The Speed of Gravity: Why Einstein Was Wrong and Newton Was Right

The speed of gravity is still an ongoing debate. Einstein's version of relativity may be broken beyond repair.

Hipsterdom May Be Ironic, But Underneath That Irony is An Insecurity That is Sincere

In her 'New York Times' op-ed Christy Wampole takes issue with the ironic way of life so widely adopted by millennials. More than anything, her article just proves how much she doesn't get it.

Justice League Movie: Joseph Gordon Levitt Will Not Play Batman, Henry Cavill May Be Superman

'Justice League' won't be released for another three years, but there are already talks about who will star. I'm sorry to report that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is out, but Henry Cavill might be in.

Oscars 2013: 5 Unlikely Movies That Deserve Academy Award Nominations

Amidst the influx of December prestige movies, it's easy to forget that there have been great movies coming out all year. Here are five Oscar deserving candidates.

Libertarians Need a Little Less Ron Paul, and a Lot More Women

The libertarian movement is a predominately white male political movement. Woman libertarians say their message is strong, but their recruitment stinks.

What is Fiscal Cliff 2013: The 8 Most Important Things You Need to Know

If the fiscal cliff is to be avoided, Obama must stop engaging in class warfare.

113th Congress Members: 19 Republicans Appointed to House Committee Chairs, All White Men

While Bill O'Reilly may bemoan the fact that the white establishment is now the minority, he has only to look to the newly-appointed GOP House Committee chairs to see a sea of white male faces.

Labor Laws: How a Group of Strippers in California May Save Workers Rights

Strippers at The Spearmint Rhino win an unprecedented $13 million in a class action lawsuit against their employers, sending a clear message that all workers deserve fair treatment.

'Fiscal Cliff' 2013: White House Rejects Absurd GOP Counteroffer

Running updates and commentary of the looming "fiscal cliff" in the United States. Can Democrats and Republicans strike a deal before the January 1 deadline?

Lip Balm Addiction Debunked: No, You Cannot Get Physically Addicted to Chapstick

Lip balm addiction is denied by manufacturers, yet there is a sizable contingent online who claim physiological dependency. The author spends an otherwise unproductive afternoon debunking.

Palestine Statehood Bid Succeeds at UN General Assembly 138 to 9

The highly-anticipated United Nations General Assembly vote was embarrassingly lopsided for the U.S. and Israel.

Jordan Davis Shooting: This is Trayvon Martin and Stand Your Ground All Over Again

Another unarmed Florida teen has been shot and killed in what will likely become a “Stand Your Ground” case.

Obama 2014 Tax Plan: How Your Taxes Will Likely Increase Under His Plan

Obama's tax "plan" isn't much of a plan at all. All we know about Obama's plan is he looks at wealthy Americans as donors to his own cause of bigger government.

12 Things That Really Sucked About 2012

From the presidential election to Gangnam Style, there were plenty of things that sucked about the year of the Mayans.

Michael Dunn Shooting Will Trigger Reexamination of Gun Control Issues

Another fatal shooting of an African American Florida teen will spark media coverage, and gun control laws as well as Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law will be up for discussion.

Obama Should Pass on Susan Rice, Nominate Republican Jon Huntsman For Secretary of State

The nomination of Jon Huntsman would be an effective show of bipartisanship on behalf of the president at home and would provide the country with an exceptionally qualified diplomat abroad.

Ron Paul Retirement: Paul Should Be Honored On Mount Rushmore, Thinks One Business Leader

"If there were a Mount Rushmore for formidable defenders of our freedoms, sculptors would already be chiseling in the likeness of Ron Paul," Forbes says.

Ron Paul and Libertarians: How They Unwittingly Brought an End to Their Own Civil Liberties

The followers of Ron Paul and the Austrian religion are unwittingly calling for an end to their own civil liberties.

Ron Paul Retirement: Paul Says Military Industrial Complex, Banking System Killing America

Ron Paul sits down with the Washington Post for an exit interview before he retires from Congress.

Obama Tax Plan: How it Will Impact Small Business and You

President Obama has argued that his plan will have no impact 97% of small businesses — those with net taxable earnings of less than $250,000. That is mostly true.

