DOMA at the Supreme Court: Gay Marriage Will Be Found Constitutional in Summer 2013

The Defense of Marriage Act is set to be heard before the Supreme Court, where it will finally be found to be unconstitutional and permanently repealed.

John McAfee Thinks Bath Salts Are The Finest Drug Ever

The murder suspect, and one of the first computer programmers to design an anti-virus software and to develop a virus scanner, is a confessed huge fan of MDPV.

Pentagon Sued by ACLU Over Discrimination Against Women in the Military

On Tuesday, the ACLU announced that it will sue the Department of Defense on the behalf of four servicewomen over regarding a policy which prohibits women from serving in ground combat units.

Ron Paul is Right: Blind Support of Israel Is Hurting America, and Democracy

Ron Paul's criticism of Congress' blind support for Israel could not come at a better time.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why U.S. National Security Will Be Damaged by Sequestration

Sequestration would shrink the Department of Defense's budget by $500 billion. This would crush the military’s ability to equip, train and transport its troops.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Henry Cavill as Christian Grey

The star of the upcoming Christopher Nolan-produced "Man of Steel" told finally opened up about the possibility of playing Christian Grey in the upcoming "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie.

Angus T Jones Two and a Half Men is Filth Rant: Video

"Don't watch this filth," said the young actor, who is paid 350,000 per episode, about the popular CBS sitcom during a supposed religious awakening. Watch the video here.

The Hobbit Movie Release: 7 Reasons Why This Film Will Be Better Than Lord of the Rings

With the release date of the first 'Hobbit' worldwide on December 14, fans are already arguing that it will beat its Lord of the Rings predecessors. Here's why they are right.

DOMA Must Be Repealed by the Supreme Court in 2013

This Friday, the Supreme Court could decide whether to take on the civil rights issue of our era: marriage equality. Here's why it must be approved.

Why Unions Are Not to Blame For the Death of the Twinkie

The fact that Hostess was unable to keep promises to their workers was a sign of their demise, not the cause. Likewise, unionization would not kill Walmart, as critics have said.

Chinese Aircraft Carrier: The New Liaoning Carrier Points to Rising Chinese Power in Asia

China is conducting naval exercises on the Lianoning, its first aircraft carrier. It's a signal to its regional neighbors that China can, and will, defend its interests at sea.

Yasser Arafat Autopsy: Why the Body is Being Exhumed After All These Years

Yasser Arafat’s grave was opened Tuesday morning in Ramallah, beginning a murder investigation. It's a politically motivated move that could be dangerous.

Immigration Reform: Republican Supported STEM Immigration Reform Will Only Succeed as a Symbolic Gesture

The House will vote this week to expand visas available for STEM graduates. The GOP-supported bill is a nice gesture that they are ready to think about immigration reform, but it is not enough.

Homeland Season 2 Review: Homeland Shows Us Government Transparency Does Not Exist

This week's episode of "Homeland" mounts an attack against the moral absolutism of post-9/11 America's hunt for terrorists.

Marijuana Legalization: How Obama Should Deal With Washington, Colorado

Here's why the federal government should respect the wishes of Washington and Colorado voters and let legal weed be.

How Jenny Johnson Proved Chris Brown is an Idiot: NSFW

The popular comedian owned the singer of "Turn Up the Music," and on-and-off boyfriend of Rihanna, so bad he decided to quit Twitter for second time. What a train wreck.

Petraeus Affair: Democrats and Republicans Both Find Bipartisanship in Infidelity

The two parties may not agree on much, but when it comes to infidelity and sexual waywardness, a genuine bipartisanship seems to exist.

Walmart Strike: Where Does the Labor Movement Go From Here

The strikes at Walmart raise issues that should be important to all Americans. As the grievances are coming from employees of one of the largest franchises in America, we should all be listening.

McKayla Maroney is Finally Impressed on Dancing With The Stars: DWTS Video Recap

McKayla, "not impressed" Maroney appeared along the Fierce Five on the season finale of Dancing With the Stars. Watch the video here.

Uganda Kill the Gays Bill: Horrific Bill Will Promote Anti-LGBT Violence in Africa

Though the death penalty clause was dropped from a previous draft, the upcoming bill encourages violence against gay and lesbians in the African nation.

International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women: The UN Stands Up For Women

On Sunday, people around the world participated in the UN's International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, kicking off 16 days of activism to end gendered violence.

War With Iran: As Iran Squirms Under Sanctions, the US Must Find a Diplomatic Answer ASAP

Iran has experienced alarming economic damage from the sanctions imposed on it for its nuclear program.The U.S. and the West should take this chance to seek a diplomatic solution.

