Gangnam Style: What the PSY Song Means and Why it Went Viral

Non-Korean speakers and listeners may not realize this, but beyond the horseback-riding inspired dance moves and bright blue tuxedos, there are some thought-provoking words.

James Holmes: Tries to Kill Himself in Jail, Now Released From Hospital

The Aurora, Colorado, shooter reportedly tried to commit suicide by banging his head against the wall. A court hearing for the case was postponed for December 10.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: This is How Much Your Taxes Will Increase on January 1

Save your money now, "Taxmageddon" is coming in 2013.

Thanksgiving 2012 : How to Cook a Turkey in 10 Different Ways

It's your turn to have the family over for Thanksgiving, and you're not sure how to prepare a turkey. Look no further than this quick and easy guide to cooking the perfect bird.

Women in Porn: Empowering or Degrading?

There’s a lot of debate within feminism about whether pornography can be empowering to women, or if it’s only degrading objectification.

Florida Election Results 2012: Allen West Was Robbed, Why Democrats, Too, Cheated in Florida

The handling of the race for Florida's 18th Congressional district diminishes the work of voter right advocates to spotlight the voter suppression efforts of Republican Governor Rick Scott.

Side Effects Movie Trailer: Channing Tatum Proves Why He is the Sexiest Man Alive

Channing Tatum, People's Sexist Man Alive 2012, stars in director Steven Soderberg's final film, Side Effects. Check out the trailer here.

Rihanna New Album Review: Unapologetic Reflects Rihanna Musical Evolution

From the controversial duo with Chris Brown to her collaboration with David Guetta, "Unapologetic" is Rihanna at her best.

PSY MC Hammer AMA Performance Video: Gangnam Style is Too Legit to Quit at 2012 AMA

The Korean pop sensation closed the 40th American Music Awards last night with a bang (and the return of MC Hammer).

Oscar Predictions 2013: Les Miserables, The Master and the Top Academy Awards Predictions

The 85th Annual Academy Awards are quickly approaching, and nominations will be released soon. Why these films may be the top contenders this year.

Justin Bieber AMA 2012 Performance Video: Justin Bieber is the Artist of the Year

Justin Bieber received three awards at the 40th Annual American Music Awards. Here's why the 18-year-old artist is one to watch out for in 2013.

2016 Presidential Candidates: Bobby Jindal is the Frontrunner

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal took to Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to step up his criticism of Mitt Romney. Is he positioning himself for a 2016 presidential run?

Twinkies and Labor Unions: Explaining the Hostess Collapse

The Hostess bankruptcy is a great example of how attempts by unions to defy market forces in order to limit suffering are usually end up leaving everyone worse off.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review: A Review for Twilight Haters

Watching this film is a health hazard.

War in Israel: 3 Reasons Why the Ground War in Gaza is Really About Egypt, and the US

Here are thee reasons why Egypt's behavior during this conflict will determine the extent and scope of the IDF's operations in Gaza and the broader region.

Solar Tsunami Video: This Scary Solar Storm Could Wreak Havoc Like Hurricane Sandy

Solar Tsunamis, as they're called, could threaten Earth in the coming year. We need better disaster plans.

Obama Burma Trip: Why China is Watching Closely

Obama continues his Asia tour while China watches closely.

Thanksgiving 2012: How to Stay in Shape This Thanksgiving Day

Instead of dreading how much your lifestyle will be ruined come November 22, try to prepare yourself.

Chris Christie Saturday Night Live Performance Makes Him a 2016 Presidential Candidate

The New Jersey governor appeared on Saturday Night Live to update about the Huricane Sandy clean up and quote Bruce Springsteen.

Benghazi Cover Up: Just Another GOP Conspiracy Theory

John McCain has been accusing the Obama administration of misleading the public about what happened in Benghazi. This is just political grandstanding.

Homeland Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Brody is Stuck, Cannot Fly Away

As the second season of the acclaimed show enters its home stretch, every part of Nicholas Brody's life comes crumbling down.

War in Israel: American Jews Respond to Human Impact of Violence in Gaza

Since Israel began defensive measures last Wednesday, American Jews have generally stood in solidarity. However, the human costs of the conflict have left the community conflicted.

Walmart Strike: Black Friday 2012 Protest Looms as Walmart Sues Union

Wal-Mart workers, with the backing of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), are gearing up for a strike on Black Friday.

Chris Christie Avoids Fat Jokes About Twinkies ... And Real Talk About Unions

All fat jokes aside, Chris Christie must explain what he thinks about the Hostess union strike and what he thinks about the larger plight of America's beleaguered working class.

Ohio Heartbeat Ban: Ohio Revives War on Women, Proving GOP Has Learned Nothing

Ohio has revived its controversial "Heartbeat Abortion Ban," which would ban abortions at as early as six weeks, despite the fact that 56% of Ohioans support abortion rights in most cases.

2016 Presidential Candidates: Marco Rubio Emerges as Frontrunner After Iowa Fundraiser

Marco Rubio, prompting speculation about a potential 2016 presidential run, attended an Iowa fundraiser this Saturday. Well, that escalated quickly.

Afghanistan News: Karzai Urges Taliban to Stop Fighting Ahead of 2014 Withdrawal

After successful Afghanistan High Peace Council negotiations, the chances of peace may be improving ahead of the 2014 withdrawal deadline from Afghanistan.

Thanksgiving 2012: How to Cook a Feast in a Tiny NYC Apartment

A lack of space doesn’t have to stand in the way of a complete Thanksgiving feast. The trick is to work in pieces, and not try to do the whole meal at once.

Black Friday 2012: How to Avoid the Shopping Chaos This Year

Most stores now offer their Black Friday deals online, as well as in the store. So don’t subject yourself to a stampede.

Benghazi Cover Up: In Defense of President Obama

Critics of Obama like to say he has abused his power. Nothing is further from the truth. He is behaving like a typical American president. We are behaving like a typical American citizenry.

112 Congress: House and Senate Should Reauthorize VAWA Before 2013

The post-election dust has finally settled. Before Congress ends, it's time for our legislators to readdress domestic violence issues and work together to improve life for all Americans.

Black Friday Deals: Top 5 Fashion Trends This Year

Black Friday has great deals on holiday gifts and wardrobe staples. Here are top five fashion trends to look out for that can save you shopping time and sanity.