A Really Inconvenient Truth: Global Warming is Not Real

We have spent way too much time and money trying to fix a problem that many scientists say does not even exist. The days of believing in global warming need to end

Spain's Lost Millennial Generation? As Youth Unemployment Hits 50%, Spain's Future Could Suffer

The consequences of youth unemployment will affect the country as brain drain becomes a concern.

President Obama Invokes Teddy Roosevelt, But He's More Like FDR

As Obama faces low poll numbers and an increasingly adversarial Congress, he is invoking the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt while practicing the politics of Franklin Roosevelt.

Super Bowl 2012: Are You Ready for Some Football?

As a snooty European, I have almost no interest in American football, but as an Indianapolis resident, it’s difficult to avoid the carnival atmosphere that has begun to pervade "Nap Town."

Peace Corps Decision to Abandon El Salvador and Honduras Leaves Central America to Hang Out to Dry

With increasing insecurity in Central America, Peace Corps' decision to leave El Salvador and Honduras will set back social progress in the hemisphere.

Congress Should Vote to Make the District of Columbia a State

Congress should use its authority under Article 4 of the Constitution to admit the District as a new state.

Who is Saul Alinsky? Just Another Pawn in the Paranoid-Fueling Style of American Politics

The recent name-dropping of Saul Alinsky by conservatives is a part of a larger trend of the paranoid style in American politics.

U.S. Nuclear Treaty With Iran - Why Not?

If Washington can engage India constructively on nuclear issues after 30 years of pretending New Delhi did not have nuclear technology, the same is possible with Iran.

Why I'm Evangelical and Voting for President Obama in 2012

President Barack Obama has made clear moves against politicians profiting from their position in office.

New York Should Raise Minimum Wage From $7.25 to $8.50

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's bill to raise NYS minimum wage to $8.50 would be more effective if it considered enterprises' net income and location and workers' age.

Leon Panetta Right to Call For 2013 Withdraw of U.S. Troops From Afghanistan

Mitt Romney has criticized the 2013 exit of U.S. troops from the country, but his criticism is misguided. America should leave ASAP.

Why We Should Continue to Use the LSAT

The LSAT is beneficial because it allows schools to compare students for admission and gives students an equal shot at getting into their dream school.

Why Mitt Romney's Wealth Negatively Impacts His Presidential Chances

If Romney really cared about the future of America, he would not horde his wealth. He should use it to build institutions targeting low-income and poor children.

Spanking is the Wrong Way for Parents to Discipline Children

Parents that I have interviewed in the course of 15 years as a child therapist believe rightfully that spanking is not an effective way to discipline children.

Deadly Egypt Soccer Riot Ends in Bloodshed of More Than 70

Wednesday's shocking violence after a soccer match in Port Saed, Egypt, is tragic but hardly shocking. Until Middle East countries take security seriously, such a horrific event will continue.

After Susan Komen Pulls Funding for Planned Parenthood, Pro-Choice Supporters Misunderstand the Pro-Life Position

Pro-choice people often fundamentally misunderstand the pro-life perspective. If we try to imagine a world in which abortion is murder, then most of our arguments stop making sense.

As GOP Primaries Come to an End, Americans Elect Begins

It’s now too late in the process for any new candidate to enter the race through either major party. So what’s a concerned voter to do?

As Tension Rise, the U.S. Should Stand with Egypt's Civil Society to Develop Democracy

By vigorously supporting and defending the right of diverse civil society organizations to operate in Egypt, the U.S. can bring a commitment to democratic reform in the Middle East.

With its New Privacy Policy, Is Google Going Evil?

The public outrage over Google's new privacy policy is unwarranted.

Despite Florida Primary Win, Mitt Romney Faces Uphill Battle for Hispanic Vote

Romney’s win gives his campaign much needed momentum. But whether Romney can steal some of the Hispanic vote away from Obama in the general election remains to be seen.

Does the Democratic Party Neglect African American Voters?

Former Political Director of the DNC Clyde Williams discusses the state of politics in the African American community.