War on Thanksgiving: Native American Students Protest Holiday, Conservatives Freak Out

So much for the happy-go-lucky spirit of America's favorite holiday.

Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012: Where to Watch, Parade Route and Schedule

The 86th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will occur this Thursday. Here's everything you need to know about the history of the spectacle and this year's lineup.

Immigration Reform: Why President Obama Must Make It a Top Priority in 2013

President Obama must make immigration reform a top priority or risk alienating the fastest growing voter demographic heading into 2014 and 2016.

Marco Rubio 2016: Leading GOP Contender Does Not Believe in Evolution

Marco Rubio joins a list of Republicans who don’t “know” how old the Earth is. However, his view isn't surprising, unless you're a liberal.

Thanksgiving 2012: Obesity in America is Not Caused By Thanksgiving Dinner

Blaming holiday indulgence for obesity is just as wrongheaded as blaming soda or fast food: Obesity is not caused by Thanksgiving.

Oscars 2013: Early Predictions Show Lincoln Will Win Best Picture

With the exception of best actress, which probably will go to Anne Hathaway for "Les Miserables," the Oscars 2013 should be a clean sweep for Spielberg's "Lincoln."

Fiscal Cliff 2013: What It is and Why We Want to Avoid It

If a compromise isn’t reached between Democrats and Republicans, a whopping $607 billion will vanish from the economy overnight.

Legalize Weed: How Obama Should Deal With Washington and Colorado

The federal government should let Washington and Colorado continue with their experiments in legalizing marijuana, until there is a clearer national consensus.

Thanksgiving 2012: Top 7 Thanksgiving Trivia Facts You Never Knew

Each year, the combined weight of turkey consumed by Americans is more than all of the Play-Doh in the world. Here are some factoids to fill the uncomfortable silences at the dinner table.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Liberals Need to Stop Class Warfare to Solve This Crisis

Liberals need to stop demonizing those who they want to pay more in taxes.

Hillary Clinton Replacement: Why Susan Rice Should Take Over the State Department

Susan Rice is the leading contender to replace Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, which raises the question: Do women make for better Secretaries of State?

Who Will Replace Petraeus: Top 4 Candidates for New CIA Director

President Obama faces the difficult decision of nominating a new CIA director to fill the void left by David Petraeus’s resignation last week.

Thanksgiving 2012: Easy Recipes for the Novice Cook

Just because you can't make it home for Thanksgiving doesn't mean that you shouldn't get to enjoy a delicious feast surrounded by people you love.

4 of America's Favorite Restaurants That No Longer Deserve Your Business

Evidently, they missed the memo that Americans voted for Obamacare.

Facebook (FB) Stock: On the Recovery, After Lockup Expires

The Facebook stock has been on a steady upswing, indicating that consumer confidence in the tech giant is recovering from the disgrace of the botched IPO.

Hostess Bankruptcy Trial: Judge Robert Drain Ruling May Ensure Twinkies Survival

It's not over yet. Twinkies and Ding Dongs may be back on the shelves sooner than we thought, thanks to the efforts of Judge Robert Drain.

War in Israel: Why Israel Should Not Invade Gaza

Israel was fully within its right to assassinate Ahmed al-Jabari, but a ground assault on Gaza would be a terrible miscalculation. Here's the reason why.

California Air Pollution Permits Are Imperative for US Energy Independence

California has presented themselves as the spearhead of a resent resurgence in the urgency of cutting carbon emissions, a move that reflects early legislation in energy independent Denmark.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Time to Let Bush Tax Cuts Expire

Neither party is correct about the fiscal cliff. When it concerns taxes and economic consequences for the majority of America, a political victory for either side is a defeat for all of us.

War in Israel: As Death Toll Rises, America is Nowhere to Be Found

In a previous era, it would come to Washington to end the current Israel-Hamas conflict. America has grown powerless in the Middle East, and the two state solution is a thing of the past.

Gay Marriage Poll: More than 50 Percent of Latinos Support Same Sex Marriage

New exit poll data show that over 50% of Latinos now support same sex marriage, a number which has increased from 34% in 2009. What does this mean for the changing electorate and LGBTQ rights?

Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts: A Look the Marine Navy Team in Breezy Point, Queens

Today, Breezy Point is the main effort for the Marine-Navy team of the 26th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit), with some 240 Marines and sailors arriving for an ‘access clearance’ mission.

Ron Paul: America Will Go Over the Fiscal Cliff, Question is "How We Will Land"

Should current policies prevail, with no major shift to a smaller government which emphasizes economic liberty and private savings, that landing will be quite hard.

Rand Paul 2016: Kentucky Libertarian Senator Hints Interest on Presidential Run

The son of libertarian icon Ron Paul says he can make the Republican Party competitive again, even in places like California and among younger demographics.

Ben Bernanke: A Smart Choice for Next Treasury Secretary

There’s a lot of distrust of the Federal Reserve, and, by proxy, distrust of Bernanke. But the truth is that he knows his stuff, and if we let him, he might just help fix the economy.

Hostess Bankruptcy: Why Twinkie Will Survive

Life is short, except for shelf life. All the rivers run into the sea, but the Twinkie abides.

Defund Planned Parenthood: How Rick Perry Crusade Will Cost Taxpayers in Texas

90% of the funds for Texas's current women's health program come from federal sources, but Texas has decided to forgo this funding to defund Planned Parenthood, a move that will cost taxpayers.

Thanksgiving 2012: How to Make the Perfect, Buttery Pie Crust

Making a piecrust is pretty simple. But making an amazing, buttery, flaky piecrust takes attention to detail.

Hostess Bankrupcy: Time to Repeal Our Coercive, Job Killing Union Laws

With the demise of Hostess and Twinkies, the policy reform here is obvious for people who appreciate market economics: kill collective bargaining.

Thanksgiving 2012: How the Turkey Pardon Became a Presidential Tradition

Of the millions of turkeys that are cooked each Thanksgiving, the President grants new life to at least one each year. No one's going into a tryptophan-induced sleep off of these birds!

What Does English Sound Like

What does fake English sound like? That is, if you had to imitate English without using any real words.

War in Israel: Anonymous Wages Cyber Warfare Against Israel

Anonymous, the hacker collective, is attacking Israel on behalf of Palestine. It's the democratization of (cyber)warfare.

Student Loans: New Rules for Disabled Borrowers Are Big Breakthrough

Beyond the student loan conversation, lack of communication between government organizations causes not only headaches for citizens, but waste in government.

Happy Birthday Joe Biden: Tribute to the Man Who Helped Obama Get Reelected

In honor of Joe Biden's 70th birthday, it's time he received credit for the indispensable role he played in Barack Obama's re-election.

Obama Burma Trip: Goal is to Send a Message to China

Obama will praise the progress already made and push for more reforms in Myanmar, but the most important goal of the trip is sending a message to China.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why Congress is Unlikely to Strike a Deal

Jeff Smith, assistant professor of politics at the Milano School for International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy, is skeptical of Congress’s ability to overcome legislative gridlock.

113th Congress: With Fiscal Cliff 2013 Looming, Early Signs of Bipartisanship Give Us Hope

During the 112th Congress, even non-controversial bills have been held up by partisan bickering. This week, eight bills alone were sent to the President. Could things be changing in Congress?

Obama Burma Trip: Obama Tries to Promote Democracy, Tame China

Promoting human rights in Burma parallels an important American interest: to counterbalance Chinese influence in the Far East.

Obama Myanmar Trip Could Spark New Era of Trade

Obama visited Myanmar on Monday, an outcast in the international community for decades, thanks to U.S. sanctions. Is free trade in Burma on the agenda?

Obama Burma Trip: 3 Key Goals for the President

Economic partnerships, conflict in the Rakhine state and ongoing political reforms are likely topics Obama is likely to raise with Aung San Suu Kyi in his upcoming visit to Myanmar.

Petraeus Affair: Top 10 Unanswered Questions

If Justice Department officials don’t start answering these 10 questions about Petraeus, Broadwell, and Kelley soon, they should be made to provide those answers to Congress — under oath.