Top 50 Internet Memes of 2012

From "Forever Alone," to "Success Kid," to "Socially Awkward Penguin;" which ones where the most popular memes of 2012.

Does Psy Hate America? Before Gangnam Style, Psy Rapped About Killing Americans

In one foul swoop, Psy may go from being the most adored entertainer of 2012 to the most hated. Psy'a anti-American past has surfaced, and with it, some questions about the star's future.

Jacintha Saldanha Suicide: Do Not Blame Prankster DJs in the Death of Kate Middleton Nurse

If Jacintha Saldanha was willing to kill herself and leave a husband and two children behind to grieve, there had to be more going on than embarrassment or shame over falling for a stupid hoax.

Marijuana Legalization: Obama Warns States to Abide by Federal Law On Marijuana

The Obama administration warns Washington and Colorado that it intends to enforce the federal law against recreational marijuana use.

The Hobbit Release Date: On December 14, How Will This Prequel Fare?

'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' will be the first movie in a new prequel trilogy of 'The Lord of The Rings' franchise. Will it be as bad the 'Star Wars' prequel trilogy? Signs point to no.

Rand Paul: Rising Libertarians Should Follow Ron Paul Example to Stay Relevant

Did libertarian Ron Paul make the right decision when he compromised with the GOP, and how should his heir apparent, Rand Paul, learn from the election results?

What is DOMA? Defense of Marriage Act to Be Heard By Supreme Court

In a highly anticipated decision, the Supreme Court will announce whether it will consider the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, as well as California's Proposition 8.

Where is Gay Marriage Legal: Mexico Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Same Sex Couples

The Mexican government now embraces same-sex unions. Should we?

Abortion Is Murder, According to Fetal Homicide Laws

Feticide laws, ostensibly intended to protect pregnant women from physical abuse, actually directly contradict a woman's right to abortion, as Bei Bei Shuai's case shows.

Top 5 Most Inspiring Millennial Women of 2012

2012's five most influential and inspirational millennial women are bravely leading the fight for women’s rights and gender equality.

Real Unemployment Rate: U3 Drops to 7.7%, U6 Drops to 14.4% In November Jobs Report

If Gallup's latest poll on the employment picture in the United States is any indication, the unemployment rate likely increased last month.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: The One Infographic That Explains Everything

An amazing infographic by NerdWallet summarizes everything you need to know about the impending fiscal cliff.

Supreme Court DOMA and Prop 8: Justices Will Hear Gay Marriage Cases in 2013

For the first time ever, the Supreme Court has said they will hear arguments in cases debating the constitutionality of same-sex marriage.

Supreme Court DOMA: After Decades of Battle, Gay Rights Set to Have a Landmark Year

DOMA and other anti-gay marriage laws could be reversed over the next year. Determining the true impact of such a ruling is impossible to do without reviewing Court politics.

Gates Foundation Funds Development of High Tech Condoms

Innovative condom prevents babies, HIV, and then dissolves.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 Events: 6 Insider Tips to Get the Most Out of Art Basel

Art Basel Miami is the center of the art world for a few days in December. But if you're over it, or just overwhelmed, here are six insider recommendations for other art fairs and things to do.

Oscar 2013 Predictions: Magic Mike, Seven Psychopaths, and 5 Unlikely Nominees

With the critics' groups starting to give out their awards this week, the Oscar race is heating up. Here are five more movies the Academy shouldn't forget.

Marco Rubio 2016: Rubio Is the Change the GOP Desperately Needs

Marco Rubio is the rising start of the Republican Party. Will his youth, his ethnicity, his popularity, and his accomplishments by enough to win him the GOP spot in the 2016 election?

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve Have Arrived

The teaser trailer for 'Star Trek Into Darkness' has officially hit. While details are still shrouded in mystery the Japanese and American trailers do offer a glimmer of what's to come.

Tom Brady Baby: What It Means Heading Into Monday's Match-up With the Texans

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have had another child. Congratulations! But more importantly, how will this affect the Patriots offense against the Texans on Monday night?

Solar Power: Why Obama Should Let the Sun Go Down On Solar Energy Plans

There are a number of big problems with solar power that make it an unrealistic alternative energy source for the U.S. Obama would be smart to turn away from solar.

DOMA: How the Fourteenth Amendment Will Help Strike This Law Down

Not only is the tide of popular opinion moving clearly toward acceptance of same-sex couples, but there’s important legal precedent that will influence the Supreme Court decision.

5 Ways Millennials Are Getting Screwed By the Fiscal Cliff 2013

With the cliff looming ever nearer, let us pause for a moment to consider how exactly millennials will get screwed when our leaders fail to come to any agreement.

The Top 12 Most Epic Fails of 2012

Sure, there was joy in 2012, but there was also a whole lot of failure. Here are the 12 biggest fails from the year that was.

DOMA Supreme Court: Gay Marriage Set to Go to Supreme Court, and It's About Damn Time

On Friday, SCOTUS will determine if they will hear arguments on whether gays and lesbians have a constitutionally protected right to marry. It's high time they said "yes."

Amazing Race 21: Proof That This is the Perfect Millennial Reality Show

'The Amazing Race' provides an excellent combination of interpersonal drama, exotic destinations, competition, and class, making it the best on-air escape for millennials.

