China Drones Prompt Fears of a Drone Race With the US

In the wake of President Obama's 'Asia Pivot,' China is ramping up its production of drones. And, though the U.S. should be aware of it, it shouldn't panic just yet.

How Facebook Changed Politics Forever

The role of the internet is becoming increasingly necessary if one is to fully comprehend the connections between media, citizenship, politics and political engagement.

Jovan Belcher: American Priorities, Sports Culture Should be Reevaluated in Wake of Kansas City Shooting

After fatally shooting his girlfriend, Chiefs player Jovan Belcher takes his own life in front of coaches and staff at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Is our sports culture partially to blame?

New Year Trends: A Year In PolicyMic Stories When Ron Paul Always Wins

After a year of writing for PolicyMic, Susan Kraykowski rounds up some trends of what she wrote and read. Hint, Ron Paul will always get you attention.

Mark Sanchez Better Try Modeling, Because He Cannot Play Football

Fed up New York Jets coach Rex Ryan decided to bench quarterback Mark Sanchez. And, with Tim Tebow inactive, the responsibility fell on untested Greg McElroy.

Rob Pattinson Twilight Beats James Bond at the Box Office

Never underestimate the power of teenage hormones to produce earnings of $250K+ in three weeks.

John Pistole, TSA Chief, Refuses to Testify Before Congress

Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole had been asked to appear before the Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee on aviation. Thanks but no thanks, he said.

Gabby Douglas Memoir: Gymnast Nearly Quit To Work at Chick-Fil-A

Olympic champion Gabby Douglas' new memoir, 'Grace, Gold & Glory: My Leap of Faith' shows the world that the 16-year-old is not only talented, she's a class act.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: How Apple and Google Can Save Us

We may not be facing such a steep fiscal cliff, or have to compromise so heavily on individual taxes or government programs, if corporations actually paid what they owe in taxes.

The Dollar Bill Could Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Switching from dollar bills to coins could save the U.S. $4.4 billion. That may not dent the federal deficit, but with the fiscal cliff looming it's time to pinch pennies — or dollars.

GOP Immigration Reform: Arizona Janet Brewer is Now the Bad Guy For GOP

Is Arizona governor Janet Brewer the next Grover Norquist? You betcha!

Ivy League Online Degrees: Should Millennials Drop Out of Traditional College

With elite universities like Princeton now offering free courses online, and an economy that no longer guarantees good jobs for college graduates, does it make sense to drop out?

Student Debt Crisis: Grieving Mother Must Pay Loans For Dead Son

Mother Ella Edwards started a petition to convince the private loan company to stop hounding her, and to change the laws about what happens to student loans when the borrower dies.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Obama Uses Leverage to Increase Taxes on the Wealthy

Obama has a new negotiating strategy and it means the wealthy will have a tax increase

North Korea Rocket Launch: Second Launch Planned For December

North Korea has announced its second long-range missile launch and its actions as a relevant actor in the international community are all too predictable.

Gay Marriage in Supreme Court: Cases May be Heard

This Monday the Supreme Court may announce that it will hear cases challenging DOMA. If a case goes on the docket, an historic decision could be made by late June.

The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire Finales: What to Say Goodbye to Sunday

A few of our favorite shows are calling it quits for a little while. Here's what to check out on Sunday, when to tune back in, and what to do in the meantime.

Leveson Report: Freedom of Speech Under Attack in Britain After Hacking Scandal

A government inquiry was launched after the UK press hacking scandal of last year. Now that the report has come out, the consequences for freedom of speech could be great.

Why Liberty is Essential to Civility

No man shall be a more fervent servant than I to the idea of civility and all that is associated with the creation, preservation, and benefits a civil society bestows upon its subjects.