10 Courageous Athletes Who Came Out as Gay in 2012

Coming out as LGBTQ is hard, but doing so in the world of sports is even harder.

The 5 Worst States For LGBT Rights in America

While most Americans are embracing LGBT rights, here are the 5 states that are lagging behind in the civil rights issue of our era.

The Dianne Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Has Nothing to Do With the Newtown Massacre

In the wake of recent the recent mass shootings in the U.S., politicians have been clamoring to appease the gun control crowd, but here is why we should be weary of new reactive legislation.

James Holmes and Adam Lanza: Their DNA May Hold Clues On What Makes a Mass Shooter

University of Connecticut researchers plan to study Newtown shooter Adam Lanza's DNA in a search for a genetic factor for violence. But these efforts are unlikely to prevent the next shooter.

India Gang Rape Victim: Her Tragic Death is Sparking an Indian Cultural Revolution

The gang rape and battery of a young medical student on a Delhi bus has sparked a rage among young people across the country, in a way women in India have never expressed publicly.

Havard Rugland Video: Norwegian Kicker Gets Tryout With Hapless Jets

The Jets continue their "innovative" scouting practices by granting a tryout to a Norwegian YouTube star. Is this the new face of pro scouting?

New Year’s Eve LIVE: Where to Watch the Ball Drop, Live Stream Video, New Year's Facts

New York's Times Square will be the epicenter of New Year's revelry. Check in for live coverage and news on the ball drop, events and parties, and hangover cures.

Bilawal Zardari Speech Proves New Pakistani Leader is Nothing Like His Mother

Bilawal Zardari, son of Asif Zardari and Benazir Bhutto, recently made a speech in Pakistan, confirming his status as "the heir." But he seems more in line with his father than his mother.

Mitt Romney's Inauguration Speech

This is how a Republican President Mitt Romney's inauguration speech would have read.

'This is 40' Movie Review: Not Quite 'Knocked Up,' But Pretty Funny

Apatow's recent movie, "This is 40" is not, in my mind, as funny as it's predecessor but I think it is a step forward for Apatow, and a fantastic film in it's own right.

Obama Meet the Press Interview: Full Transcript, Quotes, Video

Obama spoke at length with David Gregory about the looming fiscal cliff. He outlined higher taxes on the wealthy. He also talk gun control, Benghazi, and his second term.

NDAA Threatens Americans' Constitutional Rights and Should Be Vetoed By Obama

Unless protections against infringement on our constitutionally guaranteed rights are restored to the NDAA, President Obama should exercise a swift veto.

After Adam Lanza Massacre Discovery Channel Drops 2 Gun-Themed Shows: But Not For the Right Reasons

The PR people at Discovery Channel don't care about the victims from Newtown, Conn. What they want is to draw attention to themselves.

Obama Gives Congress an Undeserved Pay Raise

Despite low approval ratings for Congress during the fiscal cliff talks, President Obama signed an executive order to see members of Congress get pay hikes.

Winter Storm Euclid: How Was This Christmas Storm Named?

Beginning this year, the Weather Channel has started naming winter storms. This is a new trend aimed at raising awareness. Do we need this? While seemingly good, it could cause unnecessary hype.

The Fiscal Cliff Proves Obama is a Brilliant Politician, But a Failed Leader

By raising taxes on the rich while increasing spending, Obama gets a short-term political victory that however endangers his long-term legacy with the threat of a double dip recession.

8 Things Obama Should Say in His 2013 Inauguration Speech

On Monday, January 21, Obama will deliver his second inaugural address from the steps of the Capital. here are 8 things the President has to mention on his first day back.

Obama on Meet the Press: President Cool About Fiscal Cliff Deadline, Wants to Push Heavy Gun Control

Obama spoke at length on the fiscal cliff — outlining both his strategy in this debate (tax the rich, help the middle class keep running as the engine of the economy) and his economic principles.

10 Political Rising Stars You Should Know About in 2013

While by now we're all familiar with Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal, here are other 10 political rising stars to know about and follow closely in 2013.

DOMA and Gay Rights Saw a Turning Point in 2012

The year 2012 brought momentous changes for LGBTQ people across the world, in the realms of politics, religion, sports, and media. Here's a quick list of 2012's milestones.

Are Women Really Better Off in Pakistan Than in the United States?

According to The World Economic Forum's annual Global Gender Gap Report the answer is yes.

Hillary Clinton Hospitalized Following Concussion

The Secretary of State has been admitted to the hospital with a blood clot.

UFC Fighters and Casino Workers Share More in Common Than Just Gay Rights

The Fertitta brothers, who own the UFC, also own the Station casinos in the Las Vegas Strip, where workers are trying to organize for a fair process to join the union.

Education Reform: 6 Big Developments in Education in 2012

From the rise of ed tech to innovative financial aid tools, 2012 was a good year for the improvement of education in America. Here are 6 important developments.

Are Violent Movies to Blame for Mass Shootings?

How has Hollywood reacted to the Connecticut elementary school shooting? With trite edits and reschedules. Talking-heads suggest equally banal changes. However, film has a history of violence.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Suffers New Cancer Complications

Venezuela's Vice President Nicolas Maduro said Chavez's condition is "delicate" following his latest cancer surgery in Cuba. If Chavez dies or becomes incapacitated new elections will be held.

India Rape Victim's Death Prompts Vigils Across India, But This is Not Enough

Over a thousand people showed up for the vigil in Mumbai, but a thousand people are not enough to stop rape across the country. Much more needs to be done.

Obama's New Year's Resolution Should Be to Remember His 2008 Self

Mr. President: In 2013, do not be a hero. Do not try to "fix" everything. Let us, the American people, be the root of America's success as we have always been.

Electoral College Vote Results: Obama's Second Term Doesn't Begin Until These Are Announced on January 6

Obama will begin his second term once the results of the Electoral College are announced. There's still time for an election coup.

Obama Meet the Press Interview: Americans Will Blame Republicans if we go over Fiscal Cliff

While President Obama spoke harshly of Republican obstructionism towards a deal on Meet the Press Sunday, top GOP leaders were busy conceding on a deal.

Could the E-1 Israeli Settlement Plans Be the Final Straw in the Israel-Palestine Conflict?

Unlike other settlement disputes in the past, this time the controversy is not about population, but territorial contentiousness, and the future of the proposed Palestinian state.

Obama Meets the Press to Blame Republicans if We Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff

On Sunday' Meet the Press. Obama reminded viewers that Republicans are to blame for the fiscal cliff.

Fiscal Cliff Deadline: Should We Even Be Worried?

The government's growing debt and deficits are surely bad but how bad is the “fiscal cliff” really?

5 Political Memes That Are so 2012

"Four more years," "legitimate rape," "Newtown shooting," "Benghazi attack" "47 percent," these political memes will go down in history as so 2012.