will Be Boycotting the Film

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" premieres on December 14 amid PETA accusations that 27 animals were killed during production of the prequel to "The Lord of the Rings."

Legalize Marijuana: Polls Say Washington Initiative 502 and Colorado Amendment 64 Will Pass

Advocates for marijuana legalization make a lot of big promises, and it looks like they could get their chance to live up to them this Tuesday.

Electoral College Map: Understanding the Difference Between the Popular and Electoral Vote

Explaining the difference between the popular vote and the electoral vote, and why your vote still matters. Plus, explanation and images of the electoral map.

Presidential Polls 2012: 5 Million Jobs Added Will Earn Obama a Second Term

All job trends are in the right direction. And Ohio likely voters believe Obama will do a better job handling the economy.

Ron Paul 2016: Even at 77, He is Still the Only Candidate Who Will Save Republicans

The Republican Party is on its deathbed. Demographic data shows its old school supporters dying off. Only Ron Paul 2016 can revive the Republican party.

American Music Awards 2012: Justin Bieber Shirtless and Psy Will Perform at the 2012 AMAs

The 40th American Music Awards will take place this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. (EST) from Los Angeles, with performances by Carly Rae Jepsen, Kelly Clarkson and Nicki Minaj (among other usual suspects).

NDAA Actually Gives Obama the Legal Authority to Kill or Detain Romney Without Trial

Obama has the power to kill or indefinitely detain Romney without charge or trial. If he wanted to, he could exercise these powers rather than run for reelection.

Secession: Why 311,000 Citizens From 33 States Are Asking Obama to Secede From the Union

One week after the re-election of President Obama, many Americans show they are very angry at the way the country is being run.

Latest Presidential Polls: Obama Holds Edge, But He Can Still Easily Lose On Tuesday

Polls overstate the Democratic portion of "likely voters," while they ignore lower enthusiasm among Democrats and higher enthusiasm among Republicans.

Presidential Polls: Should You Trust Nate Silver 538, Intrade, or Rasmussen Polls?

An insider guide to everything presidential polls related: Why do national polls show the race in a dead-heat, but pollsters like Nate Silver put the President ahead by a wide margin?

New York Election Results LIVE: Who won the Empire State?

Follow live coverage of election 2012 from New York state.

Gangnam Style: What the PSY Song Means and Why it Went Viral

Non-Korean speakers and listeners may not realize this, but beyond the horseback-riding inspired dance moves and bright blue tuxedos, there are some thought-provoking words.

The Speed of Gravity: Why Einstein Was Wrong and Newton Was Right

The speed of gravity is still an ongoing debate. Einstein's version of relativity may be broken beyond repair.

Florida Election Results 2012: Obama Wins, But Gerrymandering Helped GOP Keep the House

Like in the 2010, Florida is making presidential election headlines again. Agonizingly slow vote counts, possible voter suppression, and a much contested fair districting act: let's take a look.

Electoral College Map: Obama Will Win Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin

Electoral College map and predictions on how the swing states will vote. Unlike Nate Silver, I'll do a shot of Rebel Yell for each of these states that's wrong.

Presidential Election 2012: Nate Silver and 538 Blog Have Obama Winning, Dems Maintaining Senate

The 538 Blog is the definitive source to make sense of the endless string of untrustworthy polls for the coming election.

World War Z Movie: Zombie Apocalypse Movie Definitely Will Not Be PG13

Will this be "War of the Worlds" take two? Watch the trailer and judge for yourself. "World War Z" hits theaters this June 21.

Stark Trek Into Darkness: Spock Actor Zachary Quinto Will Only Star in One More Film

The upcoming 2013 "Star Trek Into Darkness" will have Zachary Quinto most likely playing Spock for the last time. The franchise will continue without him, but will audiences accept a replacement?

James Bond Gay: Skyfall Homoerotic Scene is a Wink to a Younger and More Diverse Audience

Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem seem to engage in some homoeroticism in "Skyfall." Is James Bond 007 gay? No. Is the franchise trying to appeal to a younger and more diverse audience? Yes.