War With Iran: Iran is Now Rearming Hamas, and That Could Lead the US Into Deeper Conflict

A recent analysis of Israeli intelligence shows that the Iranians could possibly be moving heavy weapons into Sudan to launch at Israel. It sounds like something straight out of James Bond.

Wikileaks Trial: Bradley Manning to Speak Publicly For the First Time Before Court Martial

The stakes are high at the hearing, expected to go on until Sunday, since the event will precede a February 4 full court-martial.

Mexican Drug Cartels Target Journalists In Never Ending Drug War

With attacks, threats, and intimidation now a common occurrence, some media outlets, like El Mañana in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas have suspended coverage of organized crime and narco violence.

Online College Courses May Be the Future of Education, But There are Costs

Online courses allow students in remote locations, or students who do not have the time or financial means, to attain higher education, but deprive them of the experience of communal learning.

War On Men: The Economy is to Blame For the Male and Female Disconnect

Why the economic crisis is to blame for a disconnect between American males and females, and the decline in marriages.

War On Christmas: Nativity Scene Has No Place On Public Property

The city of Santa Monica has ended a 59-year tradition in which a nativity scene is displayed on public property each year during Christmastime. Constitutionally, it was the right decision.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Will Destroy Holiday Retail Sales

The Obama administration fears consumer confidence will take a nosedive this holiday season if no compromise is reached over the fiscal cliff, but payroll taxes may be key to holiday shoppers.

Goma, Congo Overrun By Notorious M23 Rebels as DRC On Verge of Another Civil War

The current conflict in the DRC has sparked a humanitarian emergency in the region. To impact lasting change, the international community would do well to learn the nuances of the dispute.

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless on Twitter Ahead of Oprah Interview: Video Recap

Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey sat with Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber last night. Get the video highlights here.

Ron Paul and Foreign Aid: Why the US Has Been the Cause of the Israel Gaza Conflict

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) says the U.S. financial, military and diplomatic support of Israel has been the central enabling force driving this endless conflict. He's right.

If You Had the Chance to Speak to One Million People, What Would You Say?

Last spring, I did something that everyone warns you to avoid, I signed up for another listserv. This listserv, however, has proven to be something special.

Grover Norquist and His Anti Tax Pledge May Have Finally Reached the End of Their Road

Grover Noquist's grip on Republicans is loosening as more and more Republicans signal their willingness to renege on their tax pledge.

How the Dallas Cowboys and Greenbay Packers Explain the Middle East Peace Process

Today's Middle Eastern countries were arbitrarily defined by colonial powers. We should re-draw the map, starting with the major cities as the loci around which new states are defined.

The Grover Norquist No Tax Pledge is No More as Republicans Jump Ship

Americans have all but declared Grover Norquist to be irrelevant, even Republicans are jumping ship. His no-tax pledge is a thing of the past.

Off Broadway Shows: A Brief Guide to Understanding Curious Plays (and Starting Riots)

Curious plays have a long history of provoking thought, inspiring movements, and inciting riots. Here's a brief guide to get you started watching curious plays and starting your own riots.

Pakistan Bombing: Explosion in Dera Ismail Khan Targets Shia Muslims During Holy Month

Fighting between Shi'a and Sunni Muslims resulted in a second bomb being detonated Sunday in Pakistan, as Shi'a Muslims celebrate a major holiday.

Pac Man Moon: NASA Discovers Second Pac Man Shaped Moon on Saturn

The Pac-Men-like shape of these moons is produced by variations in temperature, from extremely hot to extremely hot.

Marvin Miller, Former MLBPA Director and Union Hero Who Ushered In Free Agency Era, Dies

Marvin Miller, arguably the most significant figure from Major League Baseball in the last 40 years, has died. Editor David Wong Writes a Damn Good Horror Novel with This Book Is Full of Spiders

The freewheeling irrelevance of internet comedy hits the mainstream in 'This Book is Full of Spiders (Seriously Dude, Don't Touch It),' the newest novel from senior editor David Wong.

SAC Capital and Steven Cohen: Insider Trading is a Fog That Haunts Wall Street

SAC Capital Advisors former employee Matthew Martoma has been tied to a huge insider trading scandal. But the confusion about what is "inside information" puts a shadow over the allegations.

Facebook Anti Democratic Privacy Change Blasted by Online Advocacy Groups

The Center for Digital Democracy and the Electronic Privacy Information Center sent an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg raising site governance concerns.