Will the U.S. Military Go To War With Iran or Syria Next?

With the Iraq war officially ‘over,’ will the U.S. military turn its sights on Iran and/or Syria?

Facebook Success Shows Why Intellectual Property Laws Are Stifling

Facebook is a shining example of why IP laws stifle the market and distort what constitutes real property ownership.

Mining Merger of Glencore and Xstrata: The New 'Too Big to Fail' Behemoths

The pending $88 billion merger of Glencore and Xstrata has major ramifications for the world economy. It's time consumers and policymakers paid closer attention to the natural resource oligopoly.

Government Should Not Regulate the Free Market

We’d be better off overall if there were less government regulation in our lives.

If Israel Goes to War With Iran, It Will Be Disaster

The conflagration that may spark from Israeli preemptive action against Iran will be a disaster for Israel.

Government Regulations Help Markets Work Better

The world is much safer today than it was 100 years ago, mostly because we are richer now, but also because we are comfortable imposing regulations that promote safety.

Millennial Nomads: Did We Peak in College?

After college and with no discernible future success, this millennial nomad has resigned herself to a life of relative failure.

Term Limits for Congress Make Us More Partisan and Wreak Havoc on Our Democracy

Term limits would hamper the voice of the people and prove fertile ground for special interests and partisan bickering, all at the expense of our nation.

Should New York Giants Star Victor Cruz Endorse President Obama For Reelection In 2012?

The newly born NFL superstar would help the president secure both the African American and Latino vote as he prepares to face an emboldened Republican rival in the fall.

ProPublica, Storify, and the Top 5 Cool New Media Startups That Are Changing the Game

Here are the cool startups that are changing the news business and revolutionizing the kind of stories we read and hear about.

Black History Should Be Taught As World History

The historical and present-day contributions of the African diaspora to the world should be included in mainstream curriculum for students of all ages.

Turkey Should Soften Stance on Armenian Genocide to Gain Entrance to the European Union

Turkey should adopt a law that prevents the Armenian genocide from being classified as insulting “Turkishness” to improve relations with France and Germany.

Sarah Palin Should Retire From Politics, Stop Being Newt Gingrich's Wingwoman

Sarah Palin has shown support for Newt Gingrich, but she does not have the expertise or the likeability factor to make a difference in another candidate's campaign or administration.

Egypt’s Soccer Riots Are Not Football Hooliganism, But a Continuation of Arab Spring Protests

The Egyptian riots have brought to light the instrumental role that football fans have played in the Egyptian revolution.

Foreigners Should Be Allowed to Run For President in 2012 Election

The constitution should be amended to allow naturalized citizens to run for president and hold office based on their own merits.

In Light of Arizona SB 1070 Immigration Law Before the Supreme Court, Is It Too Difficult to Amend the Constitution?

The difficulty of amending the Constitution is one of the greatest blessings given to us by the founding fathers.

Could Bashar al-Assad Soon Fall? After Saturday Massacre in Syria, State Department Closes U.S. Embassy Because of Violence

The State Department makes the right decision to close the U.S. Embassy in Syria as the situation continues to deteriorate.

On 20th Anniversary of Rodney King Beating, Reexamining Police Brutality

There is a difference between using power to serve and using that power to control.

From Weibo to TencentBuddies and Renren, A Tour of the Social Media Market in China

With Facebook and Twitter blocked in China, here are the other leading social networks that young people utilize across the country.