9 Female Blues Guitarists Who Will Blow You Away

Still believe the blues is a man's world? You'd be surprised. Thank your local record company promoter for keeping these amazing talents out of the public eye.

How Old Will Hillary Clinton Be in 2016?

Hillary Clinton will be 69 in 2016. Will she be too old to be president? The answer lies in comparing Clinton to our last senior citizen president: Ronald Reagan.

War on Drugs: How Private Prisons are Using the Drug War to Generate More Inmates

Private prison corporations are merging with states to grow prison populations and sentencing in order to increase profits.

Umar Abbasi Says He Could Not Save Ki Suk Han From NYC Subway Death

"I wanted to help the man, but I couldn't figure out how to help," Abbasi said. "It all happened so fast."

The Buddhas of Aynak: The Afghan Cultural Site That the World Does Not Care About

The Buddhas of Aynak are a 2,500 year old treasure. A Chinese company will turn the site into a copper mine in just four weeks, destroying many artifacts.

The 12 Most Influential People of 2012

My list of 12 people who changed the course of our thinking, our experience, or our lives, whether we were aware of it or not, this past year.

The 10 Funniest Kramer Moments of All Time

Michael Richards is back on television, and I use this as an excuse to revisit Kramer's 10 funniest moments on Seinfeld.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012: Definitely Still For Women

There seems to be a disconnect between what women and men think is sexy. Men don't go for harps, angel wings, and $3 million bras made out of diamonds.

Marco Rubio Pays Off Student Debt, Says College Should Be Affordable

The Florida junior senator, who rode the 2010 Tea Party wave and was recently criticized for claiming to not know how old the earth is, stressed the need for college affordability.

Gun Control: Responsible Ownership Begins with Training and Should Be A Requirement

The Constitution says you have the right to bear arms. It doesn't say you have the right to be unqualified to bear arms. Training before purchase makes everything better.

Grammy Nominations 2013 List: Maroon 5 and Pink Score Nominations

Tonight at 10:00 p.m. (ET), a partial 2013 Grammy nominees were announced on CBS. Taylor Swift, Gotye and Frank Ocean were among the nominees.

Marijuana Legalization: 3 States Have Done it and There is No Reason Why 47 More States Will Not Be Next

Marijuana was made illegal as a result of a lie told to Congress. The lie is exposed and it no longer serves its original purpose in any case. Marijuana should be legal.

Immigration Reform: STEM Legislation Would Give US Economy a Much Needed Boost

Postponing high-skilled immigration reform, that grants residencies to foreign-born graduates with advanced degrees, could cost America millions.

Obama Cabinet Picks: Women and Minorities Will Dominate 2013

Obama's 2013 cabinet will be the most diverse in American history. The President is in position to have State and Justice departments led by minority women.

8 Quirky Facts About the History of Christmas Trees

We all love them. Here are 8 interesting facts that you probably did not know about Christmas trees.

Rand Paul: Why He Will Not Be the Face of Libertarianism

Ron Paul has been the unofficial face of libertarianism for the past while. Who’s next to take up the call? It shouldn't be his son.

War On Christmas: Jon Stewart Destroys Ridiculous Fox News Myth

The Daily Show host makes a total mockery of the bogus "war on Christmas" charges from conservatives who actually think atheists are ruining Christmas.

Star Wars 7: Seven Reasons Why Jon Favreau Should Direct the New Movie

Seven reasons why Iron Man director Jon Favreau should direct Star Wars: Episode 7 for Lucasfilm.

Rihanna and Chris Brown: Pop Star Views on Sex Are Far From Feminist

While Chris Brown's misogyny remains a hot topic for discussion on Twitter, Rihanna's comments on sex and love reveal she may also ascribe to gender stereotypes.

Portal 2 and Batman Arkham City Lead Video Games Awards 2012 Nominations

The December 10 ceremony will be host by Zachary Levi. Presenters include Brooklyn Decker, and entertainment will be in charge of The Black Keys and deadmau5.

Conversion Therapy: Ban On Controversial Practice Struck Down In California

A California judge rejected a statewide ban on "conversion therapy." Why this is a setback for the gay rights movement.

Paul Ryan 2016: If He Intends to Fight Poverty as President, He Should Start Now

On Tuesday, Paul Ryan challenged the GOP to address poverty more directly, claiming that the war on poverty has failed so far, but Republicans can turn it around. Can he really do so in 2016?

The Hobbit Movie: 6 Reasons The Hobbit Breaks the Prequel Curse

'The Hobbit' has all of the ingredients necessary to be a successful prequel. Here's why this film will be a hit.

A Monument to Former President of Azerbaijan Now Source of Conflict in Mexico City

A monument to Azerbaijan's former president was erected in Mexico City. Now, human rights activists are struggling to remove this monument to an autocrat.

Mayan Doomsday: 7 Survivalist Gifts that Work For the Holidays or the End of Days

Seven wonderfully practical gifts that won't be returned, ever. They'll either last a lifetime, or do nicely in the event of the apocalypse.

Rihanna Diamonds Song Steals the Show at VS 2012 Fashion Show

Though Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars also performed at last night's Victoria's Secret extravaganza, it was RiRi who stole the show from the singers (and the models).

