Virginia Election Results: Who Won this Key Swing State

Virginia became one of the country's newest swing states in 2008, making it a hot race to watch again in 2012. Follow live for updates on the presidential race and down-ballot contests.

Gay Marriage Could Soon Be Legal in the UK, But For the Wrong Reasons

PM Cameron's support for gay marriage will try to mitigate his growing unpopularity among students, workers, the disabled, and the elderly, who have been hardest hit by his austerity measures.

Legalize Marijuana: How Legal Weed Could Help Reduce Health Care Costs in America

Although it was somewhat overlooked beneath the drama of the 2012 presidential election, the referenda to legalize marijuana passed in Colorado and Washington on November 6th.

Walmart Strike Black Friday: Why Libertarians Should Support This Movement

If Wal-Mart and other large employers of unskilled workers don’t raise their wages and benefits, taxpayer money will continue to make up the difference.

WalMart Strike: Black Friday Strike Could Be a Positive Thing for Labor in America

Why are Wal-Mart employees are striking? Sexual harassment, poverty wages, threats of retaliation? Take your pick. The good news is that these strikes could lead to a positive change for labor.

War on Capitalism: Obama Class Warfare Ultimately Hurts the Middle Class

The war between the classes is becoming more likely, as Obama and liberals fan the flames of discontent.

Minimum Wage Debate: Why Minimum Wage Laws Hurt, Not Help, Employees

Lovers of government intervention insist that minimum wage laws prevent a "race to the bottom" for cheaper labor. Here's why they're wrong.

Election 2012 Results: Obama Reelection Will Help Minorities in the US and Around the World

What does President Obama's re-election mean for people of color, minorities and immigrant populations around the world?

Black Friday Aftermath: Confessions of a Walking Dead Retailer After Black Friday

My brain isn’t altogether functional but a couple of cups of java (or maybe an intravenous drip) will ream out the synapses and help them fire at their usual pace.

Israel War Will Continue for as Long as Hamas Rules Gaza

Israel has continually tried to negotiate over land. Hamas has not been interested in land. It has only tried to destroy Israel, regardless of the location of Israel’s borders at any given time.

Black Friday 2012: The Origins of Black Friday, And How It Went From a Negative Thing to a Positive One

Black Friday got a bad name in the 1960s. But in the 1980s, retailers put a positive spin on it.

Egypt Protests: Muslim Brotherhood Power Grab Could Be an Opportunity for Liberal Seculars

Could widespread protests against Morsi's dictatorial power grab present an opportunity for liberal seculars to reclaim the revolution's legacy?

Euro Zone Crisis: EU Budget is a Quagmire, But It Can Be Done

While the EU is fundamentally challenged in finding agreement for the 2014-2020 programming period, the situation is negotiable.

Shop Small Saturday is the Antidote to Black Friday

With fights, riots, and unheeded picket lines, Black Friday is America at its worst. But its socially conscious counterpart, Small Business Saturday is America at its best.