A Graduate Degree in Public Policy Is Not Worth Your Time or Money

Other graduate degrees like a JD or MBA would better serve those seeking to go into the public policy field.

George Zimmerman Race: White, Latino, or Jewish? In The Trayvon Martin Case, It Shouldn't Matter

Anyone is susceptible to being racist regardless of their race.

GMO Foods: Why We Shouldn't Label (Or Worry About) Genetically Modified Products

Genetically modified foods are harmless, and there is no reason to put labels on them in the grocery store.

Occupy Wall Street Retakes Zuccotti Park, Kicks Off 2012 Protests

Occupy Wall Street is back, baby!

Kony 2012 is No Scam: Understand the Facts Before You Criticize Invisible Children

I worked with Invisible Children, and the criticisms of the group over Kony 2012 are unfounded.

Kony 2012 Supporters Have Been Duped

Invisible Children’s viral video campaign manipulated millions to suddenly care about Uganda. The video is irresponsible, exploitative, and self-glorifying.

5 Biggest Issues for the 2012 Presidential Election

The economy, Iran, and Super PACs will all weigh heavily on this election.

Trayvon Martin And George Zimmerman Case: Did We Learn Anything From the Duke Lacrosse Trial?

The media improperly and dangerously rushes to judgement... again.

Dying to Communicate: North Koreans Struggle for Access to the Outside World

North Korea prevents its 24.5 million people from accessing the internet, but there's a fairly established system for smuggling technological devices into the country.

George Zimmerman Had A Record Of Domestic Abuse

Discussion: How do we deal with domestic abuse? What can we learn from the George Zimmerman tragedy?

Ron Paul Upsets Rick Santorum In Missouri Caucuses Buoyed By Huge Youth Turnout

While the final outcome of Missouri’s lengthy caucus process may not be known for months, early results indicate that Ron Paul may walk away from the state with the most delegates.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Care About International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and though the status of women worldwide may have improved over the last century, much work remains to be done.

LIVE: Kansas Caucus Results, Rick Santorum Wins

Kansas is Santorum's race to lose, but Ron Paul is campaigning to win delegates.

Is America Hiding Its True Inflation Rate, and Could the U.S. Be as Insolvent as Greece?

The official consumer price index is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Why Ethiopian Inflation Could Hurt the Rest of the World

With Ethiopian inflation crossing the 30% threshold, the very real reality of hyperinflation may be upon us. Is a domino effect coming next?

What 'Hunger Games' Teaches Us About American Politics

Authors never write anything just because it is fun or entertaining. Suzanne Collins, author of the popular Hunger Games series, has specific things to say about the current political climate.

Ron Paul Considers Running As Independent

Ron Paul should quit the GOP race by May 1 and announce an independent run in order to keep his campaign alive and put pressure on both parties.

What's Wrong With Pakistan's Democracy?

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and the country's democratic leaders are an absolute failure when it comes to upholding the constitution.

LIVE: Solar Flare And Solar Storm Update

Live updates on this morning's solar storm.

Hijab and burqa bans are an attack on women's rights and secular societies

There is a rise in hijab and burqa bans around the world. What do these infringements mean for women's rights, freedom of expression, and the scope of a secular society?

Stereotypes of Women's Work Ethic: The Real Reason There Aren't More Women in Positions of Power

The negative stereotypes about women's work ethic keep them from advancing in their careers. Society does not encourage women to become leaders in the workforce.

Voter ID Laws Study: Voter Fraud Even Rarer Than The Odds of Winning Mega Millions

The actual threat of voter fraud is minimal, while the impact of voter ID laws can disenfranchise an entire group of minority voters.

High Gas Prices Are President Obama's Fault

There is no one to blame for rising energy costs other than President Obama himself.

5 Best Blogs to Better Understand the Middle East

From Al Jazeera to The Arabist, here are the top five resources and bloggers you should follow for smart, balanced, and well-written analysis of the Middle East.

5 Cheapest Public Colleges in the U.S.

As student debt grows, some parents need to consider cheaper schools when seeking higher education opportunities for their children.

