15 Signs You're Actually a Feminist

Katy Perry recently announced that even though she believes in the strength of women, she's not a feminist. Are you? Take a quick quiz to find out!

The 50 Stupidest Laws Across America

Our states are supposed to be the incubators of democracy. Too often, they have proven to be the bastions of stupidity over the course of American history.

Was Rush Limbaugh Right When He Said Feminism "Ruined Women"? Partially

In a discussion on Camille Paglia's recent critique of American pop culture, Rush Limbaugh proposes that it is not Hollywood that has ruined women, but feminism.

Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People 2012 List: One Direction, Honey Boo Boo and Hillary Clinton Define the Year

Barbara Walters' annual compilation of interviews with the year's 10 most fascinating people will hit the air on Dec. 12. Walters honors Ben Affleck and Chris Christie; who did she miss?

Star Wars Episode 7: Samuel Jackson Wants to Come Back

Though 'Star Wars Episode VII' won't be premiered before 2015, the film already has fans (and actors) pumped up about the possibility of participating in it.

Tumblr Hacked by GNAA: How Blogging is the Problem With And Solution to Traditional Journalism

The GNAA hacks Tumblr accounts with racist posts, in an effort to take on bloggers as lowering journalist standards. Why they have a point ... and how they don't.

HIV Cancer Cure: Why Rick Perry Ruined a Historic Moment in Cancer Research

Even as major breakthroughs are being made in treating leukemia through the use of modified HIV, Texas Governor Rick Perry has been caught stealing from cancer patients.

Cosplay: The Geek Backlash Against Women at Comic Con is Unfair, But Understandable

The recent geek backlash against attractive women in revealing costumes at comic conventions is not motivated by a hatred of women, but a deeper fear at the invasion of their world.

PSY Hates America, and I Hate Him for Ruining Gangnam Style

After watching PSY singing about "killing American soldiers," I can't just look at the apparently innocent and fun horse dance the same way. Am I the only one?

Military Pay: Payroll Is Bloating the Defense Budget, It's Time to Consider Pay Cuts

When a corporal makes more than $50k per year, it's time to seriously consider pay cuts and reductions in benefits.

Amish Mafia Reality Show: Discovery Channel's New Reality Show Makes No Sense

'Amish Mafia.' It’s an actual show that premieres on the Discovery Channel on December 12. All of that is true.

7 Country Artists For People Who Seriously Don’t Like Country Music

So you don't like country music, maybe you just haven't heard the right country music. These 7 artists might break the spell, and open up a whole new world of beautiful rhythm and twang.

DOMA: Justice Scalia Reaffirms Legislating Morality, Will Uphold Prop 8

As the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA nears, Justice Antonin Scalia asked Princeton students yesterday, "If we cannot have moral feelings against homosexuality, can we have it against murder?"

SAG Award Nominee Predictions: SAG and Golden Globe Nominations Announced This

The Screen Actor's Guild and Golden Globe Award nominees will be announced on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Here's a rundown on who we think might win based on last year's buzz.

Jon Stewart Rips Fox News Over NFL Chiefs Javon Belcher Shooting (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart ripped into Fox News and host Laura Ingraham for saying Costas' statement was inappropriate and "too soon." Here's why he's right.

Mallory Owens Was Nearly Killed in Alabama for Being Gay

Mallory Owens a 23-year-old, from Mobile, was celebrating Thanksgiving at her girlfriend Ally's home when her brother, 18-year-old Travis Hawkins, brutally attacked her.

Let's Call a Truce in the War on Feminism

In her widely-read Fox News piece, Suzanne Venker identified a so-called 'war on men.' Now, she's back to call a truce, but she should really stop fighting against her worst enemy: feminism.

Axe Cuddle Ad: Newest Axe Effect Ad Is the Stupidest Yet

Axe's newest ad debuts the revolutionary "Morning After Pillow" for the man who wants to avoid post-coital cuddling: just more silliness and sexism from an ad campaign renowned for such.

Jack Reacher Movie: 5 Reasons Why Tom Cruise Was the Perfect Choice for the Role

So everyone is really mad that shrimpy Tom Cruise is playing massive Jack Reacher, but maybe it's not such a bad thing after all. Here are five reasons why Cruise was the best fit for the role.

