The 10 Biggest Political Issues We’ll Be Taking About in 2013

Because of the inability of Congress to get anything meaningful done, we’ll be seeing these same issues again in 2013.

The 5 Scariest Expansions of Government Surveillance in 2012

Government surveillance of American citizens is still increasing in 2012, and here's how it's happening.

Django Unchained Movie Review: Quentin Tarantino Defends His Portrayal of Racism

"Django Unchained" has many scenes of racism; Quentin Tarantino claims he is right in showing them.

Big Red Football: Anonymous’ Latest Attack Could Break the Cycle of Condoned Rape by High School Athletes

Something, or someone, needs to break the cycle of stories like this, which we’ve heard all too many times, of idolized young athletes thinking they can get away with anything.

The Top 5 Politicians In the Pocket of the NRA

A list of five politicians who should be held accountable for supporting the NRA and its erroneous attitude towards America’s gun problem

10 Amazing Space Technology Developments to Watch For in 2013

In 2012, NASA's Mars Science Laboratory made headlines as the new face of unmanned space exploration. Next year will be a crucial time for the space industry as 10 other projects near completion.

Hobby Lobby: 5 Most Important Things to Know About Obamacare Lawsuits

On Friday, one of the cases against Obamacare's birth control mandate reached the U.S. Supreme Court. Here are the top five things you need to know about the lawsuit, and the others like it.

Why So Many New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions Fail

Why do we make New Year's diet resolutions that we give up on after only the first month? Here's the science behind the failed New Year's diet.

Climate Change Kills 5 Million People Every Year

A new report attributes 5 million deaths per year to climate change and fossil fuels, highlighting the need for action, especially in developing countries where the worst effects are felt.

Real Story of Jesus Not Nearly as Clear as You Might Think

With no accredited histories or public records, we've mostly cobbled together the differing accounts of two biblical Gospels dating from almost 100 years later. But it's still a great story.

David Gregory Gun Stunt: Meet the Press Host Investigated For Showing Magazine On Air

If David Gregory is charged for breaking one of D.C.'s many gun laws, it may prove to be fruitful for the pro-gun crowd.

Wayne LaPierre's Plea for Guns in Schools is a "Dumb Ass Idea" — Just Look to the Inner City For Proof

LaPierre's proposition for armed guards in schools would threaten the sense of sanctuary that most inner-city youth feel in their schools and open yet another outlet for profiling and tension.

The 3 Best Breakfast Sandwiches in New York City

As your New Years Eve plans take you deep into the night, sometimes, there is nothing more that you want than a breakfast sandwich. Here are three of the best in New York City.

Syria Civil War: Bashar al-Assad Reportedly Seeking Asylum in Venezuela

As the Syrian president's administration continues to fracture, reports have emerged that he may be exploring options to finally leave the country.

Gun Violence and Video Games: Why This is Not the Debate We Should Be Having

Amid debates and arguments on the role of video games in mass shootings, a national tragedy seems to be forgotten.

Darcy's Town Review: New Pride and Prejudice Gets Jane Austen All Wrong

Pride and Prejudice will be adapted into a modern-day show called Darcy's Town. Here are a few ways that Executive Producer Jennifer Love Hewitt can make it relatable for the modern woman.

Immigration Reform Will Be the Only Way Congress Can Regain the Public's Trust in It

Our politicians argued away the year and that landed them on Santa's naughty list for 2012. Here are six things they have to get done this year to get off the list.

SpaceX is Building a New Rocket That Will Make Space Flight Cheaper For Everyone

Even though SpaceX is a private entity, the benefits can only transfer over to governmental use in time.

Piers Morgan White House Petitions Show CNN Host Isn't Welcome Anywhere

After berating Larry Pratt on his television show, thousands of Americans and Brits are taking drastic measures to ensure he's not welcome in their countries.

What Happens If We Go Off the Fiscal Cliff? Stocks Will Plunge, and Here's Why That Should Freak You Out

There are a number of major groups that are dependent on higher stock prices. Here's why the stock market is so important.

After the James Holmes and Adam Lanza Shootings, Gun Control Would Be the Biggest Gift We Could Get This Year

In the wake of a year full of mass shootings, gun control could be the biggest gift we could give to society and to ourselves this year.

John Kerry Secretary of State: Obama Caved to GOP Pressure

After Susan Rice was forced out of the nomination process to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Obama seems to be making safe picks for his foreign policy team in 2013.

New Year's Resolutions: Top 5 For Every Progressive Activist

These five resolutions should help you to be a better progressive in 2013. Now get to work!

Watch These Brave Women Stand Up for the Violence Against Women Act

Congress must pass an inclusive VAWA before 2012 comes to an end.

12 Biggest Surprises of 2012

From international Korean pop sensation PSY to a renewed interest in the tall, dark and handsome 16th president of the United States, here are the top 12 things that the year 2012 brought us.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: With Debt Limit Near, Geithner Takes "Extraordinary" Action to Buy Time

In a letter to congressional leaders Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the government will hit the $16.4 trillion debt limit on Dec. 31.

Obamacare Opponents Going About Health Care Reform All Wrong

Proponents and opponents of the president's health care overhaul shouldn’t get distracted by the political theater and low-level resistance that has obsessed the talking heads as of late.

Why Vladimir Putin Should Have Been Sent a J. Crew Gift Cart For Christmas

It’s the holiday season and a perfect time for gift-giving. Yes, even Syrian President Bashar al-Assad deserves a gift too.

Hobby Lobby Lawsuit: Sotomayor Denies Hobby Lobby Birth Control Injunction

Justice Sotomayor denies Hobby Lobby's emergency application for injunction in the first case against Obamacare's birth control rule to reach the Supreme Court.

New Year's Resolutions: Why Any Resolution You Make is a Terrible Idea

Every year, millions of people make New Year's resolutions, but have no actual plans for implementing them.

Fiscal Cliff Deadline: Congress Will Make A Deal By December 31

The “grand bargain is dead” in Congress. But there is unanimous support for preserving the Bush tax rates for everyone making less than $200,000-$250,000 in a year.

Adam Lanza Shooting: Pray for the Sandy Hook Victims This Christmas

It's Christmas again. A time full of too much food and too many gifts. But this Christmas, I propose that less is more. Instead of presents and gifts, let's cherish people and quality time.

New York Gets First Big Snow Storm

After pounding the Miswest and South and putting a big cramp in holiday travel, the winter storm streaking across the U.S. hit the Northeast on Thursday.

Greece Austerity Hardly Means the Grinch Prevailed This Year

Despite the hard economic conditions the Greeks are living with on a daily basis, the Christmas spirit is evident in various forms.

Personal Income Report Shows Economic Growth: People Are Getting Richer Again

North Dakota and Texas are two states with above national average growth in personal income. But don't pack your bags just yet.

Boxing Day: A True Holiday or an Excuse to Shop?

A brief look at the history and contemporary significance of Boxing Day