James Holmes: Tries to Kill Himself in Jail, Now Released From Hospital

The Aurora, Colorado, shooter reportedly tried to commit suicide by banging his head against the wall. A court hearing for the case was postponed for December 10.

Latest Presidential Election Results: LIVE - Obama Wins, Kaine Defeats Allen

Election Night is finally upon us. Tune in for live coverage of the presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Popular Vote 2012: Narrow Lead For Obama When 13 Million Americans Chose Not to Vote

A record 13 million people skipped November 6 because election 2012 avoided every important issue from unemployment to economic growth to education

Latest Ohio Election Results: LIVE Obama Expected to Win Ohio

Show live updates in the polls and events in the the race for Ohio's 18 electoral votes.

Florida Election Results LIVE: Results Tied in [Former?] Key Swing State

Follow along live for the latest presidential election results from the Florida.

Nevada Election 2012 LIVE: Nevada Reelects Obama and Sen. Heller

Follow along live for the latest presidential election results from swing state Nevada.

Presidential Polls: Electoral College Map Math is Still Daunting for Romney Despite Momentum

State-by-state polls will tell you infinitely more about the likely outcomes on Election Day, and if you look closely enough you can probably even predict who will win.

Ron Paul 2012: Why I Will Write In Ron Paul For President

Like a vote for Romney or Obama, a vote for a fringe candidate is certainly not a waste and is certainly not impractical.

Latest Presidential Polls: Obama Leads in Most Swing States, But Romney May Win Florida

The latest presidential polls in the wing states. While every vote counts, here is a short summary of the most important states to watch on election night.

Six People Who Could Replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

Regardless of who becomes President of the United States for the next four years, one thing is for sure: he will need to find a replacement for outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Why We Will Have 12 Years of Democratic Presidents

Get ready for 12 more years of Democratic governance: Obama's next four years will probably be unimpressive, and Hillary is likely to win in 2016 and 2020. Still, overall, we're doing just fine.

Prop 30 California: List of Most Important Ballot Initiatives of 2012

Led by Prop 30 in California and Prop 2 in Michigan, here are the most important ballot initiatives of 2012; including propositions in Arkansas, Missouri, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington.

Presidential Polls 2012: CNN Poll Shows Statistical Tie, But It is Completely Skewed Toward Obama

Many have noted somewhat skewed polls and different "visions" of who will vote Nov. 6, but CNN's recent "tie" poll puts a whole new twist on polling methodology with an 8.5% MOE and D+11 sample.

Who Should I Vote For: 6 Most Important Questions If You Are Still Undecided in Election 2012

If you're heading to the voting booth and still undecided about whether to once again vote for Mitt Romney, consider these six points.

DOMA at the Supreme Court: Gay Marriage Will Be Found Constitutional in Summer 2013

The Defense of Marriage Act is set to be heard before the Supreme Court, where it will finally be found to be unconstitutional and permanently repealed.

Florida Election Results: LIVE Exit Polls, Early Voting Results a Disaster

In Florida, early voting does not appear to have been so successful. Even for those of us that managed to successfully vote early in the presidential election, I'm not sure it was worth it.

Election 2012: LIVE Results OBAMA WINS

Latest presidential polls put Obama slightly up over Romney. Stay tuned for LIVE updates on the election results.

Wisconsin 2012 Election Results: According to NBC, Wisconsin Goes Obama

In one of the nine biggest battleground states, follow along right here live for the latest presidential election results from the state of Wisconsin.

Latest Election Polls: Tea Party Candidates Will Destroy Republican Hopes in 2012

Tea Party candidates cost Republicans the Senate in 2010 and are poised to do it again in 2012. Will the GOP learn from their mistakes for 2014?

Obama Wins Reelection, Florida Remains Undecided: 2012 Election Results- LIVE

Follow along live for the latest election results for the state of Florida.

Emma Stone Sex Tape: Spider Man Actress is Latest Sex Tape Celebrity

Most adults in the world have had sex at least once in their lives. But when someone films it, then everybody becomes a virgin nun.

