Why Isn't Fox News Commentator Eric Bolling Being Fired For His "Crack Pipe" Comment?

Fox News personalities have a history of making controversial remarks. As ratings go higher, these comments are becoming more and more outrageous. Where is the journalistic integrity?

Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand: Potential Democratic Candidates For President in 2016

It’s not too early to start thinking about 2016. Here are the big names for that election, on the Democratic side.

An American War With Iran Will Not Happen, Iranian Nuclear Advances Will Lead to Inevitable Diplomacy

When it comes to nuclear management on the international level, in the long run confrontation has always given way to diplomacy.

New York Knicks Star Jeremy Lin Experiencing 'Black Swan' Effect

Jeremy Lin's on-court performance has triggered "Linsanity," a Black Swan event that is unprecedented, hugely impactful, and already starting to be explained away with hindsight.

India Chooses France Over Russia and America in One of the Biggest Military Aircraft Deals Ever

America’s close cooperation with Pakistan certainly didn’t help it to secure its F-16 and F/A-18 bid with India.

Millionaires Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Show That Presidential Contests Will Only Ever Be For the Rich

Money is becoming the focus of most elections today and has become a barrier for average citizens to attain the presidency.

1.8 Million Dead People Registered to Vote in 2012: Do We Need Voter ID Laws?

Voter ID laws would only infringe on freedoms granted by the Constitution, and could lead to tighter government control.

Capture of Drug Lord in Mexico Cartel War Only Shows That Work Still Needed to End Crisis

Jaime Herrera Herrera, a major Mexican drug cartel figure who helped expand the methamphetamine market, has finally been captured, but it is time for more concise plans to end the violence now.

First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Initiative to Combat Childhood Obesity Falls Short

Michelle Obama's initiatives have alleviated the problem of child obesity, but address only half the problem. She must focus on getting kids off the couch and out on the field.

Rick Santorum Tells North Dakota to Fear Iranian Terrorists

Republican presidential candidate Santorum has taken fear mongering to a new level. Claiming Iran will use its nuclear program to attack the US is reckless and reprehensible.

Planned Parenthood Facebook Photo Going Viral Highlights Need For More Women in Government

We need more women holding positions in the highest spots of government. The Go Run Project Can solve that.

This Week at PolicyMic: Kwaku Osei Blows Up on Twitter, Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, & Your Feedback

Every Friday, the PolicyMic team highlights three cool things that happened on PolicyMic that week and outlines a few major questions that we need your help answering.

Linsanity: Asian American Role Model Jeremy Lin Should Be Cautious At the Top

As Asian-Americans, we're new to the role model stars. But while the "Linsanity" hype is intoxicating, we have to be careful.

Jeremy Lin, Rick Santorum and Tim Tebow Form a 'Holy Trinity' As Evangelicalism Takes the Limelight In Sports And Politics

Evangelicalism is the new status quo for success in sports and politics.

Barack Obama Will Win the Latino Vote in 2012

Despite inconsistent responses to issues of immigration, recent proposals by the Obama administration will prompt Latinos to continue supporting Obama and reelect him in 2012.

Barack Obama’s 2013 Budget Supports Energy Security and Innovation in Industries Like Solar Power

The FY13 budget makes smart investments in the Department of Energy’s program and also recognizes the critical importance of energy security promotion through the Department of Defense.

With Citizens United Decision and Rise of Super PACs in 2012 Election, Now is the Time for Campaign Finance Reform

It is time for serious and lasting campaign finance reform in light of the landmark Citizens United decision and the rise of Super PACs.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s Long, Hard and Dirty Fight For Re-Election in France

Facing a steep battle for re-election, Sarkozy must compromise with the far-right as a means of gaining a second term in the Elysee Palace.

After Violent Coup, Maldives in Political Turmoil

Ambassador Neelam Deo discusses the implications of President Nasheed's violent ouster in the Maldives.

Barack Obama's Budget Proposal Has No Room for D.C.'s Low-Income Students, and Focuses On Failed Education Policies

Obama's budget proposal pours money into the Department of Education while sending over 1,600 low-income students back into D.C.'s failing public school system.

5 Campain Slogans for President Obama in 2012

President Barack Obama used killer campaign slogans in 2008 to start a movement for "hope" and "change". Four years later, here are a few ways he can recapture momentum.

Rick Santorum is a Big Government Social Conservative, Mitt Romney is the Only Choice to Fix the Economy

If the 2012 election is still about the economy, government spending, and debt & deficit reduction, Romney’s track record easily trumps that of the Bush Republican Rick Santorum.

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and the Rest of GOP Pack Are Lacking In the Realm of Foreign Policy

With all that has happened around the world during Obama's term, it is astonishing that the candidates for the GOP nomination have said so little on what their foreign policy actually is.

The United States Must Continue to Fully Fund the United Nations and Congress Must Oppose H.R. 2829

Congress must continue to support the imperative engagement of the United Nations by fully funding our financial obligation.

How Do I Do My Taxes? TurboTax, myAT&T, and 5 iPhone Apps to Help Millennials Manage Their Money

Adulthood isn’t easy. But, with the help of these apps, perhaps we’ll soften the blow of being kicked out of the bird’s nest and onto the streets of the real world.