Piers Morgan Attacks Larry Pratt Over Gun Control, Show Spirals Out of Control

Piers Morgan calls his guest an 'idiot' and 'stupid' while Larry Pratt fires back over gun control.

Who Is Miss Universe 2012: Miss USA Olivia Culpo Is New Winner

Wednesday night's Miss Universe competition crowed Miss USA. But with all the gains we've made toward gender equality, it's time to call the competition what it is: a wholly sexist enterprise.

End of the World 2012: What the Mayan Prophecy is All About

Some will wake up Friday morning and have to return all those survivalist supplies, if the Mayan End of the World prophecy doesn't come true.

End of the World 2012: Decoding the Ancient Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Apocalypse is hot stuff right now. Too bad we had to completely misunderstand and misrepresent the calendar to make it exciting enough for us.

Zero Dark Thirty Opening Breaks Record Box Office Numbers

Kathryn Bigelow made history when she became the first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Director. With her upcoming film, 'Zero Dark Thirty' it's time to brush up on Bigelow.

Miss Universe 2012 Winners and Results: Miss USA Olivia Culpo is Miss Universe 2012

The 61st edition of the Miss Universe pageant will be held tonight at 8:00 p.m. (ET) from the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Where the watch live and online.

Assault Weapons Ban: 3 Myths That Cloud the Issue

3 myths about the assault weapons ban and gun control that lawmakers rely on.

James Holmes Part 2: 'The Hobbit' Shooter Jesus Garcia's Bond is Set at $10 Million

19-year-old Jesus Garcia, who was prevented by an off-duty cop from becoming the next James Holmes, was charged for attempted capital murder and attempted murder in San Antonio, Texas.

Assault Weapons Ban Would Not Have Prevented The Sandy Hook Shooting

While the Sandy Hook shooting has driven many Americans to want an assault weapons ban, assault weapons were not behind the tragedy.

James Holmes, Adam Lanza Prove Americans Do Not Use Guns For Self Defense

Pro-gun arguments often hinge on the fact that Americans need to own guns for self defense. But the weapons used in recent mass shootings prove these guns are being used for offensive reasons.

Adam Lanza Shooting: National Review Blames Massacre on "Feminized Setting" at Sandy Hook School

A prominent National Review writer blamed Adam Lanza's rampage on women, saying more men at the school would have prevented this tragedy.

Adam Lanza Played Call of Duty, But Don't Blame His Mass Murder on Video Games

Video games actively discourage the killing of children and do not play a role in this massacre.

End of the World Countdown: 10 Reasons Why the World Should End on Friday

If you follow the daily news cycle, it is predominantly one of death, destruction and suffering. Here are the 10 signs that the world is indeed coming to an end.

The 6 Most Offensive Political Rape Comments of 2012

Before you put the “war on women” 2012 campaign season out of your mind forever, take a minute to reflect on these truly absurd rape comments from Rick Santorum, Paul Ryan, Todd Akin and more.

Dec 21 2012: Mayan Apocalypse, Where to Watch and Stream Live and Online will be live-streaming feeds from its telescopes keeping a close watch on the skies for rogue asteroids, monster solar flares and wayward secret planets.

The Case For a Second Amendment Makeover

It is time to separate those who believe they have the right to bear arms for the purpose of fighting a potential tyrannical government, and those who just want to bear arms.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: A Beloved Childhood Movie is Bigoted and Cruel

Seeing Rankin and Bass's beloved childhood favorite 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' with my 5-year-old son opened my eyes to some ... irregularities in the narrative.

End of the World 2012: A Bucket List For Your Final Hours

Tomorrow's the Apocalypse and you didn't plan at all! No worries - we'll make your bad decisions for you.

Assault Weapons Ban Can Stop Future Mass Shootings

Drafting new legislation to deter access to all assault weapons, even if it only prevents one mass shooting, is absolutely worthwhile.

The Secret History of America's War With Iran

David Crist's book details the war that has been going on right under our noses with incredibly vivid detail.

Blizzard Updates and Weather Forecast for Madison, Wisconsin LIVE Updates

Madison, Wisconsin will get hit hard by Draco Thursday and Friday. Live updates on the weather in Madison and elsewhere.

Australia and New Zealand Are Still Standing, But the World Still Can End

Naysayers of the Mayan Apocalypse point to Australia and New Zealand (where it's already 12-21-12) as proof that the world is not ending yet. But don't be so sure.

Django Unchained Trailer and Movie Review: Quentin Tarantino's Violence is Unnecessary

Quentin Tarantino's newest film 'Django Unchained' is coming to a movie theater near you on December 25. The question that remains is, is that quintessential Tarantino violence still defensible?

