What MIA's New "Bad Girls" Video Says About Arabs

Despite her penchant for political commentary, MIA's latest work seems to perpetuate tired stereotypes of the Arab world.

President Obama and George W. Bush Were Right to Bailout U.S. Auto Industry

Allowing the auto companies to fail in 2008 would have contributed to a second Great Depression.

With Hulu and Netflix, Will Millennials Ever Go Out to the Movie Theater Anymore?

DVDs, video games, Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu are keeping young people from the cinema, resulting in rising ticket prices and declining movie industry profits.

Amidst Birth Control Debate, Should the "Morning After" Pill Be Available in a Vending Machine?

The “morning after” pill has been available in a vending machine to students at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania for about two years.

This Week at PolicyMic: Rita Solomon on The Week, New Story Queue, & Your Feedback

Every Friday, the PolicyMic team highlights three cool things that happened on PolicyMic that week and outlines a few major questions that we need your help answering.

Ron Paul Will Win Maine, Mitt Romney's Momentum Will Diminish

Paul will be the favored to win because of all the candidates, he has concentrated the most time and money on this state and has already gathered an army of supporters.

To Maintain a Strong Military and Cut its Addiction to Foreign Oil, America Must Develop Cost-Effective Alternative Energy

If America wants to maintain a strong military while also reducing our dependence on foreign oil, we need to make alternative fuels commercially viable to strip oil of its strategic status.

At CPAC, Mitt Romney Speech Fails to Dazzle

Though laced with rhetoric promising constituents he is of their people, Romney's speech failed to regain support he has lost.

Barack Obama Was Right on Contraception Coverage Requirement

The policy of requiring contraception coverage for women is not meant to infringe upon religious freedom so much as it is focused on the rights of women.

Modified Or Not, Barack Obama's Contraception Coverage Requirement is Still Wrong

Obama’s attempt to force organizations to provide contraceptive options in spite of the organizations religious beliefs is causing a backlash, one that could damage him irreparably.

Facebook Super PAC Raises $170K in Q1, Likely To Support Democrats And Republicans In 2012

The $100 billion-valued social network has entered the super PAC wars likely to support national, state, and local campaigns from across the political spectrum.

Contraception Debate is a Losing Issue for Republicans in 2012, and Barack Obama Knows It

The contraception coverage debate is exposing social conservatives as anti-choice and anti-women's privacy rights and risks sinking GOP candidates come election season.

Is President Obama Really a Socialist?

Does Obama's support for a mild adjustment of tax rates make him socialist? Do any of his policies qualify him as a socialist?

How New Startup Knewton Will Solve the Global Education Crisis

CEO Jose Ferreira has an ambitious agenda to fix global education, and he might just do it.

Newt Gingrich Co-Opts Millennials' Progressive Ideas on Social Security

Unless Gingrich decides to expand social security and create new government programs, he should stop using progressive rhetoric to talk about the social safety net he intends to destroy.

MTV and Facebook Partner to Put College Affordability at the Tips of Students' Fingers

Through a new Facebook app, MTV hopes to reach out to students who did not think college was even a possibility.

After Twitter Incident, Liberal Blogger Hamza Kashagari Hunted Down By Saudi Inquisition

A witch-hunt in the Kingdom has erupted by the Saudi clerical establishment to root out “liberals” who seek a more modern, open and tolerant approach in Saudi society.

Newt Gingrich Embodies Everything That is Wrong With American Politics

Gingrich won't win the nomination, but the strength of his candidcacy shows that hypocrisy need not be an obstacle in American politics.

Obama's Flip-Flop on Super PACs Undermines His Image as a Righteous Campaign Finance Reformer

Obama’s decision to flip-flop on Supe-PACs undermines his efforts to present himself as the righteous campaign finance reformer.

Time for NATO to Lead a Military Intervention to Stop the Bloodshed in Syria

The daily slaughter of the Syrian people in Homs and elsewhere must stop. If President Bashar al-Assad continues to refuse to do so, the time has come for the the West to step in.

Bashar al-Assad Slaughters Syrian People, Puts Russia in Tough Spot With Its Long-Time Ally

After vetoing a UN resolution to force al-Assad to step down, Russia takes on the position of negotiator, but they need to be firm with Syria, not accomodating.

One Year Anniversary of the Revolution, Where is Yemen Now?

Elections are scheduled to take plan on February 21, but most Yemenis don't even have access to electricity and running water.