Why Ron Paul and Pope Benedict Agree That Americans Must Reject the War on Terror

U.S. foreign policy has rejected Christian values for at least the last six decades and lead us down the path to imperial overreach. Only a return to 'Just War' values can put us back on track.

Cory Booker Food Stamp Challenge: This Might Just Be a 2016 Publicity Stunt

Amid criticism, Mayor Cory Booker is eating on $4 a day and is reducing the stigma of food stamps.

John McAfee: VICE Gives Away the Fugitive's Location With Cellphone Metadata

VICE, which has been “embedded” with semi-fugitive John McAfee over the past few days while he evades authorities, accidentally gave away his exact location.

Jeffrey Hillman, Homeless NYC Man Who Went Viral, is Actually Not Homeless

Jeffrey Hillman, the supposed NYC homeless man NYPD Official Larry DePrimo gave a pair of boots to, is actually not homeless.

Obama Victory Margin Keeps Growing As Votes Get Counted

Obama won big. Let's admit it.

Zero Dark Thirty Movie: Is it Too Soon to Make a Film About Osama Bin Laden?

It is too soon for the film industry to sensationalize such a violent event? We are not ready to reflect on what this assassination really means for our nation and its future.

Bad Sex Award Winner: Nancy Huston Wins for the Worst Literary Sex Scene of 2012

'Infrared' author Nancy Huston nabs the Literary Review's 2012 Bad Sex Award, literature's most dreaded prize. Huston beat out the likes of Tom Wolfe and J.K. Rowling.

Elizabeth Warren: She is Bringing More Liberal Extremism to the Senate

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will likely serve on the Senate Banking Committee, where she can advance her highly progressive pro-consumer, anti-business views.

Drones in America: Startup Builds Tiny Surveillance Robots That Fit Through a Window

A military-grade startup, CyPhy Works, headed up by the co-founder of iRobot, unveiled prototypes of two small surveillance drones that could fly through a window or hover 1,000 feet in the air.

Kate Middleton Morning Sickness: Hospital Phone Prank By Australian DJs An Invasion of Privacy

Two DJs pretending to be the queen and Prince Charles have caused a stir for showing no respect for the privacy of an expectant mother.

Most Looked Up Words of 2012: Socialism and Capitalism Top the List

For the past few years Merriam-Webster has tracked the most looked up words of the year. In 2012 all the words were solidly politics oriented. "Socialism" and "capitalism" top the list.

Walmart May Be Partly to Blame For Bangladesh Fire That Killed 100

A report obtained by Bloomberg says this and other global corporations refused to pay for safety improvements in the country's manufacturing plants.

Hillary Clinton 2016: America Would Be Lucky If She Ran For President

Hillary Clinton has announced she will be resigning as secretary of state. Will she run for president in 2016? The Democrats should be so lucky.

New Israel Settlements: 5 Reasons They are Not a Punishment For UN Palestine Vote

Despite the narrative that new planned Israeli settlements are punishment for Palestine seeking and gaining UN observer status, the plan is part of normal Israeli growth.

Dave Brubeck Take Five: Remembering a Jazz Music Legend

In 1950s America Dave Brubeck defined jazz. In 2012, his name may be lesser known but his songs live on. On the day of his death, we take time to remember his musical legacy.

War on Christmas: Age and Experience Make You A Grinch Or A Cindy Lou Who

Reflections on why there is no longer joy in the holiday least not for all of us.

Hillary Clinton Polls: 57 Percent of Americans Support 2016 Presidential Run

After NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested her to succeeded him, a new ABC/Washington Post poll shows that Hillary would broad support if she decides to run for president in 2016.

Why it Makes Sense For the US to Intervene In Syria

Taking more action in Syria would not only help curve a humanitarian crisis but also serve U.S. interests.

Chen Kegui Trial Shows China Still Has Major Human Rights Issues

Due to the rapidly changing political and social landscape in China, human rights in the country deserve renewed attention.

Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons Explains the Fiscal Cliff

'The Simpsons' is getting all kinds of political. First, Homer voted for Mitt Romney, and now Montgomery Burns is explaining the 'fiscal cliff.'

Facebook Hopes to Kill Text Messaging With New IM Service

Facebook (FB) is unrolling a new instant messaging service for which you don't have to be a registered Facebook user or even own a smartphone.

China Human Rights: Why the Country Could Be the Next Myanmar

Will China's new leaders make the necessary changes on human rights in the next ten years? Unfortunately, it's unlikely.

Christie vs Booker for NJ Governor 2013: The Next Big American Political Drama

The presidential race left a substantial void in the national political discourse. The 2013 New Jersey gubernatorial race between Chris Christie and Cory Booker is the perfect filler.

Mykayla Comstock Parents Defend Allowing Their 7 Year Old to Use Medical Marijuana

The young leukemia patient is in the middle of a battle over whether children should be able to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Kate Middleton Baby: Add Another Royal Welfare Bum to the Family

Kate Middleton is pregnant, which means U.K. taxpayers will have yet another entitled Royal to subsidize while they endure harsh austerity measures.

Glenn Beck and Vince Vaughn Team Up on Upcoming TV Show

'Pursuit of Truth' will pit 20 documentary filmmakers against each other for the prize of financing and producing the winner's project.