Secession: Why 311,000 Citizens From 33 States Are Asking Obama to Secede From the Union

One week after the re-election of President Obama, many Americans show they are very angry at the way the country is being run.

David Petraeus Affair: 5 Simple Reasons Why Powerful Men Cheat

Many were surprised when David Petraeus resigned as CIA director because he cheated on his wife with his biographer. Powerful men cheat often. Powerful women less often. Why the imbalance?

Ron Paul Has the Answer to Solving the Fiscal Cliff 2013 Crisis

The "fiscal cliff" is a much deeper and more dangerous problem than what is being portrayed. It is the result of unsustainable debt and a highly flawed monetary system.

Ann Coulter Silenced: Speaking Invitation Revoked By Cowardly College Republicans in Dubious Victory For Political Correctness

The Fordham University College Republicans capitulated to pressure from around the campus, canceling their speaking invite to Ann Coulter. Way to go, cowards!

State Secession Petitions: Why Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Want Out of the Union

In the wake of the presidential elections, petitions have been circulated on the website advocating for the peaceful secession of numerous states.

Total Solar Eclipse 2012: LIVE Stream, Where to Watch in Person and Online

A total solar eclipse will be made visible at dawn Wednesday morning local time to Northeast Australia. Where to watch live coverage of the event.

The 2013 Fiscal Cliff Explained in Gifs

The fiscal cliff explained in the only internet medium that matters: Gifs.

Benghazi Cover Up? How the Petraeus Affair Feeds the Paranoid Style in American Politics

How valid are the cover-up theories surrounding Benghazi, David Patraeus, and Paula Broadwell?

The New 113th Congress May Be the Worst in History

The 112th Congress is widely viewed as the worst legislative class in history. Strong leadership is required for the 113th to see any improvement.

Legalize Marijuana: Why This Bible Thumper Defends Legalization in Washington and Oregon

While most Christians support the Drug War, this Christian doesn't. Here's why the recreational legalization of marijuana in Washington and Oregon was the right thing to do.

Black Ops 2 Review: Why Call of Duty Will Never be Art

Despite massive sales, "Call of Duty" and most video games will never be art. They are simply too mutable in their vision.

Ian McEwan Sweet Tooth Book Review: New Novel Walks a Familiar Path

Ian McEwan's new novel plunges us into the world of British clandestine espionage in the '70s — and his own days as a young writer. But is this a novel that comes in from the cold?

Why Republicans CAN'T Compromise on Social Issues

While economic conservatism has an appeal that can move social liberals into the Republican column from time to time, social conservatives remain a core majority of those who do vote Republican.

Exit Poll Data Identifies the 5 Critical Areas the GOP Must Focus On to Win in 2016

Romney outperformed McCain in the battleground states and received a larger share of the vote, yet Obama still won. Analyzing the exit poll data reveals the challenges the GOP now faces.

Obama Humans Rights Violations: We Must Demand Accountability in the Encore Term

Obama's civil and human rights record has been dubious at best, but his supporters have done little to challenge him. Here's why we must force our leaders to become more principled.

The Revolutionary President: We'll All Be Studying Obama Politics For Generations to Come

After a decisive victory in the 2012 elections, Obama now has the chance to re-align American politics as dramatically as FDR and Reagan did.

Florida Election Results: Long Voting Waits Must Be Fixed With Online Ballots, New Equipment

Obama suggested that long voting lines need to be fixed for future elections. Technology and procedural changes will need to be implemented to ensure all voters can get to the polls.

Robert Pattinson Could Be a James Bond for the Millennial Generation

With Daniel Craig claiming he's done with the James Bond 007 franchise, fans are looking at Breaking Dawn's Robert Pattinson to carry the famous agent's legacy into a new generation.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: The 10 Biggest Things You Should Know About Taxmageddon

After mocking Mitt Romney’s proposal to decrease tax benefits to the rich in lieu of increasing their income tax rates, Democrats now see the light.

Millennial Vote 2012: Youth Vote Was Key Factor in Several Swing States

Tufts University has released insightful exit polling data on young voter turnout. How the results from 2012 election may determine future elections.

