Israel Palestine Conflict: Israel is Morally Right to Retain the Golan Heights and Settle the West Bank

A two-state solution is possible. The United States should support the efforts of those seeking peace -- both Israelis and those striving to establish a Palestinian state.

Popular Vote 2012: Romney Actually Got More Votes Than Bush in 2004, and Still Lost

Romney outperformed both McCain and Bush in the swing states, yet still lost. This reinforces the fact that American demographics are changing and if the GOP don't adapt, they'll get left behind.

Election Results 2012: The Myth of the Close Popular Vote

The question of whether or not President Obama achieved a so-called mandate is open to question. But labeling the 2012 election as close is simply not true by modern historical standards.

Lincoln Movie Review: Why Daniel Day Lewis and His Method Acting Make Lincoln Shine

A review of Daniel Day Lewis' seemingly spot-on portrayal of America's beloved 16th president.

Romney Gifts Comment: Romney Quote Proves Republicans Are Out of Touch With America

Mitt Romney's claim that "gifts" were the reason Obama won the presidency illustrates how disconnected Republicans are from the electorate and from reality.

Strike Debt: Occupy Wall Street Offshoot Group Gives a Real Solution to the US Debt Crisis

Whether it’s a political rebellion or an altruistic gesture, Strike Debt is offering a new way to tackle this country's debt crisis from the ground up, without the banks.

Mitt Romney Gifts Comment: This Proves Republicans Are Acting Like Very Sore Losers

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is the only Republican who recognizes what so many other Republicans refuse to see, that they got beat by the better man.

2012 Election Results: After Losing Badly, the GOP Must Do 9 Things to Avoid Becoming Extinct

The GOP has lost its way by kowtowing to the most radical elements in its ranks. They made it impossible for Mitt Romney to unseat a very beatable incumbent.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: FB Losing Young Users As Instagram, Tumblr Become More Popular

Today, young people are moving away from Facebook and onto sites such as Twitter or Tumblr. and apps like Instagram to share online content with their network of friends.

Mali Rebel Coup Crisis Has Forced Africa to Rethink Its Stance on Democracy

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has unanimously agreed on a 3,300 strong intervention force to retake Northern Mali from Islamist rebels.

Israel Hamas Conflict: Gaza Strip Retaliation is Killing Civilians, As well As a Two State Solution

The IDF can call killing Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari a success .... until Hamas promotes someone else as their new military commander, and comes full force killing Israelis for retribution.

Hollywood Helps Teach America About Libertarianism in These 5 Movies

Ayn Rand is tough to adapt to the big screen. These 5 films better illustrate libertarian principles for lay audiences.

Violence Against Women Act Blocked: Activists Protest Congressional Hold Ups

The Violence Against Women Act expired in 2011, and Congress has been unable to reach a compromise to protect victims of gendered violence. On Wednesday, activists spoke out in support of VAWA.

Xi Jinping the New Leader of China: What to Expect From the New Chinese Government

Economic and political reform in China are possible though change will not come quickly despite the change in the leadership of the CPC.

Lincoln Movie Review and Trailer: Spielberg Film Proves History Repeats Itself

There won't be enough Oscars for this movie. Not only because of its overall quality, but because of the way it reflects our current era.

Rand Paul is Annoyed and Insulted by Obama Taxpayer Funded Benghazi Cover Up

Senator Rand Paul criticized the administration for spending taxpayer's money apologizing for a video that didn't have anything to do with the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack.

Liberal Lies: Why Government Regulation Makes Us Less Safe, Not More

“The Jungle” is a pure work of fiction. Government inspections of food aren't necessary, and may in fact be counterproductive.

Ron Paul Retirement: The End of Dr No and the Future of the Republican Party

Ron Paul's main contribution to the era has been to make "a more humble approach to foreign policy" a mainstream Republican position again.

Jill Kelley: The Tampa Socialite in the Center of the David Petraeus Scandal

In what might as well be a made-for-TV movie, the cast of characters enrich the plot but where can it possibly go from here?

113th Congress: The House May be More Diverse than Ever, But It Will Lead to Division

The new U.S. House of Representatives features a historic number of women and minorities, as far as Democrats are concerned. But does this diversity really mean anything?

Israel Gaza Invasion: The Two State Solution is the Only Answer to This New Crisis

Israel illegitimately begins new offensive against Gaza militants. The motives for killing Hamas leader Ahmed al-Jabari are political rather than practical.

Petraeus Congress Testimony: This Will Divert Attention From Benghazi

The more we talk about Paula Broadwell, the less we talk about Benghazi. And that's not a good thing.

Euro Zone Austerity Protests: Latest Union Riots Will Only Hurt European Economy

Millions of workers across the European Union held a day of action Wednesday against austerity measures, but are these protests counter-productive?

Save Syrian Children Campaign: Both the GOP and Dems Agree On This Syria War Solution

As the new advertising campaign Save Syrian Children gets up and running, is the time ripe for U.S. action in Syria?

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Why FEMA Needs to Have a Clearer Mission Moving Forward

FEMA is one of the only federal agencies that is loved and hated so cyclically by the public. Moving forward, we need to clearly define what the role of the organization is during disaster.

Rasmussen Reports Poll: 68 Percent of Americans Call Global Warming a Serious Threat

Superstorm Sandy has reawakened the debate on climate change and what role government will play in fighting it.