iPad Mini vs iPad 4 Review: How They Stack Up

From iPad 4 to iPad mini, a brief guide on the pros and cons of Apple's veritable menu of iPads.

Kindle Fire HD Review: What You Need to Know Before Buying

An owner of the Kindle Fire HD explores its most important features and settings.

China J 15 Fighter Jet: Chinese Officials Defend New Fighter As Chinese Original, But Questions Remain

Recently, China rebuked critics who say that the PLA Navy's new fighter is a knockoff fighter built on Russian and US technology. China claims that the accusation is slanderous and false.

Ki Suk Han: Why Photographer Umar Abbasi Did Nothing Wrong in Capturing An Image of Death

Abbasi couldn’t save Han, and his camera was already in his hand. He did what a photographer does — documented life, even at its ugliest and at its end.

A Creative Solution You Have Never Heard to the Middle East Conflict

A solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict could involve giving Palestinian citizenship to Israelis living in any settlements that become part of a future Palestinian state.

29 Things I Hope I Never See Again in 2012

KONY. Lindsay Lohan. YOLO. Honey Boo Boo. Go away in 2013.

10 Words From 2012 That I Hope I Never See Again

A lot of went down in 2012. A lot of it though I prefer not to talk about beyond New Year's.

Bob Costas Gun Rant: The Blame Lies With Jovan Belcher, Not Guns

Costas tried to shift the discussion from Jovan Belcher as a murderer to Jovan Belcher as a victim of a society with too many guns. He's wrong.

Obama 2013 Tax Plan: Why the President is Gunning For the Rich

Increasing marginal tax rates on the top bracket will primarily affect those in the lower tier of the highest rate. Is that what the president actually wants?

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Reminds Us Sexism Goes Both Ways

'Self-Made Man: One Woman's Year Disguised as a Man' is extremely applicable to the current debate about the objectification of women. The book points out that men don't have it easy either.

Why Alan Simpson Wants You to Stop Instagramming Your Breakfast

The Chairperson of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform wants millennials to use social media to address the exploding national debt.

Jim DeMint, Ron Paul Sympathizer, Resigns to Lead Heritage Foundation

Senator Jim DeMint, who said the GOP should take Ron Paul and libertarians more seriously, has been named as the new head of premier conservative think tank.

Apple Moves Manufacturing Back to USA, Sets a Good Example For American Industry

With their renewed commitment to keeping jobs in the U.S., Apple can truly be held up as example of what American industry should strive for.

New Barbie Construction Set Will Inspire a Generation of Girl Engineers

Barbie products that encourage girls to create and build, not just to buy things and be pretty, represent a positive step by Mattel and for girls and women.

Immigration Reform: GOP Push for STEM Act Will Not Save the Party

Addressing immigration humanely would attract liberal voters to the GOP. But if policies do not provide a pathway to legalization, the larger Latino constituency may be less likely to bend.

East Jerusalem Settlements: Recent UN Vote Does Nothing to Stop Israel

Palestine's so-called upgrade to non-member observer state is a meaningless move. It fails to address the major problems that impede the creation of a true sovereign Palestinian state.

Michigan Right to Work Vote: Michigan Might Be the Next Wisconsin

Michigan GOP legislators take on right to work. What will be the cost on the state that's home to the Motor City?

Syria Civil War: US is Finally Preparing to Oust Assad in a Quick and Painless Way

The U.S. is showing signs of impending action against the Assad regime in Syria.

Doha Climate Conference: Youth Activists Battle the Status Quo in UN Event

Will yet another climate change conference go down the tubes? Not if this collection of young Arab activists gets their say.

U.S. Fiscal Cliff: What it Means For Millennials, and What You Can Do to Prepare

The twitterverse and the blogosphere are all talking about the "fiscal cliff." With such a name, surely this event is momentous, no? Well, let's find out, and what it means for millennials.

Jim DeMint Retiring: Nikki Haley to Appoint Replacement

In a major political shakeup, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint announced he is resigning from the U.S. Senate to head the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Syria Civil War: Israel Defends Assad on Chemical Weapons in Syria

Israel's Vice Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon says Assad has at least kept the chemical weapons out of the hands of extremists.

SAFER Act to Fund Processing of Rape Kits is a Bipartisan Victory for All

Rape kits sitting unprocessed for months or years have been a long running, outrageous, and often overlooked problem in this country. The SAFER Act will help change that.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why the Government is Failing You With This Fiscal Cliff Circus

"Fiscal Cliff" is a buzzword that tells us nothing we didn't already know: the current government, Democrats and Republicans alike, is inept.

Diversity Fail: GOP Names Only 1 Woman House Committee Chair

Many believe that the GOP's take on the "diversity challenge" was an epic fail. Is the appointment of only one congresswoman to the House Administration a step towards diversity or an insult?

Pena Nieto: Mexico President is Greeted by Tens of Thousands of Protesters

During Peña Nieto's swearing in as president of Mexico, a clash between protesters and the police left downtown Mexico City destroyed - a shame to the leftist radical movement.

Jim DeMint Resigns: 5 Possible Replacements For the South Carolina Senator

After South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint's abrupt resignation, speculation abounds as to the person Governor Nikki Haley will appoint to succeed him.

Tea Party: Bizarre Tea Party Email Claims Cure For Cancer, Showing That the Group Needs Major Reform

An urgent email blast was sent to all subscribers encouraging them to buy an encyclopedia set with the cure for cancer and other quackery. It's time for a Tea Party 3.0 comeback.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Congress Could Have Dodged This Calamity Months Ago

Congress continues to struggle with the fiscal cliff, but continues to increase the Department of Defense budget.

Abortion Rights: Why Pro Lifers Should Be Pro Birth Control

A recent study shows that in 2009, abortion rates fell faster than ever before because of birth control use.

Ohio GOP May Be Reversing Its Course on Abortion

Ohio Republicans have tabled the controversial heartbeat bill, as well as a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Are Republicans reversing course on anti-choice measures?

Israel Palestine Conflict: New Israeli Settlements Are Politically Calculated and Totally Unnecessary

Israel's announcement of plans to build in sensitive territory directly following the UN vote on Palestine is a deliberate maneuver by Netanyahu in advance of the nation's upcoming election.

Fiscal Cliff Deadline: Congress Knows What Needs to Cut, But Here's Why It's Not Happening

We’re really not short on ideas for cutting government spending. It's just a matter of actually implementing program cuts that have already been identified.

Israel Palestine Conflict: Israeli Settlements Announced as Punishment For Palestinian UN Statehood

Just when we thought Israel and Hamas took a leap towards peace with their ceasefire agreement, another decision shoves them two steps back.

Why Egyptians Should Demand an End to Islamist Government

Since the January Revolution, Egypt has gone Islamist. Egyptians have now a president affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Was Mubarak right to warn against the Muslim Brotherhood?