Marissa Mayer: Yahoo CEO Yelled at Again For Being a Working Mom

New mom and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is constantly being criticized for her representation of working motherhood. We think she should take a cue from our girl G at 'E News.'

Ted Cruz 2016: The Critical Reason the Texas Senator Will Not Be President

The Tea Party darling was born in Canada, that's why he cannot be president someday as Fox News and Politico have erroneously reported.

Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn: YouTube Series is Better Than Most Movies

The series isn’t perfect, by any means. But it’s better than lots of movies I’ve been tricked into paying good money for this summer.

50 Shades Movie: Christian Grey, According to EL James

Henry Cavill or Ryan Gosling? Christian Grey will be played by the guy who best encapsulates the qualities 'Fifty Shades of Grey' author E.L. James has just revealed.

The 5 Most Sexist Events You Pay For

Sexism is undoubtedly pervasive in society. In order to keep from funding it yourself, here's five events to avoid shelling out cash for.

Who is John McAfee, and Why is He on the Run

The self-confessed bath salts enthusiast and internet security mogul chronicles his life on the run in Belize.

If Government Subsidizes Art, It Will Always Be Censored

As long as art remains subsidized by the government, it will always be censored.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why Defense Firms Will Fight Budget Cuts

Defense firms are part of an alliance with the Congress and the Pentagon, and none of these are keen to tolerate significant cuts in the U.S. military budget.

Uganda Gay Kill Bill is an Uphill Battle for LGBT Activists

Uganda's anti-gay legislation is deeply embedded in the political landscape of the country, but the situation may not be as dismal as it appears.

Angus T Jones Rant Gets Him Fired, Miley Cyrus Replaces Him

She'd take Jones' spot after he trashed CBS' 'Two and a Half Men' as "filth" and, recommended users not to watch it.

Joe Biden and the Closet Male Feminists in Government

These men prove women not the only ones who can bring a feminist agenda to Washington.

Jovan Belcher Kills Girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, Then Shoots Himself

Police spokesman Darin Snapp said Belcher shot himself, in front of Chiefs general Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel, after reportedly fatally shooting his girlfriend.

Nolan Daniels Powerball Ticket Becomes First Viral Hoax

Some guy named Nolan Daniels became an internet sensation when he posted a photo of himself holding a faked winning Powerball ticket to his Facebook page.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: 5 Reasons We Should Go Over The Edge

Consensus is no more likely now than it was before the election. If we're going over the cliff anyway, we may as well base jump off of it -- at least it would be intentional.

Immigration Reform: GOP Immigration Bill is no DREAM

What might look like a compromise actually cuts out the most important aspect of the DREAM Act: a path to citizenship for people who were brought to this country illegally as children.

Secession States: New Hampshire is for Libertarians

A breakdown of who gets what if the States secede.

Student Loan Bubble Threatens Economic Recovery: Report

The Federal Reserve released a new report signaling economic recovery. The only exception to this hopeful picture was the student loan debt crisis.

Human Genome Debate: SCOTUS to Decide Who Owns Your Genes

This Friday, the Supreme Court announced that it will hear a case on the constitutionality of gene patenting. The outcome could determine whether your health belongs to you, or a corporation.

Millions of Milkshakes Protest: Bahrain Rallies Against Kardashian

Tear gas was used to disperse an anti-Kim Kardashian protest in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as the reality TV star opened a branch of her 'Millions of Milkshakes' store.

Hillary Clinton and Ben Bernanke: Part of the Top 10 American Foreign Policy Thinkers of 2012

A list of the top ten American foreign policy thinkers and doers of 2012, from Sen. Rand Paul to Abraham Karem, the father of the modern drone.

Killing Them Softly Movie Review: Brad Pitt is Bogged Down by the Economy

The movie is 90% faithful to the source material, which makes it 90% sublime and 10% retarded.

Jack Reacher Movie Release Date: American Bond Arrives on December 15

The film adaptation of Lee Child's 2005 novel 'One Shot,' will be premiered on December 15 with star Tom Cruise prompting comparisons to Ian Fleming's James Bond 007.

Zig Ziglar Dies: Four Lessons To Take From His Legacy

For those who knew recently deceased, motivational speaker and salesman Zig Ziglar, likely you relate him to salesmen. But he could also be that spiritual leader you're looking for.

Immigration Reform: ACHIEVE is the Republican Response to DREAM

Retiring Republican Senators Hutchison and Kyl attempt to give the GOP some room to negotiate on immigration reform with their version of a DREAM Act.

Palestine UN Vote: What is Next, And Why it Matters

Yesterday I attended the vote on non-member status for Palestine at the UN. Below I share my reflections on what the positive momentum from this move could do for the peace process.

25 Tips to Parenting Skills: Level Master

Here's how to nail parenthood, when the time is right of course.

AIDS Day 2012: Millennials Can Be the First AIDS-Free Generation

The annual commemoration marks a united global effort working for a cure and is a time to remember those who have died.

Enrique Pena Nieto: Mexico President Real Life Telenovela

Newly sworn in Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto confessed to cheating on his wife and fathering two children out of wedlock.

USAID Unveils Groundbreaking Global Youth Policy

USAID recently unveiled its new comprehensive policy concerning youth and international development. The policy is unprecedented in its overarching approach to incorporating youth issues.

Mexico Presidential Inaguration: New President Takes Office In Shadow of Drug War

Mexico's president-elect ascends to power this weekend amidst doubts about the country's security situation and whether the new leader has what Mexico needs to finally defeat the cartels.

Palestine UN Vote: A Small Step Towards Statehood

More than 138 countries voted to upgrade Palestine to a nonmember observer state of the United Nations. Concerns and critiques of this vote abound, but it represents an important step.

Egypt Constitution 2012: Democracy is Shaky After Morsi Power Grab and Silence From the US

With a draft constitution ready for referendum, conflict between Egypt's political forces could erupt if the U.S. fails to speak out against Morsi's power grab.

M23 Rebels in Goma Will Not Bring the Congo Into Chaos

The M23 rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo has refused to surrender. This is a problem, but not a severe as it seems.