UN Declares Birth Control a Human Right, and America Falls Short

Even in America, where individual rights are paramount, birth control isn’t viewed as a right, but as superfluous and indulgent commodity.

Chris Christie SNL Video: NJ Governor Quotes Bruce Springsteen on Weekend Update

The New Jersey governor stopped by NBC's SNL and gave Weekend Update's Seth Meyer some Jersey Shore swag by quoting Bruce Springsteen's 1982 hit song "Atlantic City."

Gary Johnson is Now the Leader of the Libertarian Movement

Though Representative Justin Amash (R-Mich.) could also be a viable candidate, Gary Johnson is the strongest candidate to lead the Liberty Movement.

Malala Yousafzai Should Be Time Magazine 2012 Person of the Year

Currently, Time Magazine is in the process of choosing their Person of the Year. Here are the contenders and where I think they weigh in.

Hitman Absolution Review: Definitely a Not Politically Correct Game

This Tuesday marks the release of "Hitman Absolution." Here is something you should know about it before you buy it.

James Holmes Copycat: Blaec Lammers Foiled Twilight Shooting Plot Will Not Change Gun Control Debate

Two weeks after an election, with zero talk about gun control, a mother has thwarted a mentally disturbed man from shooting a theater full of preteens.

Meteor Shower November 2012: LIVE Watch Online

NASA says that, because the moon will reach its new phase right before the peak, this year's Leonid meteor shower could be one of the most amazing ones in years. Watch the webcast here.

Best Gifs: Funny Gifs Prove Why This is the Word of the Year

GIFs provide an easy way for people to picture events using simplistic ideas to convey, otherwise, tough issues. Like now ...

Legalize Marijuana Laws: A Hard Look at the Costs of Drug Prohibition

A trillion dollars sent to Mexico has bought 100,000 murders, and the illegal drug trade is no safer in America. For every $10 million there is a homicide. For every $100, a drop of blood.

Jack Reacher Movie Release Date and Trailer, And the Top 5 Films of This Holiday Season

When you're done eating Turkey and drinking gravy straight from the boat, take some time to catch these five fine-ass looking films in the theaters.

Susan Rice: Why Republicans Will Block the Leading Hillary Clinton Replacement

Republican senators are piling up on UN Ambassador Susan Rice, the potential next secretary of state, for her initial statements blaming the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack on an anti-Islam video.

Ann Coulter: A Liberal Defense of the Conservative Pundit

“Well, then, you must be a retard.” Verbatim, what was said by fellow Dems when I tried to explain my complicated, ambivalent feelings about Ann Coulter.

Benghazi Cover Up Could Cost Susan Rice the State Department

The partisan witch hunt for UN Ambassador Susan Rice continues to be aggressively and politically pursued by Republicans hell bent on tagging some Obama appointee with the hint of scandal.

War in Israel: Why Israel Has the Right to Invade Gaza

The world should support Prime Minister Netanyahu should he choose to wage a ground invasion of Gaza. The invasion is morally justified, and we should be vocal in our approval.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why the Obama Tax Plan Will Not Solve the Debt

One hundred percent of Americans should contribute something to reduce the deficit and/or to improve the country.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: We Will Fall Off, As Both Parties Run Out of Options and Time

As the new year draws closer, time is running our for the White House and Congress to come to an agreement on how to shrink the deficit and keep the country from falling off the "fiscal cliff."

5 Hour Energy, Red Bull Linked to Heart Trouble, Says FDA

In 21 reports filed since 2004, the F.D.A. lists what it calls “adverse events” associated with America’s top selling energy drink, including heart problems and vomiting.

Benghazi Cover Up: White House Contradicts Petraeus on Benghazi Attack Talking Points

The Obama White House denied editing the talking points about the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Stevens.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Negotiations Actually Start Better Than Expected

With just over six weeks left before the end of 2012, there’s not much time left to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. Will Congress allow that to happen?

War in Israel: Israel Breaks International Law, and the West Condones It

Australia's PM Julia Gillard came out condemning Hamas, but supporting Israel's assassination of a Hamas leader. What does this kind of double standard say about the state of Western democracy?

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Republicans Want to Keep Kicking the Can

The party of "fiscal responsibility" is pushing the president for an extension of the fiscal cliff deadline for somewhere in 2013. Democrats, want to reach a deal before the end of the year.

Obama Approval Rating: 95 Percent Say Obama Should Focus on Economy in 2nd Term

A USA Today/Gallup national poll found that fixing the economy is very or extremely important for an overwhelming majority of Americans.

American Music Awards 2012: Justin Bieber Will Win Artist of the Year, and Other Predictions

The Wanted or One Direction, Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj? Everything will be settled by tomorrow night from Los Angeles, California.

Black Friday Deals: Biggest Bargains in 2012

Known as the biggest shopping day of the year, department stores open early on Black Friday to accommodate the hoards of bargain shoppers, and offer huge markdowns to compete for holiday revenue.

Benghazi Cover Up: Petraeus Says Benghazi Attack Was Terrorism

The account contradicts the Obama administration's initial claim that the deadly attack was the product of an spontaneous mob angered by the anti-Islam YouTube video "The Innocence of Muslims."

Florida Election Results 2012: Allen West to Lose, as Election Officials Miss Recount Deadline

The missed deadline confirms unofficial results that show Democrat Patrick Murphy as the winner of the race for Florida's 18th Congressional District.