James Holmes Mailed Actual Burnt Money to Psychiatrist

The Aurora, Colorado, shooter reappeared in court after reportedly attempting suicide by banging his head into a wall at the Arapahoe County jail three weeks ago.

Paternity Leave Pros and Cons: It Could Cost You Your Job

Parenting is a two-person job. So, why don't more men have — and take — paternity leave?

26 Tips For Surviving (and Loving!) Your 20s

So we're in our 20s, and life is complicated. Here are 26 tips to get you through the tumultuous, yet completely incredible, decade of life.

Clackamas Mass Shooting: Statistics Show The Solution to Gun Violence is Fewer Guns

Evidence keeps mounting that guns just aren't very safe, no matter what the NRA wants you to think.

White House Death Star Petition: 6 Reasons You Should Tell Obama to Build a Death Star, TODAY

Nearly 20,000 Americans have signed a courageous petition asking President Obama to construct a Death Star. Why haven't you?

The Declaration of Human Rights: Does Every Human Really Have a Right to Food and Shelter?

If one person has a right to food, water and shelter, is another obligated to provide these basic necessities without compensation?

North Korean Rocket Launch: NK Proves it Can Hit Western US With Long Range Missile

North Korea launched a long-range rocket on Tuesday. The State Department gave a slow response in condemning — a change in pace considering past launches have gotten harsh reactions.

Anne Hathaway Wardrobe Malfunction: We Love Her Classy Response

Anne Hathaway flashed her lady bits at the Monday NYC premier of Les Miserables and has been internet shamed ever since. We're giving her props for handling the fallout with dignity.

Clackamas Oregon Shooting: Why It Should Not Reignite the Gun Control Debate

Three dead (including shooter) in shooting at the Clackamas Town Center, outside of Portland, Oregon.

The Lone Ranger Movie: Johnny Depp as Tonto, Is This PC?

Gore Verbinski's 'The Lone Ranger' premiers on July 3, 2013, starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp (as Tonto). Is it OK for a white actor to play a Native American?

Pink Loves Consent: Victoria’s Secret Punked Using Anti Rape Slogans

Radical feminist group Force pulled off an elaborate hoax on the Victoria's Secret PINK ad campaign. Check out our favorite photos from the "Pink Loves Consent" spoof.

The Best Pictures of 2012, With a Twist: Young Photographers Who Are Revolutionizing the Industry

Millennial photographers are paving a path towards a new way of working — collaboratively. These 3 collectives, in particular, are re-inventing the photog industry.

Big Boi Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors Review: Modern Hip Hop At Its Most Visionary

Big Boi's new album seeks to unite the sounds of indie alternative with southern rap. The blend is intriguing, but choppy at times. It is current hip-hop at its most ambitious and beautiful.

Obama Shows He'll Double Down On Far Left Policies In Second Term

The election is over. Obama got his second term. If the past month is any indication, he will only double down on his far-left policies and there’s nothing left to stop him from going all in.

Bernanke Press Conference LIVE Stream: QE4 Stream, Updates, and Analysis

The Federal Reserve will release a statement today at 12:30pm regarding the state of the economy and the bank's monetary policy.

QE4 Here: Bernanke and Federal Reserve Quadruples Down On Quantitative Easing

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced a fourth round of asset purchases in an effort to drive down interest rates and spur lending.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: How American Can Avoid Going Over the Fiscal Cliff

Democrats and Republicans are engaged in a game of chicken with the highest stakes imaginable. This is the current state of the fiscal crisis negotiations, and this how it will probably end.

Liberal Mainstream Media Ignores Michigan Union Violence

ABC, NBC and CBS chose not to show footage of violent union members tearing down an Americans for Prosperity tent or footage of union members punching a Fox News reporter. The bias is so blatant.

Is Bullfighting Art, Or is it Torture?

On Dec. 6, for the first time in over 50 years, no bullfights were held at the Plaza de Toros Quito. Ideas about bullfighting are changing across the world, but the central question remains.

Advice to Recent Grads: Vet Your Employers and Never Work For Free

When I was offered a paid position a mere five weeks after completing my Master’s degree in global affairs at NYU I was ecstatic. Then, it all fell apart.

Marijuana Legalization: Top 4 Reasons To Legalize Hemp Too

Marijuana legalization is all fine and good but what about the more practical and economically sound variant of hemp? It should also be legal to grow and use. Here are the top four reasons why.

