California Sends Teenagers Free Condoms in the Mail to Curb Rising STDs and Promote Safe-Sex

California's mail-order condom program promotes safe-sex and helps teenagers lower their risk of contracting venereal diseases.

Are Super PACs Good or Bad for Democracy?

Super PACs have dominated this year's election by allowing billionaires to donate millions to candidates indirectly. But, are they a good addition to elections or are they harming our democracy?

Time to End the War on Drugs and Legalize Meth

Current and past prohibitions show us that a War on Drugs will not and cannot succeed. It is time to adopt a policy that will raise money, reduce harm, and disenfranchise criminals.

'Act of Valor', 'Call of Duty' and the Role of Entertainment in Military Recruitment

Movies and video games have long been used in military recruitment, Act of Valor will be no different.

Increasing the Supply of Oil Won't Decrease Gas Prices in America

To understand this (non)trend, we exam the effects of tapping the nation's strategic reserves and expanding drilling.

Rahm Emanuel Makes Courageous School Closings Decision to Shut Down 17 Failing Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Public Schools board decision to close failing schools has been met with hostility, but they showed courage to make this tough decision.

Utah E-Cigarette Ban Based On Junk Science

Add Utah to the list of states attacking e-cigarettes without evidence.

Are Millennials Screwed? No, Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Will Lead a Recovery

Millennials are called the “Lost Generation” because more individuals are now struggling to find work, but young entrepreneurs will use technology to innovate and recover.

Mexican Demian Bichir, Oscar Nominated For 'A Better Life', Highlights Illegal Immigration in 2012 Academy Awards and Arizona Primary

Bichir’s Oscar nomination could shed a more sympathetic light on illegal immigration issues.

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture Highlights Centrality of Blacks in U.S. History

As with all such museums, we should also hope that it does not give itself over to gimmicks.

Friends of Syria Gathering Tries to Stop Bashar al-Assad's Carnage in Syria

After months of escalating bloodshed, the international community is now pursuing multilateral efforts to address the crisis in Syria, making al-Assad less capable of maintaining power.

Why Ron Paul Appeals to Millennials

So why are so many millennials gravitating to Paul? Simple: They are a generation in rebellion against banality.

NASCAR Star Danica Patrick is Right to Keep Politics Off of Twitter, and Other Celebrities Should Follow Suit

Celebrities like Danica Patrick should keep political views off Twitter, Facebook, and television broadcasts.

Ron Paul and GOP Candidates Have it Wrong on Education Reform: We Need a Bottom-Up Approach

By calling for less federal government and more localized control in the Republican Debate, Ron Paul and the other candidates highlighted their inability to solve the U.S. education woes.

Will Al-Qaeda Thrive in the Syrian Civil War?

As the Syrian conflict approaches one year, and the opposition increases its militarization, the only way that Assad can keep Syria from falling deeper into chaos is to commit to democracy.

5 Reasons To End the Cuban Embargo

The 50-year-old embargo on Cuba, still in effect, is played out and needs to end. The U.S. would gain a lot from free-market trade with Cuba. And I'm not just talking fried plantains and grilled sandwiches.

India Joins the West to Call for End of Violence in Syria

Whereas India previously sided with Russia and China and opposed the Libyan intervention, now it is supporting a UN resolution calling for an end to violence in Syria.

Poorly Made Satire Will Always Pit Men and Women Against Each Other

THE FLIP SIDE (BAR) is a new viral video that seeks to challenge gender roles, but it fails.

Guys and Girls: It's a Jungle Out There

Contrary to the popular Usher song, you are not going to find "Love" in this club. People don't meet their significant others while getting smashed.

Virginia Ultrasound Bill is Reckless for Doctors and Dangerous For Women Considering Abortion

Virginia's bill requiring women considering an abortion to get is an ultrasound is a completely reckless attempt to regulate doctors' ability to practice sound, responsible medicine.

Stop Talking About a Brokered Convention, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, and Jeb Bush Will Never Win the 2012 GOP Nomination

Despite speculation, a Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels or Jeb Bush candidacy is not happening. The far right needs to stop looking for someone that doesn't exist and accept the current GOP choices.

Why President Obama’s 'Insourcing' Strategy to Revive American Manufacturing Will Not Work

Obama has proposed 'insourcing' manufacturing jobs back to America, but this is a poor use of money and resources. He should instead investing in R&D, education, and clean energy.