Breaking: Obama Wins Ohio, Third Party Candidates get 1.5% of the Vote

Follow along live for the latest up-to-date coverage on Election Day results in Ohio, where I’ll be paying special attention to the impact of third-party candidates in the state.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Another Storm is Brewing, and It Will Hit On Election Day

After Hurricane Sandy, a Nor'easter is headed for the Eastern seaboard, and it could hit right on election day, November 6. How might this affect the presidential race

NYC Power Outage: How the Energy Grid Works and Why It Takes So Long to Get Power Back

NYC faces a historic power outage. PolicyMic talks to an energy expert to find out how exactly the power grid works, how it broke down, and why it will take so long to repair.

California Election Results LIVE: Prop 37 a Top Issue in California on Tuesday

Click for a live blog of the presidential election results from the state of California.

Ohio Election Results: LIVE Early Vote Results, On the Ground Report from Ohio Swing State

The Obama campaign’s push for early voting seems to have done fairly well, but most voters are waiting for the big day — as we all are.

Popular Vote 2012: Though Obama Won the Popular Vote, Lower Turnout Means No Mandate

Obama won roughly 3 million more popular votes than Romney. But with 93 million less voters than in 2008, the president's victory is hardly a mandate.

Top 5 Racist Comments of Election 2012, By Republican Presidential Candidates

While many touted Barack Obama’s election as the end of racism, the stark political divide, already colored along racial lines, has only grown deeper.

FINAL ELECTION RESULTS: Pennsylvania Re-elects President Barack Obama

Pennsylvania is a key swing state and one of the most closely watched statewide race for U.S. Senate. Follow along live for real-time numbers and updates.

Latest Presidential Polls: Race Tied, But Here Are 5 Reason Obama Deserves Your Vote

Public policy polls show that Obama and Romney are running 50% to 49%. But, if voters knew these five things, the race would never be this close.

Florida Election Results 2012: Allen West Decries Voter Fraud in Florida, And He is Right

I want Allen West to lose, badly. But I want democracy to win even more. Allen West is being robbed in Florida.

Overly Attached Girlfriend Laina Walker: From Meme to TV Presenter

Laina Walker, 'Overly Attached Girlfriend,' went from meme to TV presenter ... and she nailed it.

7 Reasons Why Living Abroad is a Key to Success for All Millennials

More than anything else, living abroad forces you to remove your nation, your viewpoints, and yourself from the center of the universe.

5 Reasons Why Obama Should Not Be Reelected

In the upcoming election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the president has given America plenty of reasons not to vote for him again.

Florida Election Results: Mitt Romney Loses in Florida, Campaign Says

While the results for the presidential election in Florida have not been tallied, Allen West and Chris Dorwoth have been unseated and controversial propositions were defeated.

Florida Election Results 2012: Allen West Still Will Not Concede House Seat

Republican House Rep. Allen West refuses to concede his race in Florida to declared winner Patrick Murphy.

Who Should I Vote For: Mitt Obama vs Barack Romney, They Are Both the Same

Every time the two fronts of the War Party pretend to compete for the White House, pundits insist that this election is the most important of our lifetime.

Pennsylvania Polls: Obama Holds On to Lead, Thanks to Republican Extremism

The increasingly radical character of the national Republican Party has kept the state's electoral votes solidly Democratic since 1992.

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney Losing Badly in Swing States After Bungling Hurricane Sandy Response

“Mittmentum” is waning as swing state polls and bungled campaign events combine to hurt Romney in must-win states in advance of Tuesday.

50 Shades Movie: Robert Pattinson as Christian Grey, Not a Joke

The 'Twilight' star joined 'Man of Steel' Henry Cavill in addressing rumors about the casting of the upcoming film version of E.L. James' popular novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey.'

Republicans Will Lose More Elections If They Do Not Change Their Views on These 8 Issues

Republicans are in dire straits after Obama's win. The GOP must take these 8 steps if they want to improve their chances in the next few elections.

Presidential Polls 2012: 98 Percent Chance Obama Will Win, Says the Princeton Election Consortium

The GOP should have easily won this Presidential election. What went wrong?

Veterans Day 101: How Did it Start and What It Means

Veterans Day is a solemn and thoughtful time where we give thanks to all of those that have served in America's military forces. Here's how it all started.