Rural America is Becoming Less and Less Relevant

Chairman of the White House Rural Council, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack gave rural advocates in Washington a long overdue speech about the relevancy, or irrelevancy, of today's rural America.

Climate Change Skeptics, It Is Time to Face the Truth

Over the next 20 years on Earth, the climate is going to continue the rapid decline it is currently facing. With so much climate change evidence, why do some continue to call this a conspiracy?

TIME Person of The Year 2012: Why it Should Be America’s Veterans

TIME will select a person of the year tomorrow. The selection should be America’s veterans, but won't be.

Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers: New Photos Reveal Villain's Identity

The image, released by, shows Captain Kirk and Spock looking at Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison.

Bill O’Reilly and Jason Whitlock Go At Each Other: Latest Controversy Part of the O'Reilly Formula for Success

Attack, feign innocence, repeat, Bill O’Reilly has perfected his formula in the latest needling of Jason Whitaker.

These Are 1.5 Billion Google Searches That You and Your Friends Performed in 2012

Google users performed 1.2 trillion searches, in 146 languages, in 2012. Here's what people searched for this year regarding artists, events, movies and TV shows.

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Discovers Oldest Galaxy Yet

NASA Caltech astronomers used the legendary Hubble Space Telescope to track a galaxy just 380 years "younger" than the Big Bang.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Presidents Clinton and Bush Should Broker Deal

President Obama and Speaker Boehner could break the gridlock surrounding the fiscal cliff by bringing in former Presidents Clinton and Bush to broker a deal.

Millennial Obesity Study: Being Fat Makes Your Kids Dumb Drug Addicts

Two new pediatrics studies published this week link obesity to lower cognitive scores in children and the onset of drug use.

FOMC Statement Release: Fed Announces QE4

The Fed will buy $45 billion in long-term Treasurys monthly to replace Operation Twist

Obama Four More Years Tweet Dominated the Twitterverse in 2012

Justin Bieber's farewell to a cancer patient was retweeted a lot, but it didn't top President Obama's "four more years" embrace of Fist Lady Michelle Obama from taking the top spot in 2012.

Heavyweights in American Politics: The Top 10 Most Influential Non-Candidates of 2012

Some of the biggest influencers of 2012 were people who weren’t even running for office. Each of these individuals deserves special recognition.

Hanukkah 2012: The Jewish Holiday Is Not the Only Festival of Lights

Fire festivals have been celebrated at winter solstice since the first time humans attempted to explain why the lengths of nights and days varied.

Amazon Tax: Massachusetts Residents Will Pay Sales Tax But Gain Convenience

Amazon is now collecting sales tax in Massachusetts. In a few years, most online retailers will probably do the same. But the outcome of such measures may ultimately be beneficial to consumers.

Bernanke press conference live stream

Live stream of Ben Bernanke's press conference.

Live Stream of FOMC Announcement

Live coverage of the FOMC's statement release.

Elizabeth Warren Will Scold Wall Street Fat Cats From Powerful Banking Committee

Senator-elect Warren's membership in the Senate's powerful banking committee is almost a done deal.

Markets react bullishly to Fed announcement of QE4

The markets have reacted in predictable fashion to the Fed's announcement of yet more monetary easing.

Mohamad Morsi: Eguptian Progress Under Threat Because of His Constitutional Referendum

The recent maneuvers by Egyptian president Mohamad Morsi are putting the fragile progress made in Egypt at risk and perhaps returning Egypt to a dictatorship.

FOMC announcement very soon. How will the markets react?

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Hip Hop Songs You Never Realized Were Sampled from Video Games

If you realized these hip hop songs were from video games, you might never have liked them at all.

QE4 unlikely to boost recovery, say some experts

The effects of QE4 are not likely to have a major impact.

Stocks up modestly, Barclays makes QE4 Prediction

Analysts at Barclay's believe that the Fed will enact QE4, and that it will consist of $45 billion in monthly purchases of Treasuries.

George W Bush is Fired Up About Becoming a Granddaddy

Former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager announced on the 'Today' show she and husband Henry Chase are expecting their first baby. Former First Lady Laura Bush said she's "thrilled."

New STREB Show: Forces the Movical Combines Dance, Theater, and Physics

Elizabeth Streb is a wild card in the dance world. Fresh off their performance at the summer Olymics, the company is back in New York with a show that explores Newtonian concepts with movement.