Outdated GI Bill Cheats Our Veterans From College Education

Thousands of current and future veterans will miss out on a college education because the post 9/11 GI Bill is woefully outdated.

To Build the American Dream 2.0, Start With Reforming U.S. Immigration Laws

Half of U.S-based startups were created by foreign born entrepreneurs, but U.S. immigration reform laws are making it harder for immigrants to create companies in America.

Mitt Romney Won't Endorse Infantry Combat Roles for Women in the Military

The GOP candidates have yet to come out in favor of women serving in infantry positions in the military.

#FreeFadi: Homage to a Friend Behind Bars

Fadi Quran is a physicist, an alternative-energy entrepreneur, a political activist, and has been my best friend since the age of five. Fadi dreams of freedom, justice, and dignity.

State Department Creates Global Youth Alliance to Promote Millennials Jobs and Entrepreneurship

In Tunisia, Hillary Clinton announced the U.S. is creating a new youth alliance and forming youth councils at U.S. embassies abroad to have direct contact with young people across the world.

Step Aside Jean Dujardin, Oscars Best Actor Award Goes to Mitt Romney

While the awards for Best Actor are already set in stone at this year's Oscars, Mitt Romney deserves mention for Best Visual Effects, Best Original Song, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Actor.

Why Hugo Chavez and Venezuela Should Be Sanctioned by the United Nations For Allying With Syria

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has once again come to the aid of a nation that is committing crimes against its own people, and it is finally time to take action.

UVa Football Player Joseph Williams Wrong for Waging Living Wage Campaign Hunger Strike for Workers' Rights

Williams is currently engaged in a hunger strike to demand that the service employees who work on the campus receive higher wages, but he's not going far enough to solve the problem.

Rick Santorum's Thoughts on Separation of Church and State Are Not Based In Reality

Santorum’s ongoing attacks against the liberties that form the foundations of our Constitution makes clear that he hates us for our freedoms.

Conservatives Should Put Women Back to Work if They Want to Limit Abortions

Rather than fighting access to contraception, conservatives should focus on putting women back to work, lifting them out of poverty, and funding social services they rely on.

Russia Foils Plot to Assassinate Vladimir Putin on Election Day, But Is It Just a Political Stunt?

Russian officials revealed a plot to assassinate the prime minister on election day. With the elections next week, many say it's a plan that's been used before to shift momentum in Putin's favor.

With Mass Incarceration of African Americans in U.S. Prisons, Jim Crow is Still Alive

Mass incarceration operates as the Jim Crow South did, creating tightly networked systems of laws, policies, customs, and institutions that reinforce a subordinate status for black people.

America Should Avoid Conflict in Syria, Where Political Risks Outweigh Humanitarian Interests

The problem in Syria is that the humanitarian interests cannot be separated from the political risks.

The Ron Paul-Mitt Romney 'Rom Paul' Alliance Will Be the Only Thing to Save the GOP

The only brokered convention Republicans should be considering is the one that would pair Mitt Romney and Ron Paul together.

Rick Santorum Alienates College Students and Shoots Himself in the Foot With 'Snob' Comment

Santorum may have ended his bid for the presidency after making a poorly worded comment about Obama's position on making college accessible to all Americans.

Caucuses Hold Republican Party Hostage to Ron Paul and Party Insiders, Time for Electoral Reform

Caucuses make Ron Paul a serious contender in states like Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, and Maine, where he is not even relevant in any state with a primary. Time to end caucuses for president.

9 Tax Loop Holes to Fix in Order to Curb America's Debt

There are a number of revenue opportunities for the federal government that could compliment significant spending cuts being discussed in Congress.

Instead of Abortions, Allow Women to Auction Their Fetuses

With abortion rearing its head again as a hot political topic, it is time for legislators to start thinking more creatively in order to resolve one of America's most passionate issues.

How the U.S. Can Repair Relations With the Muslim World and Support Arab Youth

There are 95 million youth between ages 15-19 in the Middle East. With 30% of youth in the Middle currently unemployed, the U.S. has an opportunity to create real change.

Step Aside Democrats and Republicans, It's Time for a Third Party in America in 2012 Elections

After three long years of congressional gridlock, the polarization between the parties has become even worse during the GOP nomination process. It's time for a third party in America.

Liberals Should Support Whole Foods' Brand of Corporate Social Responsibility

Whole Foods founder John Mackey is a libertarian who supports corporate social responsibility, which benefits society, the economy, and the environment.

NYPD: I'm a Muslim-American College Student, Please Don't Spy on Me

NYPD, please tell Muslims why you felt blanketed searches of our school meetings and lunch spots would uncover criminal activity. We deserve to know how deeply you invade our privacy.