4 Reasons It Has Become Clear We Need Gun Control Laws

The time to drastically re-look at gun-control laws has come. Now is the time to make a change.

Gun Control Debate: 6 Chilling Facts About Guns in the U.S.

After the Sandy Hook, we need to reevaluate the ease of buying a gun. These six facts about guns in America should make us think how.

Who Is Gossip Girl: What We Learned on the Show's Series Finale

Monday night, the 'Gossip Girl' crew tied up loose ends before closing the curtain for good. No longer will we have its plot lines embedded with scandal, steamy romance and high fashion.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill Contains Billions in Wasteful Spending

Find out what President Obama packed into this bacon slab of legislation, and whether or not the bill is even necessary.

The 8 Funniest Yelp Reviews of 2012

A food poisoning incident at Golden Corral (and the Yelp reviews that followed) reminds us that Yelp is a place where humor, along with helpful reviews, can be appreciated.

What Has Made Millennials the Generation of Mass Shooters?

Millennials have grown up in world of mass shootings, saturated by violent media and cyber-connectedness, without access to care, and without a way to meaningfully change the conversation.

End of the World: Why We're So Completely Obsessed With the Apocalypse

According to the Mayan calendar, and many non-Mayans, the world will end on December 21, 2012. Let's explore why humans believe in one end-of-the-world theory after the next.

A Dad Defends His Gay Son From Discrimination in the Boy Scouts — He Wrote This Note to the BSA, and CC'd Obama

A gay Eagle Scout reflects on the amazing support he's received from his family since coming out.

TIME Person of the Year 2012: Malala Yousafzai Deserves the Honor

When considering who the 2012 Time Magazine Person of the Year should be, there is a clear answer. Malala Yousafzai deserves the honor for her unshakeable commitment to female education.

Adam Lanza Shooting: Tea Party Says George Zimmerman Would Have Stopped the Newtown Killer

In a lengthy right-wing screed posted to the Tea Party Nation website and sent to members via newsletter, blogger Timothy Birdnow blamed everything from sex to black people for Lanza's rampage.

Argo Movie Review: Good Filmmaking, But It Stereotypes the Middle East Shamelessly

Critics are singing the praises of 'Argo' but the truth of the matter is Ben Affleck's film falls flat. Its worst offense is falling into the trap of Middle Eastern stereotypes.

Adam Lanza Shooting: Why Teachers Should Carry Concealed Weapons to Protect the Defenseless

Sadly, politicians like Governor Malloy put the gun control special interest groups and their own blind ideology above facts and the rights of Americans as enshrined in the Constitution.

Adam Lanza Shooting Proves More Guns in America is the Wrong Approach

The pro-gun lobby is issuing a recommendation for lowering violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting and this week's slew of gun violence: more guns.

Adam Lanza Shooting: Mass Shooters Are Mostly White Male, From Suburbia

Mass shootings follow a pattern. Since 1996, most mass shooters have been 1) white males, 2) young, 3) living in suburban places, and 4) coming from a broken household.

Mayan Apocalypse: 10 Reasons Why the World Will Not End This Friday

Contrary to Mayan opinion, the world will not end this Friday. So go ahead, maybe you should do your laundry after all.

Met Exhibit Review: 'Matisse: In Search of True Painting' Uncovers the Artist's Process

The "In Search of True Painting" exhibit at the Met highlights the way Matisse questioned and constantly repainted his works to see his progress and push his limits into "true painting."

I'm From Newtown, and This is What I Want Politicians to Learn From My Personal Tragedy

My hometown is Newtown, Connecticut ... a town that values politeness over partisanship. In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, we owe the victims an honest conversation about gun control.

Adam Lanza Shooting: Fox News Blames Video Games for Newtown Massacre, Here's Why They're Wrong

Fox News, and even Obama adviser David Axelrod, are raising flags on "violent video games" in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. Here's why they're wrong.

Adam Lanza Proves No Gun Control Measure Will Ever Stop Mass Shootings

Gun control doesn't work as advertised. If you take away my guns in a particular place, then it's your fault if I get shot.

Sandy Hook Shooting: James Dobson Outrageously Blames Shootings on Gay Marriage and Abortion

In an appalling response to the Sandy Hook shootings, James Dobson, a prominent right-wing Christian, says God "allowed judgment to fall upon us" for our approval of abortion and gay marriage.

End of the World: How Ben Bernanke Will Print Us Into Oblivion

Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are working the printing presses into overdrive to ensure Economic Armageddon.

Sandy Hook Shooting Shows Gun Control and Gun Rights Supporters Want the Same Thing

An important point in the often frustrating debate between gun-enthusiasts and gun-control advocates is almost always forgotten: we're all on the same side.

John Kerry Secretary of State Nomination: Scott Brown Return May Be Imminent

John Kerry will most likely become Obama's new Secretary of State. Why his open senate seat will be crucial to the Democratic Party.

Adam Lanza Destroyed Hard Drive Before Sandy Hook Shooting, Trashing All Evidence

An unnamed FBI source said Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, destroyed his computer's hard drive, after playing a violent video game right before the Sandy Hook shooting rampage.

End of the World 2012: China Jails 500 Christians for Spreading Mayan Apocalypse Rumors

A Chinese group has been subjected to massive crackdowns for predicting the Mayan apocalypse on December 21st and fomenting unrest against the government, with over 500 arrested.

Frenemies: Why Democrats and Libertarians Are Like Oil and Vinegar

Between Democrats and Libertarians, it's often a choice between equality and liberty.

U.S. Sold $66 Billion in Arms to the World in 2011 — So Much for Gun Control

While we lament the deaths of 26 Americans in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, we should not forget our government sells hundreds of billions in weapons worldwide.

