EU's Controversial Carbon Tax on Airlines Highlights the Need for New Climate Change Legislation

The impending trade war triggered by the EU extending its emissions trading scheme to the aviation industry highlights the ineffectiveness of arguments of sovereignty in fighting climate change.

How Kraft Foods, Oreos, and Starbucks Coffee Have Taken Off in China

Despite government negativity, some U.S. companies have made great strides in developing their brands in China due to smarter practices and the force of the market.

Ron Paul is Building a New Conservative Brand and Paving Way For Rand Paul Victory in 2016

Ron Paul may be unelectable, but his goal has never been 2012. Paul is clearing a path for a new brand of conservative in the 21st century, and his son Rand Paul will take it up in 2016.

Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Should Follow Milton Friedman's Lead and Set a Nominal Income Target

If we want to restore the economy to full employment, we need a regime change for monetary policy. The Fed's best option is to adopt a nominal income target.

As Arizona, Michigan Primaries Approach, Don't Count Ron Paul Out

Political analysts say Ron Paul is effectively out of the race, but they're wrong. Paul currently holds second place in the delegate count.

Millennials Flock to Students for Liberty and Liberty on the Rocks DC, Liberty Movement Gaining Momentum in Washington DC

The popularity of libertarians at this year's CPAC, and the amazing turnout at the Students for Liberty conference, reveal that the liberty movement is alive and well in Washington.

Why the Oscars 2012, Meryl Streep, and the Best Picture Award Will Not Appeal to Millennials

The median age of those tuning in to the 84th Academy Awards is be 50-years-old, up from 44 just 10 years ago.

'The Help' Stars Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer Spark Debate at Oscars 2012 in Black Community About Race in Hollywood

Davis’ and Spencer’s Oscar nominations have drawn criticism from some African-Americans, who say Black actors are being rewarded for depicting subjugated servants viewed through a Caucasian lens.

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Rick Santorum Is Not The Right Candidate For GOP Or Democratic Women

A new poll suggests Rick Santorum is gaining support from Republican women. Women should not favor a presidential contender who seeks to limit their freedoms.

What the Academy Awards 2012 Can Teach Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and the Supreme Court

The Academy Awards can provide some insight into the flaws of America's political system and the measures that can be taken to revise it.

Mitt Romney and CNN's Fareed Zakaria Are Wrong, Americans Care About the Very Poor

Contrary to what Fareed Zakaria and Mitt Romney believe, Americans across the United States think and care deeply about the very poor and solving poverty.

Sacha Baron Cohen Ruins Ryan Seacrest's Oscar Night

Cohen crashed the red carpet at the Academy Awards, appearing in character as Admiral General Aladeen from his new movie.