The Importance of Political Speeches in Determining the Quality of Presidents

The best way to judge a politician may be by the speeches they make during the worst of times. Can they speak from the heart, or do they just read the lines?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's New York City Anti-Smoking Campaign Produces Results, Yet Needs Improvement

Notwithstanding the credible gains of his campaign, Bloomberg would benefit from a strategy that prioritized the causes, and not merely the vastly-documented repercussions, of smoking.

Why Do Elite Harvard, Princeton, and Ivy League College Students Still Go Into Finance?

In 2011, 35% of the Princeton senior class went into finance, showing that finance is still a boom industry that flourishes in our increasingly narcissistic culture.

Your Sex Life is the Biggest Determiner For the Quality of Your Marriage

We cannot minimize the importance of sexual relationships in a marriage.

French Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy’s Libyan Crusade Shows the Need for Robust Public Intellectuals

Our times demand the rise of robust public intellectuals to challenge our institutions to betterment not merely in words but in action.

The 5 Malcolm X Speeches You Must Know

The words of Malcolm X that still resonate for Millennials, even 47 years after his assassination.

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation Launch: How Can We Deal With High School Bullying?

Win the opportunity to cover Lady Gaga's Born This Way launch for PolicyMic. Debate: Why is high-school bullying a problem? What are some ways we can deal with it?

Rethinking American Decline in the 21st Century

While America’s relative position is becoming weaker, we must construe it not as a decline, but a transition towards a new global political society and economy of unprecedented complexity.

Knicks' Jeremy Lin vs. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: Who is a Better Harvard Role Model?

J.Lin is celebrated as the humble hero from Harvard, while Zuckerberg is celebrated as a hyper-successful entrepreneur who cut corners. Who is a better role model for success?

Vladamir Putin Must Adapt to Survive in Evolving Russian Society

Putin seems unsure of how to handle shifting public opinion and the unprecedented protests in Russia.

The Big Q: A Good Sport?

Weigh in for your opportunity to win $100 Amazon gift card courtesy of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.

Facebook IPO and Stock Are Over Valued: Could the Social Media Tech Bubble Soon Pop?

As the hype and concern continue to swirl around the IPO, analysts are beginning to wonder, perhaps too late, whether Facebook is actually worth the price.

As Nigerian Poverty and Corruption Soar, Nigeria Must Divorce State from Enterprise to Restore Public Trust

Reports of increasing poverty amidst nominal economic growth point to the fact that Nigeria’s business elite, in collusion with the government has worsened the deficit of trust.

What Former Presidents Would Have Tweeted on President's Day

If only former presidents had the ability to share their deepest thoughts in 140 characters of less.

Millennials' Dilemma: The Generational Divide of Greece's Future

While Greece is waiting to see if it has a future in the Eurozone, Greek millennials are left wondering if they have a future at all.

Fat Tuesday in New Orleans is About More Than King Cake and Beads, It's a Celebration of the Community

Mardi Gras is truly a representation of our city’s resilience, and shows our willingness to maintain a glass half full attitude even in the face of hardship.

To Prevent War With Iran, the U.S. Must Maintain Sanctions and Build Diplomacy

A nuclear armed Iran poses a significant security risk for the U.S. For this reason, it is crucial that the United States refocuses its current economic sanctions and strives for diplomacy.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Root of Super PACs in the 2012 Election

To understand the repercussions of the Supreme Court case Citizens United v FEC, first the majority opinion must be examined.

5 Things Mitt Romney Can Learn From Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Run

Here are the takeaways from Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign that Romney should remember, including: take caucuses seriously; don't let yourself be the underdog; and never trust the establishment.