Fiscal Cliff 2013: What It Means For You

Return to the Clinton-era tax rates doesn't represent a fiscal cliff to majority of America. We are talking about $450 for single filers and $900 for couples for most Americans.

Mitt Romney Face Tattoo: Eric Hartsburg Has No Regrets About Wild GOP Loser Face Tatoo

The man who auctioned his right temple off on eBay for $15,000, to get a Romney 2012 logo tattooed on his face, says he'd do it all over again. Ouch.

The Petraeus Affair Has No Bearing on Benghazi

There is no room for partisan posturing, only facts, else we risk further obscuring what is already a murky issue.

The 10 Unhealthiest Thanksgiving Foods You Should Avoid At All Costs This Year

Gravy will ruin your waist line. Here are 9 other foods that you really should by-pass, to keep up with your fitness goals.

Rocksmith: This Ultimate Music Game is Better Than Rock Band, Better Than Guitar Hero

Rhythm music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero are all but dead, but Rocksmith revitalized the genre using real guitars. A year later, Rocksmith is improved and it's available for PC users.

Impeach Obama Becomes New Extreme GOP War Cry, After Crushing 2012 Defeat

Get ready for the looming "Impeach Obama" extreme right wing movement which, just like the Tea Party in 2010, will seek to deny Obama and his supporters a fair and square win.

Republicans Are Now Going Through the 5 Stages of Grief After Their Losses This Election

Republicans and conservatives are still angry and bitter over the loss to Obama and the Democrats. The sooner they move on, the better it will be for the party.

Obama LIVE Stream: Obama Press Conference LIVE Stream, Petraeus Scandal and Fiscal Cliff On Tap

President Obama holds a press conference Wednesday at 1:30pm on the Petraeus scandal and the country's looming fiscal cliff.

2016 Presidential Candidates: Jerry Brown Versus Rick Perry Could Be the Race to Watch

Governor Jerry Brown embodies the Democratic Party better than any potential candidate for 2016. Why shouldn't he get a fourth chance at the White House?

Bruce Willis Movies: 9 Reasons Why a 57 Year Old Man is Still Our Favorite Action Hero

Bruce Willis has been blowing things up since 1988, and America still loves him. Here are 9 reasons why an aging Willis is still the man we want to see die hard.

Republican Obstruction: Poll Shows Voters Will Blame Congressional GOP if Debt Talks Fail

The message from the American people on election night was clear: stop the obstruction and get to work. The GOP isn't listening.

Madonna Tour 2012 Review: For an Obama Supporter, Madonna is Pretty Republican

For someone who got booed for telling fans to vote for Obama, Madonna's "MDNA" tour is full of glorification of gun violence and pro-life stances.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: How Congress Can Easily Increase Tax Revenue While Not Raising Taxes

In Taxmageddon talks, playing semantics may be the route Congress takes to address America's fiscal issues.

Picasso Guggenheim Review: Picasso Black and White Displays an Artist You Thought You Knew

The brilliant new exhibit at the Guggenheim is the first to examine Picasso's monochrome art. A rare and beautiful look at the artist with never-before-seen works.

Hillary Clinton for President: Secretary of State Amps Up Statesmanship in Asia Trip

Hillary now wants to "outsource" U.S. cooperation with India to Australia so the U.S. can work to clean up the mess in Pakistan created by clandestine missions.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Obama Stands by His Pledge of Raising Taxes on the Rich

The White House says it stands by its plan of raising taxes on those who make more than $250,000.

Kentucky Basketball Could Change the World of College Basketball Forever This Season

Kentucky's men's college basketball team this season could permanently revolutionize college basketball.

Benghazi Attack Cover Up: Republicans Want to Make This a Political Issue Only to Hurt Obama

Many Republicans want to use the Benghazi hearing not merely to get answers to legitimate questions but to re-launch their attacks on the president's conduct of foreign policy.

Total Solar Eclipse 2012 Video: Watch the Total Solar Eclipse From Down Under

Yesterday, the first total solar eclipse in two years vowed viewers all the way from Australia to Chile. Watch the phenomenon here.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: We Could See a 3 Percent Drop in GDP if Washington Fails to Find a Solution

A recent Pew poll shows the public will blame Republicans in congress more than President Obama if negotiations to avert the fiscal cliff fail.

The Big-Time Money That Was Made During Election 2012

Political campaigns are seen as a marketing opportunity for public relations and political consulting firms, a major space via which they can achieve profit margins.

Benghazi Senate Hearings: David Petraeus Must Testify on Thursday, Else We Lose Key Intel

Republicans insist that Petraeus testify in the hearings about the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, but his resignation distracts from the proceedings.