Adam Lanza Shooting: After Tragedy, Ohio Governor John Kasich Opts to Make it Easier to Carry Guns

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Ohio looks to ease it's gun restrictions.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Democrats' Hypocrisy on Full Display

Democrats were against more debt when Bush was in office, but now they want a blank check. Their flip-flops on the fiscal cliff are shameful.

Draco Winter Storm Will Hit New York City, But No Blizzard

New York City won't be hit with a blizzard this weekend, but it will experience some rain (including possible thunderstorms) beginning Thursday night after 10pm.

Blizzard Draco 2012: Tornados Hit Mobile, Alabama

A tornado warning has been issued in Mobile, Alabama in areas previously damaged by storms, the Weather Channel reports.

Frank Ocean Channel Orange Tops the List of Best Albums of 2012

2012 will be remembered for the quality of new musical ideas produced, not the quantity. Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar top the list. Both of these albums are their first major label releases.

Blizzard 2012: Draco Forecasted to Last Until Thursday

Winter Storm Draco is sweeping across the Midwest, leading to delays at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. It is expected to sweep the Upper Midwest through Thursday night before hitting the East Coast.

Weather Forecast and Draco Updates for Chicago, Illinois

Severe weather is expected to hit Chicago, Illinois throughout Thursday, but die down by Friday.

Kesha Die Young: She Should Not Apologize for This Song, Despite the Sandy Hook Shooting

Radio stations were right to take Ke$ha's "Die Young" off the air in the immediate Sandy Hook shooting aftermath, but the singer didn't need to excessively apologize for the song.

Selling Over the Counter Birth Control Would Save Taxpayers $11.1 Billion

An over-the-counter birth control option would benefit all women, no government intervention required.

NRA Press Conference: Gun Lobby Gears Up for Response to Obama

The President spoke Wednesday, putting Vice President Joe Biden in charge of a commission to make "real reforms, right now." Meanwhile, the NRA is readies its response.

Japanese Election Results: Winner Shinzo Abe Will Help America Against China

Japan's new Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, will help American interests in the Asia-Pacific region, especially with China.

Education Reform: E-Learning Can Help Close the Achievement Gap

President Obama is known for being a strong proponent of the use of technology and a strong supporter of education, as evidenced by the $4.35 billion Race to the Top initiative.

Todd Akin 'Legitimate Rape' and The Most Outrageous Comments About Rape and Pregnancy in 2012

2012 was the year for politicians to make ridiculous remarks about pregnancy conceived from rape. Here are the top four stomach-churning moments.

Draco Aftermath: 500 Chicago Flights Canceled, Massive Power Outages Expected

Winter Storm Draco is sweeping across the Midwest, causing power outages in Iowa and highway closures in Colorado, while Wisconsin has mobilized the National Guard.

Weather Channel Issues Tornado Warnings in Alabama, Georgia, Florida: LIVE Updates

The Weather Channel has issued a tornado watch until 6 PM CST for southeastern Alabama, southwest Georgia, the Florida Panhandle and Tallahassee.

Tau Ceti: Possible Earth Clone Found Orbiting Star 12 Light Years Away

The discovery of an earth-like planet orbiting Tau Ceti, 12 light years away, has astronomers giddy.

Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas is a Gun: Firearms Sales Surge After Newtown Shooting

Christmas is right around the corner, and following Friday, December 14th's shooting of 20 kids and 6 adults at a Connecticut elementary school, the hottest gift this year is a gun.

Obama Supreme Court Nominees: LGBT Justice Should Be on Short List

In Obama's second term, it is likely that he will have to replace at least one Supreme Court Justice. Someone from the LGBTQ community would be a bold choice.

Winter Storm 2012 LIVE Updates: Airport Delay Updates, Southwest to Cancel All Flights Out of Chicago, Midway Airport After 5 PM

As Draco pounds Chicago, Southwest Airlines cancels all flights leaving Chicago's Midway Airport after 5 PM.

Blizzard Draco 2012: Live Update on Power Outages, Flight Cancellation, and Damage Report

The latest on how the Draco winter storm is affecting the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes and Plains regions with LIVE updates on damage, power outages and flight delays and cancellations.

Draco Blizzard Causes 150 Cancellations, Massive Delays at Chicago's O'Hare Intl. Airport, LIVE Updates

According to sources at Chicago's O'Hare Intl. airport, winter storm Draco is causing 20+ minute delays for most flights, 2+ hour delays for most regional flights, and 150 cancellations.

Plan B Vote LIVE: As Fiscal Cliff Talks Turn Sour, Boehner Offers Alternative Plan

With the Jan. 1 deadline on the fiscal cliff negotiations between House Republicans and the President rapidly approaching, Republicans under Speaker Boehner are voting on their own plan.