Ashley Judd For Senate? Actress Trails Mitch McConnell By a Mere 4 Points In Hypothetical Race

Mitch McConnell is extremely unpopular in Kentucky, and a new poll shows he would race a difficult reelection battle against actress Ashley Judd, who is rumored to be interested in running.

Halo and Mass Effect Top the 5 Best Video Game Soundtracks Ever

As the Grammys finally recognized the PS3 hit Journey as worthy of a nomination, here are 5 other musical scores that tell you how amazing video game music has always been.

America's Future Looks Too Much Like Detroit

Detroit was once one of the richest cities in the nation. Today, it is the most dangerous and going bankrupt. The predictable result of Democratic rule and progressive social policies.

PSY Anti-American Controversy: What the PSY Scandal Tells Us about U.S. South Korean Relations

PSY's presence at the "Christmas in Washington" concert in spite of controversy brings to light the strength, and complexity, of U.S.-ROK relations.

Violent Mob Attacks Koch Brothers Tent in Michigan: Why This Video is a Total Fake

Breitbart and Fox Nation are salivating over a video of a "violent mob" of union workers. Unfortunately the video is fabricated.

Obamacare Likely Headed For Supreme Court Again Over Contraception Mandate

Get ready for Part II of the Affordable Care Act at the Supreme Court.

The Hobbit Preview: What Is All The Fuss About

I love sci-fi, fantasy, and film. But I cannot muster any enthusiasm for the massively hyped Peter Jackson adaption of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey."

Hillary Clinton 2016? 10 Things She Should Do After Being Secretary of State

What will Secretary of State Hillary Clinton do in all her free time after she retires in January? We have a few suggestions.

Jon Stewart Nearly Quit the Daily Show on Day 1 Due to "Asshole Coworkers"

The Daily Show apparently wasn't such a rosy place to work back in 1999.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why a Deal Would Actually Not Be Good for Anyone

Those fearful of the pending fiscal cliff are calling for Barack Obama and John Boehner to reach a compromise. But compromising their parties' principles could cause disaster for the nation.

Marijuana Legalization: A Majority of Americans Want Government to Stay Out of the Weed Legalization Question

A new Gallup poll found that an overwhelming majority of Americans want the federal government to stop enforcing anti-marijuana laws in states where weed is legal.

TIME Person of the Year: Naming Pussy Riot Will Hurt Russian Freedom of Expression

Russian punk band Pussy Riot is being considered for TIME Persons of the Year. But focus on the band hides many far worse acts of state oppression committed recently in Putin's Russia.

Fiscal Cliff Tax Rates Are the Least of Our Worries: The Long Term US Debt Picture is a Grimm One

Why only thinking about the fiscal cliff is distracting Americans from discourse about the long-term issue.

Right to Work Bill Passes in Michigan: It Has Nothing to Do With the Right to Work

As the Right to Work bill passes in Michigan, a look at 4 pieces of legislation that do the opposite of what their name suggests. Orwell would be pleased.

'The Hobbit' Movie We Won't Be Seeing: 'Age of the Hobbits' Barred From Release

In the final hours before the release of 'The Hobbit' a California judge blocks the release of mockbuster 'Age of the Hobbits,' a low-budget film riding the Peter Jackson coattails.

John McCain Thinks Senator Stephen Colbert Would Fit Right In

The Arizona senator told Yahoo News he'd teach the Comedy Central host "how to shut up" if he became a South Carolina senator.

Hanukkah 2012: Miraculous Hurricane Sandy Menorah Makes It to the White House

A menorah from a Long Beach synagogue that survived Hurricane Sandy is being sent to Washington to be the centerpiece of the White House Thursday's Hanukkah ceremony.

Smoking Ban: Support For These Laws in Public and Outdoor Areas is Growing Quickly

Smoke free zones are increasing across America, including universities, public parks and beaches.

Syria War: Russia is the Key to Peace in Syria and Playing Both Sides

Russia is revising its pro-Assad position in Syria to accommodate Russian military and economic interests should the Assad regime fall.

DOMA Repeal in Peril as Antonin Scalia Defends Conservative Writings at Princeton

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia defended what some consider anti-gay writings, while promoting his book 'Reading Law' at Princeton University.

Pam Geller to Post New Islamophobic NYC Subway Posters On December 17

The hateful, inflammatory rhetoric is OK, the MTA says, because it was paid for.

