Oscar Predictions 2013: Lincoln, Argo, and the Early Picks for Best Picture Nomination

Les Miserables, Lincoln, Argo. With amazing movies coming out weekly, now would be a good time to brush up on this year’s Oscar favorites ... if you want to know what everyone’s talking about.

Israel War With Iran is Imminent: Gaza, Syria, and Egypt are to Blame

The Arab Spring is a beautiful and tragic geopolitical ploy. The Israel-Iran war is closer than ever, and it has been in the words since the first uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

Hostess Bankruptcy: One Big Win for Labor Unions, One Big Loss for Laborers

As Hostess sends almost 18,000 employees home, big labor will celebrate a win. But what about those individuals now facing an unemployed Christmas?

Israel Hamas War: Top 5 Biggest Media Myths about Israel Palestine Conflict

Media reports about the region are biased and don't reflect the truth. Opinions are not facts, even is they are taken as such when it comes to Israel-Palestine.

Women Denied Abortions Are More Likely to End Up on Welfare, Study Finds

A new study shows that 76% of women who sought abortions and were denied them wound up on welfare within two years. The ability to seek an abortion remains an important for women's equality.

Israel Gaza Conflict: Why Israel and Hamas Are Fighting Again

What caused the latest escalation of violence, and why would Hamas want to provoke Israel? PolicyMic addresses these questions and shares the human side of the conflict.

2 Reasons Why People Who Voted For Obama Were Lied to

There are 2 main reason that people voted for Obama: Health care and civil rights. A look at Obama's record proves that Americans are fooling themselves.

Leonid Meteor Shower 2012: The Complete Guide to Fantastic Shower on November 17

Saturday and Tuesday early morning the night sky will be full of brilliant meteors from the annual Leonid Meteor Shower. Here's everything you need to know about

Facebook Couples Page: Suddenly Facebook is No Longer Cool

Facebook's new couples pages give people a chance to profess their love in a customized joint profile. What does this new feature say about Facebook?

GoldieBlox: Giving Little Girls Tool Kits Instead of Dolls Could Help Close the Pay Gap

It'll take more than new toys to fix gender inequality in the American workforce, but new toys that teach girls from a young age that they can go into any field they want is a huge step.

Israel Hamas Conflict: Israel Invasion on Gaza Strip May Lead to a Massacre

Since imposing an internationally illegal siege on Gaza in 2007, Israel has been constantly violating Palestinians' human rights in Gaza. The recent violence will likely be another extreme case.

Black Elk Energy: Oil Rig Explodes After Ratings Agency Had Cited Production Problems In September

Another oil rig explosion has occurred off of the American Gulf Coast. Two feared dead, and two are missing. The rig is owned by Black Elk Energy.

Ding Dong, Hostess is Dead: Twinkie Maker Files For Bankruptcy

Due to a workers' strike, Hostess Brands -- maker of the famed Twinkie -- will file for bankruptcy and begin liquidating its assets

Guy Fieri Times Square Restaurant Review: Here Is The Grade I Give It After I Tried It Myself

The restaurant was mediocrity at its finest, but not nearly as bad as the New York Times' Pete Wells would have made it seem.

Benghazi Cover Up: Petraeus Says CIA Knew it Was Terror Attack, White House Edited Talking Points

Former CIA head David Petraeus today testified before congress that the reports he gave to the White House about the 9/11 Benghazi attack were altered by the White House.

Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization: Congress Must Display Bipartisanship

As Congress reconvenes, a crucial piece of legislation which expired in 2011 demands immediate and bipartisan attention: the Violence Against Women Act.

Lena Dunham Woman of Year: An Open Letter to Glamour from an Angry Millennial Woman

Glamour Magazine recently named Lena Dunham one of its women of the year for 2012. An outspoken conservative millennial sounds off on why Dunham is not the voice of women in her generation.

Israel Gaza War: The Israeli Media is Nothing But Absolute Propaganda in Its Reporting

Israeli mainstream media has proven to be an exercise in irrelevance and bias to a new extreme. Victimhood is a state of being and a way of life preserved only for Israelis.

Benghazi Cover Up: GOP Bizarrely Accused of a War On Women After Criticizing Susan Rice

Why can't a woman be criticized for making a major, and very public, mistake? Men get hammered for it, often by the Democrats themselves, all the time.

Benghazi Cover Up: John McCain Loses Major Credibility in Targeting Susan Rice

John McCain continues to willfully tarnish his distinguished legacy by unfairly attacking UN Ambassador Susan Rice.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Obama Confirms That Tax Cuts For the Rich Will Expire

Obama held his first post-election news conference Wednesday to discuss the fiscal cliff. He confirmed that he would allow the tax cuts for the rich to expire.

Strike Debt: Occupy Wall Street Group Does Not Want You to Be Ashamed of Your Debt

Strike Debt compared talking openly about your debt to coming out of the closet, saying on Twitter “if you tell people about your debt, if you ‘come out,’ you take away the shame.”

Gay Rights: The LGBT Community Has Thrived Under Obama

Obama continues to demonstrate his commitment to gay civil rights by nominating William Thomas to be the first openly gay black man to a life-tenured federal judge.

Anna Karenina Movie Review: Keira Knightley Brings Infidelity to the Russian Stage

Joe Wright's new film "Anna Karenina," starring Keira Knightley, is Wright's best film yet. Still, the task of bringing Tolstoy's classic to life, is a tall order no matter the brilliant vision.

Joe Biden on Parks and Recreation: Watch Amy Poehler Introduced to Her Dream Man

The vice president will have cameo on a show that portrays politics as alternately frustrating and hopeful.

Why the NRA is the Key to Protecting the Environment

Through a strange twist of fate, on top of the Senate agenda this week are duck stamps. Yes, duck stamps. Here's why they matter ... and why environmentalists and the NRA should work together.