Why I Quit Facebook, and Why You Ought to Join Me

Facebook may be dominating social media, but it doesn't have to dominate your life. Quitting Facebook can and will improve your life by forcing you to nurture relationships and create new bonds.

Felipe Calderon’s War Against Mexican Drug Cartels Has Opened Up Pandora's Box

After his attempt to crack down on drug cartels, Mexican President Felipe Calderón is leaving a Mexico torn by violence to whoever succeeds him after July's elections.

Cincinnati High School Starts Paying Kids to Attend School: Are Incentives Good For Education?

Incentivizing attendance and behavior at school could be a good idea to better education.

Would John McCain Win If He Ran Against President Barack Obama in the 2012 Election?

Though a race between McCain and Obama in 2012 would possibly be closer than in 2008, McCain would ultimately lose again.

Today's Democrats Are Not Real Liberals

These days, a 'liberal' is usually considered to be someone who is pro-choice, anti-war, and in favor of gun control. But can these policy preferences really be called liberal?

Occupy Valentine's Day? February 14 Turns Into a Global Day of Protest, From Pakistan to Hawaii

Different cities across the world demonstrate against the hate and violence they experience daily during the day meant to celebrate love.

Why PETA Should Use Food Justice, Not Sexy Sexual Innuendo, to Attract More to Their Cause

A new, attention-grabbing PETA commercial uses the shock and awe of sexual imagery to dazzle the public into agreement, instead of tying its campaign to the burgeoning food justice movement.

Should the U.S. Be Concerned About Australia's Energy Security Model?

Given Australia’s growing importance as a strategic American ally, the U.S. should take a hard look at Australia’s new energy policy.

Rick Santorum Can Win the GOP Nomination if Social Conservatism Trumps Fiscal Conservatism in 2012

If this election is about social conservatism, Rick Santorum could become the GOP nominee. If it's about fiscal conservatism, he has no chance.

Hugo Chavez Will Face Stiff Opposition From Henrique Capriles Radonski in Venezuela's October Elections

Radonski has united the historically divided conservative opposition, making the October election against Chavez the toughest yet for the ailing socialist.

HP, Motorola, and Veolia: 3 Companies Profiteering in Israel-Palestine

These three companies are making off with huge profits from the Israeli government's occupation of Palestine.

Weak Land Rights in Africa Make Way For A New Type of Colonialism

Multinational corporations are snapping up land on the African continent, targeting states where institutions are weak and customary land laws are ignored, causing concern for future conflicts.

Best in Show: Having a Howl at Madison Square Garden, Dog Enthusiasts Show They're as Passionate as Political Junkies

Dog lovers are as passionate as political junkies, as the 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, recently concluded at Madison Square Garden in New York showed.

Why We Shouldn't Idolize and Memorialize Joe Paterno

While Paterno should be honored as man, the public should not forget that he was a villain.

Introducing the Rebel Leader: And Interview With PolicyMic's Jesse Merkel, a Passionate Mitt Romney Fan

The following is an interview given by PolicyMic Editor Jordan Wolf to Pundit Jesse Merkel, the current "Rebel Leader" on the site.

'Rombo' Ad Is a Smart Way For Rick Santorum to Retaliate Against Mitt Romney in Michigan

The "Rombo" ad aims to take advantage of social media to go around the money barriers in this primary race. It's strategic gold.

Occupy Wall Street Has Forced Politicians to Address "99% v. 1%" Economic Inequality As a Key 2012 Election Issue

The growing rift between the “1%” and the “99%” will be a central issue in the 2012 elections.

3 Ways Millennials Can Make Better Strategic Defense Policy Choices Than Previous Generations

If millennials can be a bit more strategic and consistent in our foreign, security, and defense policy than the last generation, the choices we make could do more good than harm to our world.

In Light of Media Matters' Attack, Fox News Must Clean Up its Act and Become More Fair and Balanced

Liberal media watchdog group Media Matters was right to go after Fox News starting in 2004 for its unfair and unbalanced reporting.

Susan Komen Should Use Planned Parenthood Debacle to Reevaluate its Responsibilities to Women's Health

Komen has redefined the women's health conversation around the diseases unique to women (i.e. breast cancer), rather than the diseases from which women suffer most (i.e. depression).

Will Mitt Romney Adopt Libertarian Policies in Order to Sway Delegates From Ron Paul?

If the Republican nominee has to incorporate libertarian policies to win Ron Paul's delegates it will produce an even more confused GOP with slimmer chances in 2014.

Why I Don't Care About New York Knicks Star Jeremy Lin, And Why You'd Be Wise to Do the Same

A Harvard-educated Lin doesn't deserve more praise than scores of other NBA players who have struggled through adversity to attain success. Like John Wall.

Linsanity: Top 6 Ivy League Athletes Not Named Jeremy Lin

Here are some notable Ivy League alumni who have also had success in professional sports.