More Reasons to Distrust Government and the Mainstream Media

Some people believe the white vapor exhaust trail that can be seen from jet aircraft contains toxins, and the citizens of this country are unknowingly being used as guinea pigs.

Why I Left the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is one of the most homophobic, anti-woman, sexually obsessed institutions in the entire world.

New Chinese President: How Xi Jinping Could Work Together With Obama

Who is Xi Jinping? This Chinese leader was barely known outside of China a year ago, but now he is expected to be the next president of China as the general secretary of the CCP.

Super PAC Spending: Even with an Obama Win, Big Money Still Bought the Presidential Election

Although the outspent Obama will hold on to the White House, outside money made the race razor thin. Billionaires and corporations might be encouraged to double down next time.

New Girl Season 2: How the Fox Sitcom Captures Young Adulthood in a Post Friends World

The wildly popular show "New Girl" is really just a new spin on a familiar concept. But what the show achieves is a realistic look at how life as a young adult is different than it has ever been.

Secession: Texas Governor Rick Perry Flip Flops on Secession After WH Online Petitions

After toying with the idea of secession in 2009, Texas governor Rick Perry is now discouraging citizens of his state who are sending online petitions to the White House to leave the Union.

US Oil Production to Rank First By 2020: Why Americans Need to Rethink the Impact of Energy Production

With the U.S. on pace to be the world's largest oil producer by 2020, requiring new projects to assess drilling's social impacts is good for business and society.

Benghazi Hearings: Petraeus Must Testify, Unless National Security is at Risk

The "grandstanding," particularly from GOP, about Petraeus being withdrawn from the Benghazi hearings isn't frivolous at all. He must testify unless there are national security reasons not to.

The Climate Change Battle: New Campaign Hopes to Hit Fossil Fuel Industry Where it Hurts Most

A new campaign seeks to bring climate change and the dangers of the fossil fuel industry back into public discourse. Will it work?

Florida Election Results: Charlie Crist Uses Obama Win to Recast Himself as a Democrat

He flipped from Republican to independent to prevent Marco Rubio from becoming the junior Florida senator. Now Charlie Crist is riding the Obama wave as a newly born Democrat.

Photos of Rockaway Beach: How Structure Helps Us Understand the Storm

Photographer Amanda Kirpatrick documented the ruins of Rockaway Beach, Queens that superstorm Sandy left behind.

National Book Award 2012: Colum McCan, Jesmyn Ward and Five Years of Fiction Winners

The National Book Award is one of the most highly coveted literary prizes in America; the 2012 winners will be announced on Wednesday. A look back at the five most recent fiction winners.

Ron Paul Gold Standard: Jerry ONeil, Montana Lawmaker, Wants to Get Paid in Gold

Ron Paul's gold standard gospel is taking hold: a Republican Montana representative is citing the Constitution to request his payment in the form of gold and silver coins.

29 Things I Learned in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

A mix of the serious, the funny, and the weird.

Republican Policies 2012: Republicans Do Not Need to Change, They Need to Govern

Even with President Obama re-elected there is still proof that people have faith in their Republican leaders. The task at hand for Republicans now is not to change course, but to govern.

Needing Freedom From Freedom: Recoving From a Democratic Election Season in Overdrive

After the election's end: relief. After two years of campaigning, and $6 billion spent, was all of that really worth it?

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why We Should Simplify the Tax Code to Boast the Ecomony

In order to foster growth and encourage job creation, the federal government needs to simply the tax code and make it easier to start a business.

Unemployment Advice: 4 Tips On How to Learn From Your Job Hunt Mistakes

Success in getting a job requires failing early, and using your trusted network to avoid making the same mistakes again. It also means taking advantage of the benefits of job-searching.

Total Solar Eclipse 2012: Watch Live and Online the Eclipse Only a Few Australians Will Witness

Today some Australians will witness the first total solar eclipse in two years. Not an Australian? No problem, here's the NASA link to stream it online.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Election Results Show That Americans Reject GOP Budget Hawks

The necessity of public investment -- even if it means deficit spending -- is supported by historical considerations as well as by ongoing cases such as Spain and Greece.