When the Payroll Tax Holiday Ends in 2013, Taxes Will Go Through the Roof

Come 2013, America is scheduled for its largest tax increase ever, and the majority of Americans will feel the impact deeply.

Are Women in the Media Only Portrayed As Sex Icons? Statistics Show a Massive Gender Imbalance Across Industries

A recent report by the Women’s Media Center has provided dismaying statistical data on the status of women in U.S. media.

Whitney Houston's Death Highlights the Dangers of Xanax, a Drug That Really Isn't Worth It

Xanax, the nation’s ninth highest-earning drug, is a psychoactive drug that helps calm panic attacks. But is Xanax calming or a killer?

Do Lego Men Have Freedom of Speech Rights? Russian Authorities Fear The Coming Toy Revolution

Kinder toys, lego men, and other toys demand fairer elections in Russia, prompting authorities to rule on the rights of free expression for plastic toys

Iran Wants to Start War, Israel Wants to Maintain Peace

It’s becoming clearer that Iran will attack Israel preemptively, not the other way around.

Muslim Faith-Based Organization Shows How Faith and Public Service Intersect

Americans often see the separation of church and state in black and white terms, but groups like the Muslim Public Service Network navigate the world of faith and public service in a nuanced way.

Smokers Killed 50,000 Americans Due to Second Hand Smoke in 2011, It's Time for a Federal Smoking Ban

American smokers killed 50,000 people last year. Getting second hand smoke out of public buildings, off of public transportation, and out of the lungs of non-smokers should be made a priority.

Knicks Point Guard Jeremy Lin Is Not That Special, He's Replaceable

The focus on Jeremy Lin's individual success with the New York Knicks, and not the system that made it possible, is reflective of a broader trend in American culture.

No Child Left Behind Has Failed, Time to Transition to No Child Held Back

No Child Left Behind has proved difficult, if not impossible, for thousands of schools across the country. No Child Held Back offers a different approach.

Mitt Romney Should Stoke Newt Gingrich's Ego to Win Michigan Over Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney will win Michigan and secure the Republican nomination if he can keep Newt Gingrich in the race.

Drone Use and Development Will Slow Down in Coming Years

Predictions that drone usage is about to increase dramatically are over-hyped. Practical spending, air traffic control and utilitarian constraints will soon see drone growth level out.

Should Tax Payers Foot Barack Obama's Reelection Fundraising Bills?

Is it fair for President Obama to take advantage of his office to fund his reelection campaign and should taxpayers have to pay for his trips?

The 5 Biggest Moments in 2011-2012 For Gay Rights and Marriage Equality, From Chris Christie's Veto to DADT Repeal

The past year has seen some great victories for the expansion of gay rights and marriage equality. However, there have also been some set backs.

America Will Find a Hero in the 2012 Presidential Elections

I believe our hero will emerge during this campaign cycle if we know how to identify him amidst the smoke and mirrors.

Government Provides the Wrong Prescription for Drug Shortages

Recent drug shortages have forced policy makers to float new ideas on how to solve the problem. The prescription, though, is in market prices.

On President's Day, Abraham Lincoln Honored With Movie of Him Fighting a War ... Against Vampires

America's 16th president is now also a vampire hunter?

The Paul Babeu Scandal Should Not Be Brought Up Against Mitt Romney at the Arizona GOP Debate

No one should bring up the Paul Babeu scandal against the Romney campaign.