Top 5 Things That Make America Weird

While the U.S. is safely in the Western family, there are some aspects which make it the awkward and confusing cousin of the group.

Hunger Games Shows Why Americans Need to Fight Back Against Government

The world of The Hunger Games is not farfetched. We allow the state to perpetuate crimes against society that could be prevented if we just stopped playing the game.

Are Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Networks Ruining Millennials?

As people communicate more and more online and less and less in person the nature of human relationships is evolving.

LIVE iPad 3 Unveiling in San Francisco Stream

The iPad 3 will be unveiled today in San Francisco. See what upgrades Apple picked to keep it's tablet ahead of competitors like the Kindle Fire.

Kony and Millennials: Know What the Movement Really Is Before You 'Like' It

Social media brings out an immediate visceral response, not necessarily an educated one. People need to think before they “like.”

Space-Based Solar Power, Electrofuels, and the Top 5 Energy Technologies of the Future

There are five energy technology that show tremendous promise for the coming decades.

LIVE: American Samoa Caucus Results, Mitt Romney Wins (GOP Primary)

Most people can't find the American territories on a map, but they're proving invaluable in Romney's presidential quest.

Live: Missouri Republican Caucus, Ron Paul Winning, Fighting For VP Spot?

Since Paul and Gingrich don't appear to be contending factors in these GOP primaries, the Missouri caucus is between Romney and Santorum.

Ron Paul is Clearly Wrong: Why Bailouts Work and the Dangers of Libertarian Economics [Satire]

Stimulus packages and bailouts are required to maintain the stability of a society. If the wealthiest and most powerful people in a society make a mistake, it is the responsibility of everyone.

From Trayvon Martin Hoodies to Shaima Alawadi Hijabs: Who is Responsible for Hate in America?

Following the hate-driven murder of Trayvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi, we need to pay attention to the real cause of hate crimes in America: Messaging around fear, hate, and contempt of "others".

Trayvon Martin case takes a new racist twist with marijuana controversy

Trayvon Martin’s past school suspension is irrelevant to the case; paying any attention to it perpetuates racism and the criminalization of black youth

Robert Zimmerman interview on Trayvon Martin case is disgusting and confirms why son George Zimmerman should be arrested

Robert Zimmerman’s selfish and uncompassionate responses in his interview verify the negative image of George Zimmerman and confirm the grounds to arrest him.

Bitcoin: Crypto-Anarchism and the Digital Money Revolution

New crypto-currencies will topple the existing monetary regime.

5 Female Journalists Advancing Women in the World

By reporting on women's issues here and abroad, these five women have helped breakdown female stereotypes and effectively advocate for women.

Puerto Rico Primary Sparks Debate: Should English Be the Official Language of the United States?

America is a nation that prides itself on tolerance and its multicultural heritage, so a decision to pass English language legislation is unwarranted.

Top 3 Problems Millennials Need to Solve to Better the World

With the millennial generation facing a seemingly insurmountable heap of impending problems in the future, there are a few specific things that we can do to make the greatest change in the world.

Top 10 Most Important Senate Races in 2012

A year ago, Republicans thought that they had a chance to retake the Senate. Today, that looks less likely.

LIVE: Alabama and Mississippi Republican Primary Results, Can Mitt Romney Win the South?

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum now turn their attention to the Alabama and Mississippi primaries on Tuesday. Gingrich looks to remain alive.

A Euro Perspective on American Election 2012 Folly

If Europe were a U.S. state, it would be a slam dunk for President Barack Obama.

March Madness Mathematics: The Economics of Your NCAA Tournament Bracket

American workers will spend nearly 8.4 million hours watching March Madness games. Still, don't expect this to create a double-dip recession.

Oil-Rich Gulf Countries Qatar and UAE Investing In ... Solar Power?

The Arabian Gulf is the world's region most hydrocarbon-rich region, yet some leaders are investing in more sustainable energy sources.

In Wake Of Toulouse Terror Attacks, Should Police Create Fake Plots to Entrap Lone Wolf Terrorist?

With the biggest threat to the safety of Americans coming in the form of "lone wolf" terrorists, this policy of quasi-entrapment is the most effective tactic we have.