Syria Civil War: The End of Assad Means an Islamic Winter

The Arab Spring promised democracy, love and peace in the Middle East. That is, until reality ended the delusion.

End of the World: Australian PM Julia Gillard Warns of Possible Zombie Apocalypse

If a politician said it, it MUST be true.

DOMA and Prop 8 Explained: Why These Will Be the Biggest Issues in 2013

Both proponents and opponents of marriage equality want the Supreme Court to be the final arbiter on gay marriage. Therefore, gay marriage will be a hotly debated in the coming year.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6: Why Geeks Are Becoming the New Cool Kids

How The Big Bang Theory has shaped our views on the "geek."

Susan G Komen Rep Plans Race to the Senate, After Failed Race to the Cure

Karen Handel, vilified in the media for her efforts at Komen Foundation to defund grants to Planned Parenthood, is in the national limelight by a comeback to plan a primary bid for U.S. Senate.

TIME Magazine Person of the Year 2012: Robin Roberts, and Cory Booker Should Have Been Nominated

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are certainly deserving of being the 'TIME Magazine' person of the year. But missing from the list of nominee were a whole lot of people who deserved a nod.

Marijuana Legalization: Washington Is A Sideshow in Larger Battle Over States Rights

In the conflict over marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado, many will have to choose between morality and liberty. It's creating some strange bedfellows in Congress.

Ki Suk Han Subway Death: A Tragic Death Hits Close to Home

We put our lives in the hands of complete strangers multiple times every day. The norm is that nothing happens. The tragic death of Ki Suk Han is the exception.

Chris Christie vs Cory Booker: The Hottest Race of 2013

If Chris Christie and Cory Booker compete for the governorship in 2013, the nation will be captivated by a hotly contested race involving two of its best politicians.

Google WWF Drones: Google Supplies WWF With Drones to Help Stop Poachers in Africa

The drones will be used to track illegal poachers in Africa, who are hunting endangered rhinos, elephants, and tigers and killing them for their ivory horns, tusks, and eyes.

Holiday Books 2012: Pete Hamill Brings Holiday Cheer to 1940s Brooklyn

The Grinch-y funk we can fall into for a few days each holiday season, can be counteracted with Pete Hamill’s lovely collection of short stories, 'The Christmas Kid: And Other Brooklyn Stories.'

If the Supreme Court Was Filled With 20 Somethings, Here Is How It Would Rule on Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court is expected to announce on Friday whether or not it will address challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act. How would an all-millennial SCOTUS rule?

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch is Here

J. J. Abrams' 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' the much anticipated sequel to 2009's 'Star Trek' premieres on May 17, 2013. Watch the teaser trailer here.

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey: The Lord of the Rings Prequel Falls into the Franchise Trap

'The Hobbit' hits theaters on December 14. Of course the world is excited, but at what point will people finally be fed up with all of these Hollywood franchises?

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Republicans Are Preparing to Cave on Taxes With the Help of Coulter and Kristol

Here’s a prediction: next week, Republicans will join Democrats in extending the Bush tax cuts for the middle class while allowing them to expire on the top 2% of earners. Here's the proof.

DOE Energy Innovation Hub Chicago: A 21st Century Manhattan Project for Clean American Energy

Could the next Einstein be working on the world’s most powerful battery outside Chicago? As of Friday, it's entirely possible, as part of a new DOE initiative to create energy innovation hubs.

David Axelrod Mustache: On Morning Joe, Obama Adviser Shaves It For Charity

On Morning Joe, David Axelrod's famous whiskers came off for a good cause: to support epilepsy research.

How to Buy Kids Christmas Gifts Without Teaching Sexism

As the holiday shopping season approaches, now more than ever is the time to let children decide what kind of toys speak to them, regardless of gender stereotypes.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why Obama and Boehner Are Actually Very Close to Reaching a Deal

With the deadline fast approaching, the president and speaker are opting for the most efficient type of negotiation possible — a refreshing move compared to the glacial progress so far.

Cyrano de Bergerac Broadway: Can There Ever Be Love Without Physical Attraction

'Cyrano de Bergerac' at the Roundabout Theatre tackles the concept of love in an interesting, if binary, way. Is it possible love someone purely due to intellect, or purely for looks?

Morsi Power Grab By Decree Could Be Leading Egypt Into An Arab Winter

Minority democrats and democratically-elected autocrats square off: Without the military weighing in, could this lay the groundwork for perpetual war?

2013 Grammy Nominations: Jay Z, Frank Ocean and Fun. Tie for the Lead

There's no "21" or "Dark Twisted Beauty" dominating this years list of Grammy nominees. Instead, the 2012 nominations showcase a year dominated by single tracks rather than complete albums.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: How Obama Can Save the Economy

If Obama truly wants to keep America from going off the fiscal cliff, he can start by looking at budget cuts in his own home — the White House.

Facebook and Twitter Will Never Replace Grassroots Politics

Although social media played a more prominent role in the past election season than ever before, it still cannot replace older methods of grassroots politics.

Hurricane Sandy Likely Devastated Jobs Numbers, Too

In addition to wreaking havoc on the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy likely drove down employment numbers for the month of November.

November Unemployment Numbers: No Miracle But Happier Holidays For Millions

November's unemployment numbers didn't represent a repeat of our 2011 Christmas Miracle dropping below 9% for the first time in 2 1/2 years. But for millions it will be a happier holiday.