'Homeland' Season Finale Recap: Season 2 Ends With a Bang

'Homeland's' explosive Season 2 finale, paves the road for a dramatically upended Season 3. Mega spoiler alert.

In Adam Lanza Aftermath, We Need Better Gun Control, Not More

In the wake of the Adam Lanza mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school, what we don't need is more gun control. We just need better gun control and here's how.

Cory Booker For President? Staffer Sets Up Website For Presidential Bid

The Newark mayor, rumored to challenge New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's reelection bid in 2013, has also set up websites for potential senatorial and presidential runs.

Who Is Gossip Girl: The Series Finale Answers All Our Lingering Uptown Questions

It's amazing that 'Gossip Girl,' a show about the absurdly rich, survived this long in this economy. It is only fitting that now, in the midst of the millennial slump, the show should end.

Rand Paul 2016: Why He's Not Libertarianism's Best Shot at the White House

Rand Paul is straying from these core libertarian principles.

Adam Lanza Shooting Causes Terrified 6th Grader to Bring Gun to School For Self Defense

A Utah 6th grader brought a gun to school on Monday, in an incident that prompts serious questions about how easy it is for a child to get hold of a firearm.

Adam Lanza Should Be the Tipping Point For the NRA to Ban Assault Weapons

As debates surrounding gun control versus gun rights grip the nation in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, the NRA should recognize the need for compromise to prevent further tragedies.

Prague Street Art Exhibit Puts a Modern Spin on What's Museum Worthy

Prague is a city steeped in art history and now, for the first time, Prague's art scene is paying homage to street artists. The exhibition "Stuck on the City" asks whether this is right.

Adam Lanza Shooting: The Only Way to Stop a Psycho is With A Gun

We must not let our Second Amendment rights be taken away in the face of the Sandy Hook mass shooting. We must defend ourselves.

12 People We Had Never Heard of Before 2012

Before we know it, it will be 2013. But before we get there, let's take a moment to reflect on the new people we met in 2012. PSY, Honey Boo Boo, Lena Dunham ... who else made the list?

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Cover Up: Will Not Testify Due to Concussion

A timely injury leads Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to cancel, and not reschedule her appearance before Congress in relation to the Benghazi scandal.

Electoral College Vote: The Real Reason We Pick the President This Way

The Electoral College, which will officially re-elect Barack Obama on Monday, remains a uniquely direct engagement that our modern politics has with the Founders.

After Adam Lanza, Joe Scarborough Changes His Views on Gun Control

Joe Scarborough, the conservative pundit from MSNBC and former Republican Florida congressman, said Friday's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre "changed everything" on gun control.

America Plummets to 22nd in New Economic Rankings

According to a new report by the World Economic Forum, America ranks an abysmal 22nd in economic participation and opportunity, education, health, and political empowerment for women.

20% of Colorado River Could Dry Up By 2050, Finds Shocking New Climate Change Study

Recent reports from the Bureau of Reclamation warn of a huge shortage in the Colorado River basin arising from the collision of climate change and population growth.

UN Internet Treaty is Hijacked by Authoritarian Countries, US Refuses to Sign

The UN internet treaty was hijacked by the authoritarian majority of the UN, including Russia, China, and Iran.

This Brave Millennial Ran Across the Brooklyn Bridge in Heels For Homeless LGBT Youth

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, college activist Jacob Tobia started a campaign to benefit homeless LGBT youth in New York City — by running across the Brooklyn Bridge in 5 inch heels.

iPad 4: How It Could Revolutionize the Education System, Along with the Mini

The iPad 4 and Mini are becoming opening the door to a revolution in education.

Krugman Terrible Trillion Op-Ed: Full of Pretzel Logic and Vitriol

Paul Krugman's latest Op-Ed misses key details on the deficit.

3 Simple Ways Women Can Start Earning As Much As Men in the Workplace

The wage gap is a mass problem, rooted in the way we think about gender roles. That’s not something that will change overnight. But there are a few things we can change immediately.

Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Things That Every Gamer Wants

With the holidays coming up, here is the essential guide for anyone considering to purchase something for that special gamer in their life.

Who is Tim Scott, the Next Senator from South Carolina?

A look at how Tim Scott, the next Senator from South Carolina and only African American, stands on the issues.

Gun Control Debate: This Holiday Season, Let's Trade in Violence for Hope

It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of the holidays. It is easy to ignore the violence going on in our world and cover it up with Christmas wish lists. But this season, let's commit to change.

Martin Scorsese Bill Clinton Documentary: Democratic Duo Team Up for HBO Film

On Monday, news broke that the newest subject of a Martin Scorsese film will be none other than our 42nd president Bill Clinton. The project will be filmed for HBO.

5 Key Ways to Avoid Another Ridiculously Gridlocked Congress

If the 113th Congress wishes to fare better than its predecessor, it needs to legislate and govern efficiently. This is a guideline of how and where they can do so.

Pulitzer Prize Winner Gets Fired from Newsweek: A Shock for Journalists Everywhere

Last Thursday, journalist Roban Givhan was laid off in a round of cuts at Newsweek. If a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist can get laid off, where does that leave aspiring journalists

Could a New Study of Monkeys Explain the Psychology of the Wage Gap?

Capuchin monkeys refuse to accept unequal pay for equal work. Women should take a page out of their book in order to close the wage gap.

Jacintha Saldanha Funeral: Thousands Mourn Tragic Suicide of Kate Middleton Nurse

The funeral of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who responded to the prank call about Kate Middleton, brought a carnival-like scene to a church in the hamlet of Shirva in India.