There Are 32,000+ Gun Deaths A Year in the U.S. — Here is How We Get That Number to Zero

Legislation enacted in Australia after the horrific Port Arthur massacre of 1996 (and the subsequent 35% drop in annual firearm fatalities) offers a potential road map for America.

Syria Civil War: Why the Fall of Assad Could Be the Worst Possible Outcome

The UN claims that the civil war in Syria is turning increasingly sectarian, and the evidence confirms it.

The 10 Greatest Christmas Songs of All Time

Music is synonymous with the Christmas festivities. Here is my list of the 10 most essential Christmas songs for anyone's December playlist.

Nobody Really Knows What an "Assault Rifle" is, So How Are We Supposed to Ban Them?

"Assault rifle" is a made-up term designed to scare you and it means nothing. Banning "Assault Rifles" Impossible. They Do Not Exist.

Zero Dark Thirty Review: A Movie Obsessed With Trying to Achieve Perfection

Is Kathryn Bigelow's new film, a frontrunner in this year's award season, at war with itself?

Top Charity Organizations to Donate to This Year

Many Americans like to make their yearly charity donations between Thanksgiving and Christmas; feel good about your donation by doing your research first. Here are a few websites that will help.

Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense Nomination: Obama Needs This Republican on His Team

Conservatives don’t like Hagel because he was against going to war in Iraq a decade ago and has pushed for diplomacy instead of war in Iran. But that’s exactly why he’s a good choice.

Immigration Reform: Obama Will Struggle With Reform, Despite Strong Latino Support

In the aftermath of the elections, immigration reform is high on the radar. But increased support in the Hispanic community is not an automatic precursor to being able to move reforms.

NRA Video Game Hypocrisy: Shooting Games Are Evil, But Not NRA Shooting Games

Perhaps LaPierre forgot that the NRA has partnered with the so-called “shadow industry” to produce a few gun-toting video games of its own.

The 10 Worst Christmas Songs of All Time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. OR IS IT?!

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Increase Taxes On Rich and Decrease Government Spending Now

An inability to negotiate a deal that includes tax increases and entitlement reform (now) is the real reason why our government cannot make a grand bargain.

Mike Huckabee Sandy Hook Comment is Crazy, But He Doesn't Represent All Christians

It is becoming increasingly hard for believers to sound "rational" given the stance of some extreme religious figures. It is time reasonable religious people speak up.

Mitt Romney Never Wanted to be President, Says Son Tagg Romney

In true schoolyard style, the Romney camp is now trying to float the message that he never even wanted to be president.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Boehner Will 'Get Nothing' From Obama in Tax Deal

If we do go over the fiscal cliff, the Republicans lose all of their leverage. So there’s no impetus for the president to make a deal that gives up much of anything.

Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense: Republican Apologizes for "Aggressively Gay" Remarks

After it became clear that Hagel could be the new head of the Department of Defense, he came under fire from LGBT groups for statements he made in 1998.

Boehner Fiscal Cliff Plan Would Have Cut Food Stamps for Children

Boehner's Plan B failed to gain enough support from his own caucus. Hundreds of thousands of needy children can breathe a sigh of relief.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Every American Is Tired of These Negotiations

Americans thought the Mayan apocalypse would bring about the end of the world, but who knew that an unforeseen disaster in the GOP would produce a fiscal cliff Armageddon for Obama?

John Kerry Invested in Company Which Actively Violates Iran Sanctions

John Kerry has investments in a company which violated sanctions against Iran, and he also has supported Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in the past. He's not fit for duty.

Should Colleges Guarantee Jobs Upon Graduation For Students?

Just think if every college did this, or even if just one did — what a competitive advantage this school would have over others.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Boehner Should Resign After His Plan B Tax Failure

Speaker Boehner's Plan B was rejected by his caucus. It is time for Speaker Boehner's caucus to reject him.

India Elections: Controversial Leader Narendra Modi Makes Bid for Prime Minister

Winning the Gujarat elections convincingly three times in a row, the stage is set for Modi to stage a campaign for prime minister in 2014. But can his charisma keep the whole nation spellbound?

Anthony Davis, Missy Franklin and the Top Athletes Under 21

From gold medals to bronze Heismans, 2012 was a coming-out party for some of the finest young athletes in recent memory.

Killer Luka Rocco Magnotta is 2012 "Newsmaker of the Year" in Canada — A New Low For the Media

In a surprising decision, the Canadian Press named notorious international figure and "Canadian psycho" Luka Rocco Magnotta as the 2012 "Newsmaker of the Year."

If We Fought For Our Freedoms Like We Fought For Our Instagram Privacy, Government Wouldn't Be So Corrupt

Backlash over Instagram's proposed Terms of Service change prompted them to change their tune in less than two days ... we should take this as a lesson in changing big government.