Boko Haram is Not Nigeria's Major Threat, Lack of Trust in the Government Is

Despite Nigeria's recent troubles, the real threat to the state is a crisis of trust which must be urgently addressed.

Why the Federal Government, Not States, Should Regulate the Environment

National laws are necessary to protect the environment; state-specific regulations will not work.

FDA-Required Calorie Counts for Fast Food Restaurants Will Not Curb the Obesity Epidemic

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is requiring that chain restaurants list calorie counts on their menus. This legislation is not a solution to the obesity issue that is plaguing our country.

"Persecuted" Atheists in America Need a New Perspective

Atheists say they face discrimination in America, but in other parts of the world, people are killed for their religious convictions.

NY Knicks' Jeremy Lin: The Linsanity of Faith Wins 5 in a Row

Jeremy Lin is the biggest name to come out of Harvard since Barack Obama. It's Linsanity in New York City!

How Would You Define 'Tradition'?

Is the Super Bowl an example of "tradition"? How about China's One Child policy or the dresses worn by the indigenous Ngabes community in Panama?

Amidst Renewed Tensions Between Britain and Argentina, UN Must Step in to Resolve Falkland Islands Dispute

A United Nations mediation of the Argentina-United Kingdom conflict is the only way to resolve the dispute over the Falkland Islands.

Washington Post Investigation Reveals Complete Lack of Transparency Surrounding Congressional Earmarks

A new investigation by the Washington Post says 33 members of Congress have directed more than $300 million in earmarks near their own property.

Prop 8 Ruling Brings Progress on LGBT Rights in America, But Anti-Gay Discrimination Remains the Norm in Uganda and South Africa

LGBT advocates and progressive allies must translate the celebration and momentum from victories in our own communities to a greater leadership role on the global stage.

Ahead of the Grammys, Lady Gaga Shows How Celebrities Can Make a Difference

While some celebrities (e.g. Lindsay Lohan) have cringe-worthy public personas, others use their clout to adopt causes that otherwise would go overlooked.

Mitt Romney Wins Maine Caucus, As Ron Paul the Libertarian Loses

Is Paul's campaign on life support?

Andrew Breitbart Blows Up at OWS Protesters at CPAC

The best response to partisan anger is to do nothing at all: to just forget about it.