Michelle Obama: What FLOTUS Should Do in Her Second Term

Michelle Obama can redefine feminism and women's rights in her second term.

ACT UP Protest: When Getting Naked In Speaker Boehner's Office Is the Best Way to Fight HIV/AIDS

ACT UP activists took off their clothes in Speaker Boehner's office, to bring attention to budget cuts and HIV/AIDS.

12 Worst Political Gaffes of 2012

Election years never disappoint. The year in political gaffes, complete with 12 hilarious videos.

Draco Causing "Heart-Attack-By-Shovel" Snow in Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Journal editor Phil Brinkman says Madison, Wisconsin is experiencing "heart-attack" levels of snow.

Draco Already Hits Madison, Wisconsin Hard - Before Blizzard Even Starts

While the storm has barely started, downtown Madison, Wisconsin has already been hit hard with several inches of snow.

Accuweather Angered by Weather Channel's Naming of Blizzard as "Draco"

Accuweather head Joel Myers has accused the Weather Channel of "misleading" the public and hurting "science and public safety" by naming the current storm Draco.

Draco Winter Blizzard Drops Over a Foot of Snow in Des Moines, Iowa : Snowfall Totals LIVE Updates

As Draco enters its second phase, heavy snow, thunder and lightning, and high winds are hitting the Upper Midwest, Plains, and Great Lakes regions, including Chicago, Des Moines, and Madison.

Entitlement Reform Will Not Rescue the Economy – Don't Listen to the GOP

The real stats on entitlement abuse and government fraud paint a very different picture than the one conservatives would have you believe.

Adam Lanza Shooting Brings Unthinkable Suffering to Victims' Families

Despite our great sadness after the school shooting, it is still hard for most of us to understand what the relatives are going through in this time of tragedy.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: 5 Ways You Can Prepare for the Worst

Whether or not Congress reaches a deal, here are 5 ways to prepare for the worst.

End of the World: The Vatican Speaks Out

Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, the director of the Vatican Observatory, criticized "pseudo-prophecies" about the end of the Universe.

4 Cartoons That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

With the holidays just around the corner, nothing will make you feel more like a kid again than watching some awesome current cartoons.

Midwest Blizzard Draco Damage: First Photos From Twitter

Winter storm Draco has hardly begun, yet we're already getting reports of severe damage across the country. Here's some of the latest photos:

Blizzard 2012: Does Draco Need A Name?

Blogger Cat White asks if the Weather Channel really needs to be naming storms.

Serbian Communist-Era Village Another Spot for Salvation From Doomsday

Mount Rtanj, in Serbia, is another place believed to offer shelter to those who hope to survive tomorrow's Mayan Apocalypse.

Michigan Closes Schools Early Because of Mayan Apocalypse

Matt Wandrie, superintendent for Lapeer Community Schools, said "doomsday rumors are running rampant in several districts."

Housing Report: New Construction Down 3% in November, Full Analysis

Housing has been considered a major factor in the recovery, leading to questions on its future potential to impact economic growth.

Adam Lanza Shooting Forces Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to Veto Bill Allowing Guns in Schools

Tuesday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a controversial state bill to allow concealed weapons in schools, churches, bars, and hospitals.

Draco Storm Updates LIVE: Iowa Police Urge Drivers to Stay Off Roads

As the storm worsens in Iowa, 3 people have died in traffic accidents. Cops are urging people to stay off the roads.

Winter Storm Draco, Is It A Harbinger of the End of the World 2012?

Draco has dropped over 12 inches of snow on Des Moines. Is this another sign of the Mayan Apocalypse to come?

Tourists Seeking Refuge in Turkey Village Believed to Survive Doomsday

Christians are gathering near Sirince, in a town that is believed to be the place where Virgin Mary ascended to heaven from, and also the birthplace of the Greek Goddess Artemis.

400,000 Customers Without Power in Wake of Draco Midwest Storm

Even as the snowstorm Draco pulls out of Iowa and moves towards the East Coast, the 'thundersnow'-inducing storm leaves 400,000 without power.

Robert Bork Death: Loss of a Conservative Crusader

Whether as a crusader against modern liberalism or contentious Supreme Court nominee, Robert Bork gave a lot over 85 years.

Draco Blizzard Phase 2: Snowfall Estimates Updated LIVE

An HPC report indicating likely snowfall levels was just released, see it here!

Another Village, This Time in France, is Believed to Be a Place of Salvation

An alien space shift will suposedly emerge from a mountain carrying the faithful to salvation from the French village of Bugarach.