7 Reasons Why Living Abroad is a Key to Success for All Millennials

More than anything else, living abroad forces you to remove your nation, your viewpoints, and yourself from the center of the universe.

After Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, Libertarians Need to Make a Choice: Join the GOP or Reject it

Should libertarians work to take over the GOP, or eschew it?

Walking Dead Season 3: 5 Things to Expect From the Sunday Night Winter Finale

Having returned for its third season, 'The Walking Dead' has dominated the cable TV scene. What have we learned so far? And what should we expect from the midseason premiere this Sunday?

Palestine UN Vote LIVE Feed Video: Palestine Could Be Recognized As a Nonmember State on Thursday

On Thursday, the United Nations General Assembly will vote on whether to accept Palestine as a nonmember observer state. Follow along live for the latest updates at the UN.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: A Ten Year Plan To Get The US Out of Debt

As the author was budgeting to avoid his own fiscal cliff, he discovered that the federal government's debt problem could also be solved by prioritizing in similar ways.

Ron Paul Retiring is the Beginning, Not the End, of Libertarianism

The most famous public libertarian may be retiring from Congress, but the future of the movement Ron Paul did so much to spread should be optimistic.

2016 Presidential Candidates: Jeb Bush Makes So Much More Sense Than Rubio, Ryan, or Christie

Rubio, Christie, and Ryan will be busy during the next four years with their day jobs, and must contend with reelection campaigns. Bush can dedicate all of their time to bu

Steve Jobs Movie: Ezra Miller is the Perfect Pick to Play Steve Jobs

Amid Oscar season buzz, Aaron Sorkin announces the format of his Steve Jobs biopic, setting the stage for a Hollywood duel between his film and the Jobs indie flick starring Ashton Kutcher.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Mitt Romney Has A Chance To Be The Hero

As the fiscal cliff approaches in 2013, an unlikely hero could come to the fore: Mitt Romney. Here's how he could save the deal and his legacy.

Obamacare Facts: John Boehner is Wrong, Law Not Implemented Yet

Obamacare did not require states to set up an insurance exchange nor did it provide enough funding to run federally facilitated exchanges. The verdict is still out on viability of implementation.

Teen Pregnancy Rates Would Dramatically Lower with Over the Counter Birth Control

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends birth control be made available over-the-counter. With all the ire over birth control coverage, is this the right step?

Immigration Reform: The GOP Must Take These Steps on Immigration to Win Over Latinos

Latino voters opted for Obama over Romney 71% to 24%. Obama has announced that immigration reform will be a top priority in his second term. Here's what the GOP can do moving forward.

Liz Lemon Wedding: 30 Rock and Parks and Rec Subvert Our Marriage Norms

Dressed in her Star Wars robes, 30 Rock's Liz Lemon tied the knot on Thursday night. Does her wedding, and the impending wedding on Parks and Rec, signal the triumph of trite fairy tale endings?

Obamacare Will Now Include HIV Testing, Saving Millions of American Lives

The Affordable Care Act will now require that HIV testing be included in preventative screenings for regular checkups, a public health measure that can save millions of lives.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Here Is the Right Way to Reform the Defense Budget

The upcoming fiscal cliff has forced Congress to identify spending cuts across the federal budget, which will include reductions to the Department of Defense budget. Here's how it should happen.

Israel Palestine Conflict: Why Netanyahu Will Benefit From the Gaza Conflict

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to win before the latest violence between Israel and Gaza, and he will most likely still win.

US Economic Recovery: The Secret to Recovery is a Green Tax Policy

Without efficient, smart, and green tax policies the American economy will not thrive. The EPAct will provide the base for that strength. If the Act is not renewed it will be a massive set back.

Israel War: America Will Support Israel Even if It Invades Gaza

Israel's relations with the U.S. are too deeply rooted for America to abandon military aid. But the relationship isn't strong because of a lobby. They're strong because of historical ties.

Fiscal Cliff Vote: A Game Plan for Letting Democrats Get Everything They Want

Like the dog that finally catches the car, let's let the the president and Democrats get what they want ... with one tiny string attached.

Doha Climate Change Conference: The Great Climate Change Myth At This Event

The Doha climate change conference lays bare how little progress we've made. Part of the problem is the belief that God's in charge.

Mexico Election 2012: Negotiations Falling Apart Between New President and Opposition

The Agreement for Mexico is good for the country, but the Mexican left is not willing to give up its obstructionism. It could cost them future elections.

Girls Season 2 Trailer: Lena Dunham is Back in HBO Town

The 'Girls' Season 2 trailer is hot off the presses and it has all the ingredients 'Girls' fans love. Hannah Horvath philosophizing, Adam Sackler shirtless, and a few too-close-to-home lines.

Reparative Therapy Cannot Cure Bigotry: SPLC Files Suit Against Anti Gay Organizations

The Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a revolutionary lawsuit charging organizations which offer "reparative therapy" for homosexuality of undue harm and promising results they can't deliver.

Murdoch Scandal Update: Freedom Of Press Report Released

After the newspaper hacking scandals of last year, the British government called for an inquiry to find a solution that would protect both citizens' privacy and freedom of the press.

Obama Tax Plan Will Not Harm Small Business

All of the hype about the Obama tax plan harming small businesses is hokum. In truth, the plan will only affect about 3.5% of small businesses.

US China Relations: These Are the Steps Obama Must Take for a Successful Asia Pivot

As Obama begins his second term, foreign policy success in Asia will require strong relations with China. China's instability with its surrounding neighbors could throw a wrench in the plans.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Obama is Cheating America in These Critical Negotiations

Ahead of the fiscal cliff vote, President Obama is letting his winning smile do all the talking ... again. Will he ever end his campaign and actually negotiate?

Powerball Winner: Happiest Man Alive Caught on Tape With Winning Ticket

There's been a lot of talk about whether playing the lottery is "dumb," as the Powerball Jackpot has grown to $588 million. This man's winning moment, caught on tape, should put it to rest.

1,750 Women Will Serve in State Legislatures in 2012: How Many Are in Your State?

New data from Rugter's Center for American Women in Politics details the gender gap across U.S. state legislatures. Colorado leads the way with 40%; how does your state fare with the fairer sex?

Palestine Facts: Hamas is A Terrorist Organization, Wake Up And Read Its Charter

Hamas is a terrorist organization with genocidal pursuits. This is not the interpretation of an American Jew or the accusation of a Zionist. This is a statement of fact.