Ron Paul Retires: Where the Liberty Movement Goes From Here

The ultimate job of the liberty and libertarian movement is to move away from parties and support liberty candidates of whatever kind in whatever race, even if it means not supporting Ron Paul.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Cuts to Social Services Will Hurt Women, People of Color

As fiscal cliff negotiations begin, Congress and the Obama administration must be attentive to the needs of communities who have been and will be hit the hardest: women and people of color.

Barack Obama Should Nominate Himself to the Supreme Court

The next Supreme Court Justice needs to be someone who can shake things up. Considering that justices haven't always been judges, here are three nontraditional choices for the court.

Palestine UN Membership Bid: All the Pieces Are Lining Up and Now Favor Palestine

There are 4 simple reasons Palestine should qualify for statehood. But social, political, and religious factors have stood in the way. Until now.

Photos From the Warzone: Life As a Palestinian During the Israeli Assault on Gaza

Pundit Anna Day traveled to Gaza and captured the Israel-Hamas war from the perspective of the Palestinians living in Gaza. These 17 photos tell the story.

Fiscal Cliff Deadline: 1 Very Good Reason We Should Avoid Making a Deal Before January 1

Young people — libertarians and conservatives in particular — should hope we go over the fiscal cliff. Republicans won't cut spending. Let's hope Republicans and Democrats do not reach a deal.

Facebook Privacy: Why the Government Wants to Make Sure Your Account is Never Private

Social media and the natural curiosity of people are at crossroads with privacy rights advocates, law enforcement, and national security. If it is on the internet, it's not private.

30 Rock and Parks and Recreation Finales: Why Ending With Weddings is Not OK

Do Tina Fey and Amy Poehler really want to send the message that even the strongest woman’s story ends when her prince charming comes to carry her away?

The War on Women: Feminists Need to Realize That We Won

Women are moving ahead of men not only in America, but worldwide. Yet some feminists act as though women have made no gains at all.

Glenn Beck Pees In a Jar, Drops an Obama Toy in It, Calls It Art

The stunt is supposed to use art to illustrate freedom of speech in America.

Marvel and DC Comics Control the Comic Book World, But Did You Know it Used to Be Belgium

Belgium is trying to regain its place in an increasingly global comic book industry. Is internationalization crushing local comics?

Most Popular Baby Names 2012: '50 Shades of Grey,' 'X Factor,' and Jay Z Serve as Baby Name Inspiration

The most popular baby names of 2012 take big-time inspiration from the world of pop culture. For instance, the rise in popularity for Demi, Simon and Mario are all inspired by 'X Factor.'

Lena Dunham is Right, Being 20 Something Is Not Glamorous, It is Kind of Icky

People love the honesty of Lena Dunham's HBO series, "Girls," but the show may be more honest about the age we live in than even Dunham intends.

Predator Drones: As Drone Strikes Increase, Obama Needs Clearer Guidelines On UAVs

The ethics of drone strikes need to focus on minimizing the resentment such strikes create.

Doha Climate Talks: Hope is Fading Fast in These Crucial World Climate Change Negotiations

At the Doha talks, a successful climate change agreement must balance the different demands of developed and developing countries with the environmental concerns.

Israel Gaza War: 5 Things We Learned about Israel

As the Palestinian bid for non-member observer status in the UN takes the spotlight on Thursday, we can look back at the latest Gaza conflict as an indication of Israel's changing game plan.

World AIDS Day: Hillary Clinton has a Blueprint for Eliminating AIDS and You Can Help

The first AIDS-free generation is within reach. The first step is to get people thinking of AIDS as something that can be defeated.

Green Energy: The Answer to the Recession That Could Be Implemented Tomorrow

The new energy economy is here. America should set the goal of energy independence and all it takes is a decision from President Obama.

Online Courses May Be the Future of Education, But That is Not a Good Thing

Massive online courses are reshaping higher education but they cannot substitute for the lived experience of learning in a classroom.

Palestine UN Membership: Why it Could Create a Dangerous Precedent

On Thursday, the Palestinian National Authority will once again seek "non-member state observer" status with the UN. If they succeed, it could send a dangerous message that sanctions terrorism.

Princeton Goes Online: Will Online Learning Close The Education Gap or Widen It

The internet has made the world such a small place, where the exchange of thoughts and ideas can happen in an instant. But having access to this world will be the critical issue moving forward.

