Watch Russell Brand Take On the Westboro Baptist Church ... And Win

This is not a joke.Westboro members Steve and Timothy were recently interviewed by Brand on his FX show "Brand X." Westboro's own Sons of Anarchy proved they lack Christ's love.

Why Feminists Should Support the Return of Chivalry

The return of chivalry could actually help the feminist cause, if it's about respect and not condescension.

As Tragic School Stabbing Shows, China is Wrong to Criticize the U.S. on Gun Rights

China closely watched the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary and has lauded its system for banning civilian ownership of guns. This outlook is wrong, because China is not a free country.

Assault Weapons Ban Tops Priority List for 20 New Women in Congress in 2013

As the lame duck Congress draws to a close, here's what the 20 newly elected women in congress will push forward in 2013, while still embodying the spirit of compromise.

End of the World 2012: Post-Apocalypse To Do List

Well, the world didn't end yesterday. And now that today is just another day, sun still shining, world still turning, humanity still existing, I’ve got a bit of a mess to clean up.

iPhone 5 Will Secretly Ruin Your Life

Cell phones are no longer just pieces of technology. We spend more time with them than any other part of our lives.

Gun Show Loophole and Assault Weapons Ban: Time for Obama to Step Up for Gun Control

When Lee Harvey Oswald bought a bolt-action rifle in 1963 for under $20 and killed President Kennedy, gun legislation was passed five days later. This is President Obama's moment.

Venezuela Hugo Chavez: His Terrible Reign May Soon Be Ending

Chavez has cancer and may not be healthy enough to be sworn in for president. Chavismo's political machine is on the verge of collapse.

Arguing About Black Republicans Is Just Another Example of the Left's Prejudice

As a recent New York Times article about black Republicans shows, when it comes to race, it's about time we realize who the real culprits are.

U.S. Has 5% of the World's Population, But Owns 50% of the World's Guns

It never has been about guns. Not even Columbine. Simmering just beneath the surface of public debate is a much more troubling political issue than gun control.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: John Boehner Should Be Fired as Speaker

John Boehner's mishandling of Plan B and his lack of control over the Republican party shows that it is time for a new Speaker of the House. Paul Ryan could be his replacement.

Gun Control Laws Must Start Valuing Life Over Gun Rights

The facts regarding gun deaths in the U.S. are stark and undeniable: There are too many of them, they are too powerful and they are too easy to access -- both legally and illegally.

Gay Marriage Puts Huge Pressure on LGBT Community

As we push for national marriage equality, how will the gay community deal with the new pressure of getting married?

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Millennials Must Demand Spending Cuts to Avoid Inheriting a Staggering National Debt

Millennials are going to inherit the national debt. They should be actively fighting for a reduction in spending by taking an interest in the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Victoria Soto: A True Hero

Victoria Soto, 27, died protecting her students from a mad gunman. She died so that her students could live. She is hero and will always be remembered for making the ultimate sacrifice.

End of the World 2012: Did Pop Culture Feed Our Obsession?

Commercials, television shows, and movies are doing nothing but instill fear as people worldwide wait for the forecasted Mayan apocalypse.

Psy Gangnam Style Becomes First YouTube Video With 1 Billion Views

Hands down the biggest viral sensation of the year, PSY's 'Gangnam Style' has officially hit 1 billion YouTube views.

Top 10 Tech Trends of 2012

Google provides an interesting look back at the technology of 2012 and offers insights into what may be in store in 2013.

Top 5 National Security Moments You Didn’t Hear About in 2012

U.S. Commandos successfully executed a high-risk rescue of Somali hostages during the State of the Union address, and other under-the-radar victories.

Wayne LaPierre: A Defense of the NRA Leader

Before casting off the NRA entirely, at least understand where they're coming from.

DOMA Repeal: LGBTQ Americans Will Save Thousands of Dollars

While marriage equality efforts such as repealing DOMA are often said to be about the "right to love," money and financial benefits are equally as important for LGBTQ Americans.

How to Avoid Talking Politics With Your Family ... And Survive the Holidays

Talking about politics with your family is enough to make you wish you were back in the middle of the hyper-partisan election media blitz. Here's how to avoid it entirely over the holidays.

South Korea New President: Park Geun-hye Has Complicated Legacy

Park Geun-hye, the conservative daughter of the former 18-year ruler of South Korea, was elected as the country's first woman president. Her rise to power means a continuation of the status quo.

9 Best Books of 2012

I’m sure I missed some great novels this year, but these are the books that meant something to me.

Fiscal Cliff 2013 Negotiations Are Obama's Knockout Punch to the GOP

When Obama extended the Bush tax cuts in 2010, he set the stage for a Democratic comeback which has knocked the Republican Party off its feet.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: The Untold History

The original impetus for the debt ceiling was an amendment to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allowing the Fed to purchase U.S. debt.

6 Biggest Political Developments in Africa in 2012

Catch up here on the year’s revolts, coups and political transitions in Africa as well as what to expect in 2013.

3 Simple Ways We Could Better Fight World Hunger

While many are calling for new investments in agriculture, there are facets of our global economy that need to be halted to fight food insecurity. No longer can such issues remain "off the table"

Egypt Constitution: What it Means for the U.S.

Egypt's new constitution is likely to pass today despite significant opposition to it. Until consensus is found, U.S. interests remain threatened.

Last Minute Gift Ideas: 10 Presents You Can Still Buy Before Christmas

With only five days left until Christmas, those that have waited until the last minute can still find gifts for everyone on their list.

John Kerry Secretary of State Nomination: 3 Reasons He is a Great Pick

John Kerry will likely be the next secretary of state. It's a great move by Obama for several reasons.

48% of Domestic Workers Are Paid Too Little to Support Their Family

The new study by the National Domestic Workers Alliance shows us that working conditions and wages for domestic workers in the status quo are inadequate. What will it take to change them?

NYSE Sale: What it Means for the Free Market

The hectic trading floor has been the pulse of the market for two centuries, but times are changing.