New iPhone Apps: How Apps Can Help Stop Domestic Violence

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence has been taking place, and websites and apps have helped spread the word about gender violence.

Surprise! Republicans Don't Support a Single Spending Cut

Republicans in Congress (and some Democrats) are pushing large spending cuts in entitlement programs to close a deal on the fiscal cliff. But how excited are their constituents about it?

Stephen Colbert is the Most Popular Choice to Replace Jim DeMint in South Carolina, Says New Poll

It's not a joke. Americans really DO want Stephen Colbert in the Senate.

Massachusetts Has One of the Worst Wage Gaps in the Nation

The wage gap between men and women in the U.S. is a national trend — and it turns out Massachusetts, one of the most progressive states, fares badly when it comes to equal pay for equal work.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Grover Norquist Wants to Hold America Hostage With the Debt Ceiling, Again

Grover Norquist isn't willing to condemn Republicans with "impure thoughts" on the anti-tax pledge yet, but he is willing to hold the country hostage on the debt ceiling again.

Sale of AIG Shares: Government Sells Final Shares in AIG Redeeming Bank Bailout

The U.S. government is selling off the last of its shares in American International Group and making a killing. Overall, the bank bailout was a pretty good thing.

Obama Fiscal Cliff: The President Is Not Acting Like a Leader in Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Obama's new plan on the fiscal cliff does nothing to detail specific spending cuts.

John McAfee Sells Rights to Life Story: Charlie Sheen Should Play McAfee

It was just a matter of time before tech-guru-gone-bad John McAfee inspired a movie. But, boy, that escalated quickly.

A Social Media Major? Save The Money, You Can Learn for Free

Newberry College, in South Carolina, is offering a new social media undergraduate major. Is this necessary?

Fiscal Cliff Deadline: Obama Attempts to Seize Power Over Debt Ceiling in Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

The Obama Admin. is proposing that the president be given the power to raise the debt ceiling unilaterally as part of fiscal cliff negotiations. Doing so would be a strike against America.

LOLCats Meme Inspires Master's Dissertation at London School Of Economics

Kate Miltner, a research assistant and social media collective at Microsoft Research, wrote her London School of Economics masters dissertation on the wildly popular internet memes.

Activists Punk Energy Giants to Fight Climate Change

Is “identity correction” a viable way of promoting corporate accountability? The famed Yes Men and other groups seem to think so.

In Vogue the Editor's Eye: Meet the World's Most Fearsome Fashion Editors

HBO's new documentary 'In Vogue: The Editor's Eye' takes you behind the scenes at the world's most famous fashion magazine. What we see is a world nearly as glossy as the 'Vogue' pages.

Barrett Brown Was Charged for Linking to an Anonymous Website, While Covering the Stratfor Global Intelligence Case

Barrett Brown, a journalist covering Anonymous-related activities for news outlets like The Guardian, was charged among other things for linking to an Anonymous site.

HSBC Criminal Charges: Bank Escapes Harsh Penalties Because of Importance to Economy

Instead of facing criminal charges, HSBC settled with the U.S. government for $1.92 billion to settle money laundering charges. It's being called "too big to indict."

Modesty Club Mistakes Being Judgmental For Good Behavior

Promoting modesty and good behavior is fine, but a new high school club trying to do so misses its mark. It's unfair to define a young woman by the clothes (or lack thereof) on her back.

Charlie Crist Switches Party in a Disgusting Attempt to Get Reelected, and Become Relevant Again

Former Governor Charlie Crist switches to the Democratic Party, in an effort to regain relevance. Many believe it be an early move in an effort to recoup his old job.

#1ReasonWhy: Chauvinism Still a Problem For Women Gamers

Trending on Twitter and throughout the web is the "#1ReasonWhy" hashtag, a list of horrific experiences female gamers have suffered at the hand of their male counterparts.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Bipartisan Leadership is Needed, But Nowhere to be Found

As we head toward the fiscal cliff, signs of bipartisanship leadership are hard to find.

Jacintha Saldanha Suicide: Radio Station Donates $500,000 to Saldanha Family

The Australian radio station that employed Mel Greig and Michael Christian, the DJs who pranked the London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital nurse, says it's sorry with a big check.