Ron Paul Wins CNN Arizona Republican Debate

A convincing defense of liberty helped Paul take down his opponents in Wednesday's debate.

Who is Winning the CNN Arizona GOP Debate? Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul Duke it Out

This will be a true battle royale. Can Romney take back the top spot from Santorum?

Who Won The Won Arizona Debate? Newt Gingrich Won Stealing Support From Rick Santorum

During The February 22 debate in Phoenix AZ, former Speaker Newt Gingrich threw a hail mary with his superior debating skills and rapier wit to try to get back into the game one last time.

Live Stream: CNN Arizona Republican Debate

Where to watch the CNN Arizona GOP debate.

What is 'Doc Fix' in the Medicare Debate and Why Does It Matter?

Congress continues to delay finding a permanent solution to the rates paid to doctors under Medicare, putting health care to seniors in jeopardy.

Marriage Equality USA: 2012 Election is the Most Homophobic Election in American History

The 2012 presidential campaign may be the most homophobic in American history, with most Republicans vowing to restrict the rights of LGBT citizens.

Is President Obama to Blame For Higher Gas Prices?

Some Republicans are blaming President Obama for rising gas prices. To determine if they're right, we first need to understand how the price of oil is determined.

This Ash Wednesday, All Eyes On Religious Conservative Rick Santorum and His Beliefs

In tonight’s 20th GOP debate in Mesa, Arizona, the stakes are particularly high for both Santorum and Mitt Romney.

Unlike with SOPA and PIPA, Americans Will Not Protest Against Drones As an Invasion of Privacy

The use of drones will not cause a consciousness shift about the privacy protections in this country. Drones are not that unsettling, and they only impact a small number of people.

Amidst the Infighting In the GOP Arizona Debate, Barack Obama Comes Away a Winner

Regardless of the eventual GOP nomination, Obama will have an advantage with key voting demographics on issues of immigration, women's health, and national security.

4 Highlights From the Arizona Republican Debate [Video]

A look at the 4 key moments and highlights from the GOP Debate in Arizona.

Chris Brown and Rihanna: A Dangerous Relationship or Proof That Domestic Violence Victims Can Move On?

The recent musical collaboration between Chris Brown and Rihanna sends an unclear message to the public about domestic violence.

Newt Gingrich Lost the Arizona Republican Debate

Newt Gingrich was largely successful in staying calm, but only because he was mostly irrelevant.

What the World Needs Now, is More Lent

If every citizen on the planet practiced Lent-like principles for 40 days together, what sort of positive changes could we bring about for everyone?

Notre Dame Students Celebrate Ash Wednesday

Students at Notre Dame follow Ash Wednesday traditions.

Reporter Marie Colvin Dead For Telling the World of Syrian Atrocities in Homs

Colvin told the world of the atrocities that were unfolding in Syria.

Can Mitt Romney Fend Off Rick Santorum? What to Expect At the CNN Arizona Republican Debate

Expect to hear lots of questions pertaining to immigration, contraception, and gay marriage during Wednesday's debate and for the personal attacks to increase during this contentious primary.

Millennials Look for SNL and Comedy Central-Style Humor in Their President, and Neither Mitt Romney Nor Barack Obama Has It

Humor plays a huge role in determining how millennials vote for their president, and 2012 will be no exception.

As Yemen's Election Brings New President, U.S. Must Refocus its Foreign Aid and Counterterrorism Strategy

In backing the GCC transition plan in Yemen, the U.S. hoped to find a quick solution to a complex problem. Now that the election is over, the U.S. must shift its thinking to long-term planning.

Why Super PACs Should Be Banned From Politics

Super PACs should be outlawed because they are creating an environment in American politics that is counterproductive to accomplishing the real issues people want their politicians to debate.

Newt Gingrich Energy Plan Shows He Doesn't Understand the 2012 Presidential Race

Newt's energy proposal shows how mistaken his energy strategy is.

Supreme Court Could Rule That Using Race As a Factor in School Admissions is Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court’s decision to review the use of affirmative action in college admissions signals a potential sea-change in the legal posture the Court plans to take on the issue.

Newt Gingrich and the GOP-Controlled House Are Playing Politics with Gas Prices and Energy

Newt Gingrich is promising that if elected president, he'll lower gasoline prices to $2.50, or maybe even $2.00, which means that Newt is either lying or knows nothing about market economics.

In Any Immigration Debate, America Should Focus On Its Most Skilled Workers

Studies have demonstrated that highly-skilled immigrants are strong drivers of economic growth. Therefore, we must encourage immigrants to stay in America and not force them back home.

Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich Clash Over Earmarks at Arizona CNN GOP Debate [Video Highlight]

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney got after each other on earmarks.