War Between Iran and Israel Almost Inevitable

War with Iran seems to be turning away from a mere possibility and more towards inevitability.

7 Reasons Why Iran is Not a Threat to America

Iran has long been characterized by Western media and government as a dangerous, irrational theocracy that seeks to ignite a war, destroy Israel, and destabilize the Middle East. This is not accurate.

Muslim Brotherhood is Not the Hindrance to Egyptian Democracy, Egypt's Army Is

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces' troubled stint in office is thoroughly documented. No true democratic transition can occur while the generals remain in power.

Supreme Court Should Overturn Affirmative Action

Race should no longer play a part in admissions to places of higher education. By allowing the 2003 ruling to stand, affirmative action creates an advantage to students solely on race.

Rihanna 'Birthday Cake' Remix Featuring Chris Brown Challenges Our View of Victims of Domestic Violence [Audio]

Rihanna's decision to include Chris Brown on the 'Birthday Cake' remix forces us to confront the expectations, assumptions, and blame we, as a society, place on victims of domestic violence.

Do Indian Reservations Lack Equal Justice?

A staggering amount of serious crime has been ignored on Indian reservations, and the Justice Department holds much of the blame.

Is Ron Paul Mitt Romney's Winning Hand in the 2012 Election?

One man is a libertarian, another is a moderate conservative. How can this actually be a harmonious political marriage?

CNN Moderator John King Gets Booed Over Birth Control at Republican Debate, Should He Have Asked the Question?

A question about contraception control caused a heated dust-up during Wednesday's Republican presidential debate. Should King have asked the candidates about birth control?

Supreme Court Should Uphold Affirmative Action in Fisher v. University of Texas

The Supreme Court should preserve affirmative action in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas because African-Americans and Hispanics do not yet have the same opportunities as white students.

After Arizona GOP Debate, It's Clear Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich Would Go to War With Iran to Protect U.S. Dollar

Much like the lead-up to the Iraq War in 2003, Republicans are calling for the U.S. to go to war with Iran to prevent it from taking currency other than the dollar to buy its oil.

War With Iran Unnecessary, the Iranian People Don't Want a Nuclear Bomb

The U.S. should allow Iran to maintain a nuclear power industry, but not a nuclear weapon.

Jeremy Lin Puns Have Gone Too Far

The Asian American Journalists Association released a set of standards for publications to follow when reporting about New York Knicks point guard, Jeremy Lin.

Don't Take Qnexa To Lose Weight and Solve Obesity, Change Your Diet

A healthy diet is a better solution to obesity than powerful and potentially dangerous drugs.

With No Clear GOP Frontrunner, Chris Christie or Mitch Daniels Could Win the 2012 Republican Nomination in a Brokered Convention

What if no Republican candidate wins enough delegates in the primaries to secure the nomination? A brokered convention is possible.

7 States That Stand In Between Barack Obama and Reelection in 2012

Obama has a solid grasp on 247 Electoral College votes and Mitt Romney will start with a command of 206 votes. That means the 85 electoral votes of just seven states will determine this election.

Barack Obama Will Win in 2012, the Republicans Have Burned Themselves Out

The extended and contentious GOP primary will result in the reelection of Obama.

Gas Prices Will Not Effect the 2012 Election

As hard as the GOP will push the issue, the price of gasoline will not effect the election.

Rick Santorum Can Win the 2012 GOP Nomination if He Follows Mad Men Star Don Draper and Builds a Better Brand

Mitt Romney does not have a good brand, so Rick Santorum could win the nomination if he continues to develop a highly identifiable brand.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul May Be Friends, But They Will Not Be Running Mates in 2012

In no way would the two presidential candidates run on the same ticket, or likely even work in the same administration.

Member of Occupy Alabama Files Paperwork to Create Occupy Wall Street Super PAC

OWS' proposal to create a PAC shows the movement's political maturation. Money, right or wrong, has become a significant part of success in our modern democracy.

Barack Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina Urges Millennials to Use Twitter and Facebook to Win the Social Media War Against Republicans

President Obama's re-election campaign is working to revitalize the student base by going all-in with social media.

Ron Paul the Only GOP Candidate Not to Fear-Monger in CNN Arizona Republican Debate

Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich all made absurd statements which sought to drum up fear in the American people.

How Not to Save a Friendship: America's Losing Strategy With NGOs in Egypt

To save the U.S-Egypt alliance, the U.S. needs to realize its missteps and solve the NGO issue without bullying.

Bravery Under Fire: Journalists in Syria Lay Down Their Lives to Report the Atrocities of Bashar al-Assad

Two journalists have died in Homs, another two are injured. Without people like them the world would be blind to the atrocities perpetrated by the Assad regime.

Rick Santorum Can't Handle the Spotlight at Arizona Republican Debate, But Could Still Win the GOP Nomination in 2012

After a poor debate performance, Rick Santorum may find himself at the end of his rise to frontrunner, unless the social conservative enthusiasm can buoy him out of this mess.

Men With Moustaches Could Be the Unlikely Savior of America's Economy

Members of the American Mustache Institute contend that growing more mustaches could help stimulate the American economy. They call for a calls for a $250 tax-break for men with facial hair.