2016 Presidential Candidates: Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio Are the Frontrunners

Though it's not clear whether Secretary of State Clinton will run in 2016, her potential Republican rival Florida Senator Marco Rubio has already traveled to Iowa.

Florida Election Results 2012: Obama Wins, But Gerrymandering Helped GOP Keep the House

Like in the 2010, Florida is making presidential election headlines again. Agonizingly slow vote counts, possible voter suppression, and a much contested fair districting act: let's take a look.

James Bond Gay: Skyfall Homoerotic Scene is a Wink to a Younger and More Diverse Audience

Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem seem to engage in some homoeroticism in "Skyfall." Is James Bond 007 gay? No. Is the franchise trying to appeal to a younger and more diverse audience? Yes.

Veterans Day 101: How Did it Start and What It Means

Veterans Day is a solemn and thoughtful time where we give thanks to all of those that have served in America's military forces. Here's how it all started.

Ron Paul Legacy Could Trigger a Libertarian Takeover in the 2014 Midterm Elections

The political climate is ripe for a wave of libertarians taking over Congress in the 2014 midterm elections and beyond.

Popular Vote 2012: Obama Leads Romney by 3 Points, But He Does Not Have a Mandate

It's beginning to look like Obama obtained 50.79% of the popular vote over Mitt Romney’s 47.65% with a margin of victory of 3.14% over three million votes. But does he have a mandate?

Skyfall Movie Review and Trailer: James Bond 007 Best Film Yet Could Be the First to Win an Oscar

A trip to a screening of "Skyfall" at the DGA in Hollywood turns into an intriguing Q and A with Sam Mendes, producers Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, and surprise guest, star Daniel Craig.

Browncoats Unite TV Special: Why Firefly Was Cancelled

Despite being a much loved show, Firefly really didn't show the strongest aspects of its actors' abilities and was too safe a show to really make an impact.

Immigration Reform 2012: Senators Put Forth Bipartisan Immigration Reform Blueprint

Democratic New York Senator Chuck Schummer told "Meet the Press" he and Republican colleague Lindsey Graham drafted a bipartisan "blueprint" to tackle once and for all the issue of immigration.

Benghazi Conspiracy Theorists Rush to Question Timing of Petraeus Resignation

When suspicion is due it should be investigated but the most obvious answer is not always the right one.

Minnesota Election Results: St Paul Voters Pass Tech Education Levy for Mobile Learning

In St. Paul, an initiative was passed that although it didn’t have widespread coverage could have lasting impact on public school systems in the state.

Ron Paul Does Not Need to Be Nate Silver to Predict the Fiscal Cliff

The famous NY Times statistician may have predicted Obama's 2012 landslide, but the libertarian icon has been predicting the fiscal cliff for decades. Who's the real foreteller?

Papa Johns John Schattner Cuts Employee Hours Over Obamacare

Papa John's pizza has made headlines with racial slurs, an NFL franchisee, and now employee cutbacks and backwards digs at Obamacare. Do they really just need a hug?

Obama Wins Florida and Ohio Despite Republican Voter Suppression Efforts in Both States

Obama can thank voters’ rights advocates for winning the fight against Republican voter suppression efforts in Florida and Ohio, and securing his victory in the critical swing states.

Sandy Relief Update: FEMA, Bloomberg and Cuomo Fail, Christie and Occupy Sandy Win

As New Yorkers wait for information and the lights to flip on, Chris Christie continues updating citizens on relief efforts while OWS found their purpose in the spirit of volunteerism.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Obama to Compromise Over Raising Tax Rates

While humbled Republicans claim a deal to prevent the U.S. from falling off the "fiscal cliff" is possible, a top Obama aide hinted the president would cave on raising tax rates.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why Falling Off the Cliff May Be What America Needs Right Now

Both major parties are claiming complete disaster if the Bush Tax cuts are allowed to expire, payroll taxes are raised and the sequester kicks in. Here's why they're wrong.

Petraeus Resignation: Peggy Noonan Says Petraeus Should Not Quit Over Affair

This comes from the same person who wrote a book on Reagan called "When Character was King." Double standard, anyone?

Veterans Day War Heros: From WWI to The War On Terror, Top 5 American Dog Soldiers

Some heros have four legs. A look at the top five American war dogs from WWI to the War on Terror.

Prop 34: California Sees the Greatest Civil Liberties Loss This Election Day

Californians decide to continue executing prisoners, despite its high cost, moral qualms about the practice, and inconclusive evidence about its ability to deter crime.

Saturday Night Live Recap: Anne Hathaway Hosts, Rihanna Sings and Romney Drinks

This weekend, anyone that tuned in this Saturday for this week’s episode of "Saturday Night Live," got to see Anne Hathaway and the rest of the "SNL" cast rock it.