Ron Paul Rejects NRA Gun Proposal, Calls Out Against Gun Control

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has taken to his website to oppose the NRA's gun plan that would put armed guards and police in all schools across America.

Santa Claus: Is He Good or Bad for Children?

We grow up essentially being lied to about the existence of a jolly old man who lives in the North Pole and is committed to bringing us gifts. The question arises, how does this effect children?

Where is Santa? NORAD Santa Tracker, Santa Path, and History

The North American Aerospace Defense Command will continue its tradition of launching an online "Santa Tracker" program. Why this is a beneficial government operation.

Best Christmas Music: 6 Fun Facts About Holiday Songs

Grab some hot chocolate, cider, mulled wine, and sit back and enjoy some holiday tunes.

BREAKING: Santa Claus Killed and Captured By Navy SEALs, President Obama Declares Victory in the War on Christmas

In a dramatic turn of events, the White House confirms that the holliest, jolliest enemy of them all has met his untimely demise, signaling victory in our quixotic War on Christmas.

5 Christmas Bible Quotes to Remember This Holiday Season

Here are five excerpts from the Bible which all of us can benefit from during the Christmas holiday.

NASA Warp Drive: Why Sci-Fi Says It's a Bad Idea

Science-fiction has shown us that potential contact with aliens or even resources will not turn out well for us and we should probably avoid it.

Wayne LaPierre Meet the Press Interview: 3 Things We Learned

Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Director of the NRA, appeared on NBC's Meet the Press and proved once again why he is the worst person in America to defend the gun lobby.

Les Miserables Movie Review: A Spectacular Musical Adaptation for the Holidays

The worldwide sensation seen from a great new perspective, in theaters on Christmas Day.

Gangster Squad Release Date: Should the Ryan Gosling Movie Be Delayed After the Sandy Hook Shooting?

The Warner Bros. film was previously delayed in light of the Aurora shootings. Now, just near another national tragedy, should it be delayed again?

William Spengler Identified as Shooter Who Killed Firefighters in Webster

William Spengler, 62, had an extensive criminal record, including the murder of his grandmother in the ‘80s.

24 Reasons to Watch TBS's 24-Hour 'A Christmas Story' Marathon

If you're unsure of which holiday flick to watch with your family tonight, here are 24 reasons to select this timeless classic.

Piers Morgan Petition: 35K Americans Call for Him to Be Deported Over Gun Control Stance

A petition that calls for Piers Morgan's deportation has gained enough signatures for White House action.

The Real War on Christmas: An Arctic Holiday Poem

Who's the real villain in the war on Christmas? The carbon emissions that are turning Santa's wintery workshop into slush.

DOMA and Prop 8 Activist Richard Adams Dies: Loss of a True Gay Rights Pioneer

The Supreme Court will hear two cases that will impact DOMA and equal right for same sex couples. That battle began with the late gay rights pioneer Richard Adams.

Wayne LaPierre Meet the Press Interview: NRA Leader Says Gun Owners are the 99%

In his appearance on Meet the Press, Wayne LaPierre attacked the liberal city elites and said that he is protecting freedom loving Americans, who are the majority of this country.

NY Firefighter Shooting: Gunman Reportedly Dead

Early this morning, firefighters arrived at the scene of a house fire in Webster, New York. While they were working to put out the fire, an unknown gunman opened fire, killing two.

Webster NY Shooting: Two Firefighters Killed

Early this morning, firefighters arrived at the scene of a house fire in Webster, New York. While they were working to put out the fire, an unknown gunman opened fire, killing two.

Christmas 2012: It's Not Sexist for the First Lady to Decorate the White House

It’s less about putting the first lady in her domestic place, and more about promoting the idea of the White House as a real home and the first family as a relatable one.

232 Journalists Imprisoned in 2012, Making This the Worst Year Ever for Press Freedom

A new report by the CPJ found 2012 to be the worst year for journalists to be imprisoned on charges of terrorism and anti-state offenses.

Christmas 2012: This is the Greatest Gift This Year

This Christmas season, the greatest gift we can share is the love of family and friends, and a renewed faith in our ability to believe in other people.