Survival of the Fittest: How Homo Sapiens Outlasted Neanderthals to Become Modern-Day Humans

Homo sapiens outlived the stronger Neanderthals because they engaged in art (i.e. pottery and sculpture) to transmit culture and encourage community.

Don't Shop at Walmart, Beware of Whole Foods' Libertarian Leaning, and 5 Tips to Being a Responsible Consumer

Here are 5 tips to help you spot corporate villains and heroes in the corporate world.

Ron Paul Is Only Presidential Candidate Who Would Reduce the National Debt

Despite populist rhetoric from the GOP presidential field, Congressman Ron Paul is the only one who would reduce the national debt according to a nonpartisan study.

Mitt Romney Will Win the Arizona and Michigan Primary, Zero Chance of GOP Brokered Convention

Despite speculation to the contrary, there will be no need for the GOP to take the contest over who will be the party's nominee to the convention floor. Mitt Romney will be the party nominee.

Kim Kardashian, Ann Romney, Justin Bieber, and the Top Celebrities and Politicians On Pinterest and Instagram

To Pinterest or to Instagram? That is the question! Meet the top 5 celebrities and politicians who have already chosen between the two hottest online photo sharing services out there.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Youth Engagement Speech in Tunis Met With Skepticism, Mistrust by Tunisian Millennials

Tunisian students' responses to Hillary Clinton's address show high level of dissatisfaction with U.S. policy in the Middle East.

At All Star Break, Jeremy Lin Looks to Keep the Linsanity Alive in the Second Half of the NBA Season

No matter how this story continues to unfold, Lin’s immediate impact has been to challenge traditional Asian American stereotypes within the NBA and the professional sport’s community at large.

If Mitt Romney Can't Best Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, How Will He Face Down Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Republicans must face an uncomfortable truth about the onetime “front-runner” for the GOP: Mitt Romney is just not that good at politicking.

Oscars 2012: Lack of Diversity Means Best Picture Decided by a Bunch of Old White Men

94% of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is Caucasian and 77% is male. Is it fair that the group deciding on Oscar winners does not represent the diversity of the United States?

America is Vastly Unprepared for Cyber Warfare

The president has a protocol in the event of a nuclear attack, but no such plan exists in the event of a massive cyber attack. The question is not whether America will be attacked, but when.

While Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck Impress at NFL Combine in Detroit, Mitt Romney Can't Fill Ford Field

After his failure to attract at Ford Field, Mitt Romney should consider what makes a good pick from the N.F.L. combine.

After Maryland Senate Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill, Gov. Martin O'Malley Clashes With Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Abortion and Gay Marriage

Governor O’Malley (D-MD), speaking at Politico's State Solutions Conference, gave the best defense of President Obama’s policies and the harshest criticism yet of GOP lead-states.

Quran Burning at U.S. Base in Afghanistan Ignites Deadly Protests, Renews Doubts About U.S. Military Future in Afghan War

A string of protests throughout Afghanistan have led to the deaths of two U.S. soldiers and renewed doubts about the possibility of success overseas.

High Gas Prices Should Spark Washington to Pursue Alternative Energy Solutions

Politicians should use the latest rise in gas prices to push for alternative energy solutions.