How the Zombies on 'The Walking Dead' Explain Economics

Although the show’s plot follows how survivors of a zombie apocalypse struggle to survive amidst both zombies and each other, it is also a crash course in some fundamental economic concepts.

Mitt Romney Wins Big in Nevada Caucus, Newt Gingrich Second; Could Ron Paul Be a VP? Could Rick Santorum Quit?

Romney looks set to win his second-straight GOP contest. Could Ron Paul become his VP down the line?

While Immigrants Study Hard to Pass America's Citizenship Test, Most U.S. Citizens Would Fail the Exam

Even as new citizens strive to become an American in the eyes of the law, those born with citizenship show a depressing ignorance. Are new citizens are "better" than natural-born citizens?

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Make the 2012 Election Season Bearable

Stephen Colbert and John Stewart have seized on the 2012 election as a golden opportunity for political satire and media criticism.

Controversy over Mini Cooper, Religion, and Headscarves Highlights Need to End Discrimination Against Women in Turkey

A car company decided to cancel its sponsorship of a Turkish TV star for wearing a headscarf while driving, raising the issue of discrimination against women in Turkey.

Protesters at Lucas Oil Stadium Shouldn't Be Allowed to Distract From Super Bowl 2012 Festivities

Politics has no space in sports. People use sports as a distraction from real world problems, and protesters should avoid ruining the entertainment value of events like the Super Bowl.

What Super Bowl 2012, the New York Giants, and the NFL Can Tell Us About Capitalism, Democracy

Despite a "socialist" structure, the NFL is very much a democracy, and capitalism does in fact reign on the gridiron.

From McDonalds to Michael Jordan and Budweiser, the Best Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time

In honor of the 2012 Super Bowl, here are 12 of the biggest Big Game ads, and why they were such gamechangers (or, in some cases, why they were so cool).

Is Egypt a Democracy? Their Treatment of U.S. NGOs Highlights That They Still Have Work to Do

The adverse treatment of NGO’s in Egypt reflects a lingering authoritarian influence

Workforce Participation Actually Increased in January

Despite what you may have read, workforce participation actually increased in January.

Why the South Will Vote For Mitt Romney Over Barack Obama No Matter What

Romney may have a hard time convincing some "true believers" in the Southern evangelical community to vote for him, but he will get just enough of their support.