Sexism, Stereotypes Fill Valentine's Day: Are Americans Stuck in a 'Mad Men' Dating Mentality?

Valentine’s Day dating advice shows that when it comes to relationships, we’re still stuck in an out-dated 1950s mentality.

UC Berkeley, Hampshire, and Columbia: Three Most Politically Active College Campuses

Every U.S. college campus has a political presence, but there are a particular few with a political fervor that reaches far beyond the norm.

Could Saudi Arabia and Iran Soon Engage in a Nuclear Cold War?

If Saudi Arabia goes nuclear, together with Iran, the Middle East will experience signifcant geopolitical shifts.

NCAA Sending Right Message to UCONN Basketball By Keeping Huskies From Post-Season

Academic standards are already low enough for student athletes and UCONN should have to meet them before being let off of their punishment.

To Ease Airport Lines, TSA Expands Expedited Security Screening Across U.S.

TSA announced the expansion of PreCheck, an expedited screening initiative. But, while it will be available at more airports, the program is still available only to a limited number of travelers.

Are GOP Plans to Defund Public Transportation An Attack On Urbanites & Minorities? No.

A recent Salon article highlighted the Tea Party's "war" on mass transit. Here's why it was inaccurate.

What to Expect From Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's U.S. Visit

Xi Jinping, China's president-in-waiting, will visit the U.S. to shore up U.S.-China relations next week. Will this visit fundamentally affect the future of the two countries?

How Could Fox News Win the War Against Media Matters?

Media Matters' campaign against Fox is coming to a conclusion with the publication of David Brock's new book, "The Fox Effect." How can Fox fight back?

Barack Obama's Landmark Affordable Care Act Has Been Wrongly Criticized By the Right

Unfortunately, the "Obamacare" has been subject to some extremely ruthless attacks that are, in infact, false.

Don't Believe the Budget Bashing, Barack Obama's Capital Gains Tax Won't Harm the Economy

Obama's proposed capital gains tax increase would raise revenue without damaging investment too much. However, it's wrongly motivated by a desire for progressivity.

Glee’s “The Spanish Teacher” Shows Why Ethnic Studies Matters

The purpose of ethnic studies is not to reveal white oppression, but rather to reveal the contributions, histories, worldviews, and moral and political worth of people of color.

New York Knicks Asian American Star Jeremy Lin Proving NBA Cultural Stereotypes Are Baseless

In a sport dominated by African-American players and popularized in poorer urban areas, Lin just doesn’t fit the mold.

Jeremy Lin Is The Most Important Asian American Role Model Ever

In his quick rise to success, Jeremy Lin is doing more than reigniting the New York Knicks' fan base: He is developing into potentially the most important Asian American role model ever.

'The Notebook,' 'Casablanca' and 7 Other Classic Movies That Show Lessons of Love

A compilation of some of the greatest romantic movies and cheesy lessons we can learn from these treasured love stories. Cynics, beware.

Catholic Church Should Focus On the Poor, Not Barack Obama's Birth Control Issue

The Catholic Church's opposition to birth control is unwarranted.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Super PACs Are a Plague to Democracy

The influence of PACs in the American political process allows wealthy individuals, corporations, and unions to sway elections.

TRICARE: The Blueprint to Lowering America's Health Care Costs

A health insurance system based on the military's health insurance program, TRICARE, is the path to lower costs and increased coverage.

Young Tunisian Democracy Faces First Freedom of Expression Fight After 'Persepolis' Protests

The newly-elected Tunisian government needs to make a strong proclamation that it will protect the right to freedom of expression.

2012 Election Between Barack Obama and GOP Candidate Demands Civility and Compromise

The 2012 election must commence a return to civility and statesmanship if we are to realize our best days remain ahead and not behind us. Compromise must rule the day.

On Valentines Day Use the eHarmony of Elections to Find Your Perfect Candidate in 2012

Just as eHarmony helps you find the perfect dinner date, ElectNext helps you to find your perfect candidate.

Crippling U.S. Sanctions on Iran Bring Year of Economic Jihad

Sanctions have taken a devastating toll on the Iranian economy, and the West should welcome an economic uprising against the destructive Iranian regime with open arms.

Congress Should Not Stonewall President Obama's $8 Billion Community College Initiative

Neither party in Congress is willing to fund our community college system to expand our workforce.

Why We Shouldn't Idolize and Memorialize Joe Paterno

While Paterno should be honored as man, the public should not forget that he was a villain.