Why Are Millenials So Against Baby Boomers?

If millennials really want to save the world, they should stop blaming past generations for their problems, and follow these guidelines.

Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Kate Upton Reinforces Positive Body Image For Women

Upton is a bold and commendable reassurance to young girls, showing that “normal” is beautiful.

5 Things Americans Should Know About Working With the Poor in Central America

Operating principals in poor areas are not the same as in the first world. Here are five examples of how to improve our understanding of the developing world.

To Curb Health Care Costs and National Debt, Barack Obama Promises Tobacco Free America In Second Term [Satire]

An anonymous source in the White House told PolicyMic: "As long we use big words and our press releases sound real science-y, we can get away with almost anything."

America's Cozy Relationship With Saudi Arabia Shows Hypocrisy of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East

America's inconsistent policy of supporting some Middle Eastern tyrants like Saudi Arabia, while chastise others like Syria is detrimental to our long-term interests in the region.

President Obama's Broken Promise to Africa

President Obama could have played a key role in transforming Africa. But three years after his inauguration, he has instead veered away from embracing his father’s home continent.

Muslim Brotherhood Warns U.S. that Aid Cut May Affect Treaty with Israel

The Muslim Brotherhood has threatened to sever Egypt's peace treaty with Israel if the U.S. cuts off foreign aid to Egypt. If this is not resolved, post-Mubarak Egyptian democracy could collapse.

Putin's Kiss and the Power of Doubt

A new Russian documentary provides a deeper understanding of the impact and importance of the rise of the opposition movement in Russia.

U.S. Marines Caught Posing With Nazi SS-Like Flag is Serious Offense

The U.S. military needs to improve the training of its recruits to prevent offenses by its soldiers like the recent "SS flag incident."

Shippensburg University's Birth Control Vending Machine Promotes Safe Sex and Women's Reproductive Health

Dispensing emergency contraception out of a vending machine may not be a perfect system, but it is an important (and ingenious) step towards easy, affordable access to contraception for women.

Argentina, Not the UK, is the Colonial Power in the Falkland Islands

Argentina must accept the self determination of the Falkland Islands, whose inhabitants identify as British. The hypocritical rhetoric coming from Buenos Aires is dangerous and unnecessary.

Should I Get a Flu Shot?

People who are at highest risk for the flu are the elderly and the very young, but anyone can get the flu. The vaccines are relatively harmless and the immunizations are beneficial.

Why More Quantitative Easing By the Fed is Not the Answer to Unemployment

An additional round of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve should not be enacted to combat unemployment.

Newt Gingrich Deceives the Public With His New Facebook Timeline

Gingrich has taken social media by storm with his use of Facebook to reach out to voters. However, Gingrich’s carefully-crafted Timeline leaves out many controversial details about his past.

Would America Still Be a Superpower if Not for Barack Obama?

The GOP is quick to blame President Obama for sacrificing America's superpower status. But, the U.S. decline would be occurring if John McCain or Ralph Nader were in the White House.

Why the Occupy Wall Street Movement Will Soon Be Forgotten

Without a concerted effort to change from mere advocates into legitimate policy makers, the vaunted Occupy protests are destined to fade into obscurity.

Ron Paul, Occupy Wall Street, and Anonymous Show Unique Activist Strategies to Influence the Political System

Ron Paul, Occupy Wall Streeters, and Anonymous hactavists all support a transfer of information and freedom to the citizens using extreme, unconventional and in some cases, illegal measures.

In Attacks Against Mormon Beliefs of GOP Candidate Mitt Romney, Jewish Nobel Prize Winner Elie Wiesel Goes Too Far

Regrettable remarks by a Nobel Prize winning defender of religious freedom show America still has a double standard towards certain religions.

How China Became the European Union's Lender of Last Resort

China's plans to invest in the EU’s bailout fund have more political significance than economic, as this will strengthen China’s increasingly strong bargaining hand in global politics.

Not Problematic That Climate Change Skeptic Heartland Institute Took Donations From Microsoft and GM

The libertarian Heartland Institute came under fire Wednesday for its controversial climate change policy, but keep a few things to keep in mind before casting judgement.

A Young Newt Gingrich Would Have Joined Occupy Wall Street

Who knew that Gingrich used to support the same ideals as OWS?

Is Jon Stewart Right? Are Americans Dumb When It Comes to News?

Are international readers more sophisticated than their American counterparts?