Betty White is a Legend: 9 Reasons Why She is Still the Funniest Woman in Show Business

'Hot in Cleveland' is back on television, which means so is our weekly dose of Betty White. The 90-year-old woman is an absolute legend, and here are nine reasons why.

Congress Fiscal Cliff: This is What the Republican Strategy Should Be in the Debt Talks

The current Republican approach in the fiscal cliff debate is not working. It’s time for them to fix it.

Egypt Protests Explained: They are About More Than What You Think

While democracy and democratic transition play a large role in encouraging the demonstrations, underpinning all of the demonstrations is a quest for human dignity.

Holiday Weight Loss: 10 Fun, Funky Ways To Exercise When You Don't Want To

Tis the season to be hungry for sweets and thirsty for gallons of eggnog. Pulverize pounds with these quick tips and fun suggestions for keeping in shape during the holidays.

Fiscal Cliff Deadline: 5 Reasons We Should Celebrate Republicans Opting For Higher Taxes

The threat of economic calamity has caused many legislators to renege on the Grover Norquist no tax increase pledge. Here's why that's a good thing for both liberals and conservatives.

New CNN President Jeff Zucker Once Had Conan O'Brien Arrested

Jeff Zucker, CNN's new president, once had Conan O'Brien arrested in the middle of a prank at Harvard while they were both undergraduates in the 1980s.

How About This For a Brilliant Middle East Peace Plan: Let Lawless Areas Stay Lawless

Here's why cities in the Middle East-North Africa region should actually be states and the desolate areas in between shouldn't even be governed.

NYC Fast Food Workers Strike, Showing the Cost of Neglecting Minimum Wage

Compensation grievances have effects far beyond signalling the end of the Twinkie. From Walmart to fast food worker strikes in New York City, minimum wage is a crucial economic issue.

Ambassador Susan Rice: The Surprise Reason the GOP Has Been Bullying This Woman

The Republicans bullying Susan Rice may not actually have anything against her for State. More likely, they want to make Obama settle for John Kerry and open his seat for Scott Brown.

Obama Romney White House Meeting: A True Test of Bipartisanship

Both candidates talked a lot about bipartisanship, even while flinging mud at each other, and today will help test how much they meant it.

What is the Fiscal Cliff and What Needs to Happen to Avoid An Economic Disaster?

Here are some key points to help understand the fiscal cliff. Firstly, though, the president is not as strong as he thinks. The House and/or the Senate can foil his plans.

Fiscal Cliff Vote: We Need to Jump Off the Cliff in 2013, Then Put The Pieces Back Together

There is growing consensus that we should go over the fiscal cliff. That's good news. It's better than a lot of other options.

113th Congress: House Democrats Are Mostly From Two States, But It Does Not Matter

Approximately 30% of the Democrats in Congress come from either New York or California, but this lack of geographic diversity is not necessarily cause for alarm.

UN Palestine Membership: Why Palestinians Are Giving Up A Lot to Be Recognized at the UN

Achieving UN “non-member state” status will not make it any more acceptable to launch rockets across the border into Israel. It will not legitimize infiltrating Israel with trained bombers.

Powerball Jackpot Winner: Why This Lottery Brought Out the Best in People, Not the Worst

The fantasy of a better life is more than worth two dollars, even if it almost definitely won’t come true.

Obama Romney Lunch: It Might Be the Most Awkward Date Ever

President Obama will host Mitt Romney for lunch at the White House today. Why this strange tradition may be beneficial to Obama.

Egypt Protests Explained: New Morsi Constitution is a Wake Up Call For Egyptian Democracy

As Egypt's new constitution goes to a vote, the Egyptian opposition and international actors need to think seriously and strategically about how to build a real, inclusive, and democratic Egypt.

Why the Federal Reserve is Keeping Our Economy on the Brink

Despite the lack of present inflation, all the money printing by the Federal Reserve has dire consequences. Duquesne University Economics Professor Antony Davies tackles the issue.

Groupon (GRPN) Stock Woes: As Slumps, Groupon Needs to Completely Rebuild its Business

Groupon was overvalued from the get-go. Its stock price should never have been so high in the first place. Now, it has to rebuild its business.