California's UC System Shows Why Privatizing Public Higher Education Is Not The Solution

The recent move toward privatization by using alternative sources to fund public higher education, such as tuition and private endowments, is the wrong step in finding a permanent solution.

How Smart Phones Are Impacting Your Friendships

How are cell phones affecting our social relations? Does our heightened reliance reflect a greater desire to stay more connected to even more people?

Are Millennials a Lost Generation? Report Shows Job Gap Between Young and Old Widest Ever

New data shows that millennials in the U.S. face the most significant socio-economic challenges ever.

What Unemployment Rates Don’t Tell Us About Millennials’ Jobs Woes

The January unemployment figures give us reason to hope, but for many young people, the unemployment rate doesn’t begin to describe the real effects of the recession on our working lives.

MITx and Khan Academy: How the Digital Age Will Improve and Revolutionize Education

A new market centered around the open-source, low cost, individual-orientated, and decentralized speed of the digital age has the chance to fundamentally transform education.

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum Are the Only True Conservatives in the 2012 Election

After almost four years of campaigning for strict constitutional government and fiscal responsibility conservatives are close to nominating a moderate, and they have only themselves to blame.

National Service Like Peace Corps or TFA Should Not Be Mandatory in America

Join the debate: Do you think America should make national service (military, civilian, community, etc.) mandatory?

Don't Conflate Ron Paul, the Tea Party, and Libertarianism

Using Ron Paul, the Tea Party, and libertarianism interchangeably paints an inaccurate and unjustified picture of each of them.

Why Russia is Isolating Itself and Allowing Syria's Bashar al-Assad "A License to Kill"

Russia's Security Council veto of action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is rooted in global prestige and regional interests.

Infographics 2: How Does Harvard Spend its $3.8 Billion in Revenue?

Here's a look at exactly where the university received its money and how it was spend in 2011.

What Are the Limits of Free Speech for Controversial Opinions?

Should Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be permitted to speak at Columbia? Should birthers be given a platform to write on PolicyMic?

Top Infographics of the Day: Are Government Unions Too Big?

The Goldwater Institute details the the costs of government unions. What do you think?

Susan G. Komen Missteps, Or How to Anger an Army of Women

What not to do when angering core supporters.

The Soundtrack to Barack Obama's 2012 Reelection Campaign

Obama's election soundtrack is more about standing strong in the face of adversity than hope and change.

As Prop 8 Heads to Supreme Court, The Constitution Alone Won't Guarantee Marriage Equality

Gay-rights advocates in America have hearts and minds to win — not just the courts, but also their own countrymen’s.

Time For a Reality Check for Egypt's Military Rulers

In believing that the West is behind domestic unrest, Egypt has committed to a conspiracy theory and set off a firestorm of international condemnation in the process.

Could We Be Seeing the End of AIDS?

New advances in science and medicine provide good reasons to be optimistic. But without broader changes in how many societies treat their most marginalized groups, little will be accomplished.

Should Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow Run For President?

Tim Tebow said that he may be interested in politics sometime down the road.

Rick Santorum's Science Denial Will Kill Any Momentum the GOP Candidate Has

The ever-wandering GOP searchlight has settled squarely on Rick Santorum. This time, a blatant record of disregard for science will sink the new Republican flavor of the week.

Rick Santorum Wins in Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota Complicate the GOP Presidential Picture

The Rick Santorum wins on Tuesday night complicates the GOP delegate process.

As China's Next PM Prepares for America Visit, Mitt Romney's Threats of Trade War Strain U.S.-China Relationship

China's next leader is visiting the U.S. at a time when politicians from both sides of the aisle are increasingly aggressive on confronting China. But is any of this rhetoric useful?

Why Only 10% of VC-Backed Startups Are Led By Women

Women occupy only 16% of board seats in Fortune 500 companies, 25% of CEO chairs, and only 10% of venture-backed startups. As such, women need more training to become successful entrepreneurs.

Does the Affordable Care Act Prove Millennials Don’t Feel Invincible?

What explains the high uninsurance rate for 18-24 year-olds? Do young people feel "invincible" and chose to be uninsured, or are health care plans just too expensive?

The Komen Planned Parenthood Lesson: Lose Sight of Your Vision, Lose Your Supporters

People decried Komen’s decision to pull its funding for Planned Parenthood because as a non-profit organization relying on donor funds, it failed to use those funds as donors wished.