Top 5 Stratfor Wikileaks Revelations (So Far)

From Goldman Sachs to Bin Laden, here are the five most important Stratfor emails leaks you need to know about, (until the next release that is).

Chicago Woman Takes On The IRS

A Chicago entrepreneur filed suit today in federal court to challenge a new, illegal IRS rule that would require her to spend time and money for a license to prepare other people's taxes.

Red Meat Does Not Raise Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease

A new suggests that red meat consumption is linked to cancer and heart disease, but a little fact checking is in order.

Why Do Most American Jews Vote Democrat?

Exit poll data shows the overwhelming majority of Jewish-Americans vote Democrat every time, going back until at least ‘72. What explains this trend?

Rod Blagojevich Goes to Prison, But How Long Will He Actually Stay?

Rod Blagojevich has been sentenced to 14 years in prison after trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat. Now the question is whether he’ll be released early, as most other celebrity inmates have been.

Romney Will Win Massachusetts: Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren Senate Race the Real Political Highlight in 2012

After Romney cinches today’s primary election, the presidential race will play second fiddle to this more interesting Senate race.

On International Womens Day 2012, Gender Inequality in American Business Still a Problem

There is still a visible disparity in income and workplace presence between the two genders in the U.S.

Kony 2012 Raises Awareness, But Simplifies the Solution

Oversimplified, sensational videos grab millions of viewers, but more informative albeit less entertaining ones are more productive. That's Kony's conundrum.

Forget Minorities and the Poor, Voter ID Laws Prevent Fraud

Voter fraud is a rampant problem in America that demands a solution that leads to less voter participation.

Spanx Creator Sara Blakely Highlights the Positive Steps Women Are Making in Business

One industry where men continue to dominate is business. But Blakely, Oprah Winfrey, and Meg Whitman are blazing a trail for women.

Kony 2012 Could Cause More Harm for Africa

The Kony 2012 campaign will have perverse consequences for central Africa as idealistic Westerners exacerbate the fundamental problems of the region.

George Zimmerman Murdered Trayvon Martin, Obama Comments On Case Sparks Reflection

Martin’s murder calls for a critical evaluation of the laws and institutions that perpetuate racism and contributed to the murder of Trayvon and the protection of his killer.

War on Drugs is to Blame for Government Corruption in El Paso, Texas

Drug prohibition laws that make drug trafficking extremely profitable are to blame for government corruption.

Trayvon Martin Case Proves 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Encourage Vigilante Violence

Stand Your Ground laws continue to protect vigilantes in Florida and elsewhere.

Is Ron Paul Winning Over America?

Paul spoke to his biggest crowd yet on Wednesday.

Roman Catholic Church Historical Reversal: Backed Gay Marriage In New Hampshire

In the second historic reversal in only two weeks, the Roman Catholic church now endorses civil unions in New Hampshire.

How The Republican Party Is Fighting Ron Paul

In the campaign for the GOP Nomination, the delegate count is the name of the game. We can't be certain who's winning, but we are certain the GOP will ensure it isn’t Ron Paul.

Obamacare Will Not Work, Regardless of Supreme Court Ruling

Obamacare will cause perverse competition between insurance providers where the most competitive provides the worst insurance for people with preexisting conditions.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Dominated By Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in Obamacare Debate

Verrilli was instantly thrown on the defensive, when Justice Alito asked him if he thought there was a market for burial services and he said Yes, he may as well have walked into a brick wall.

General Electric, Walt Disney Corp, and the 6 Big Corporations Which Influence Media in U.S.

More than ever, corporate interests control what type of media the public consumes.

5 Reasons Why We Must Make Free Access to Contraception a Priority

Politicizing contraception jeopardizes women’s health by taking away access to a basic, preventative health care that treats and prevents many health conditions affecting women.

Homelessness in America: The Problem Of the 'Ignorance is Bliss' Attitude Towards the Poor

While the homeless face enormous hardships every day, their situations are often made worse by being ignored and not respected.

ARPA-E Innovation Summit 2012 Provides a Glimpse of America’s Green Energy Future to Come

The Advanced Research Projects Administration in Energy is a rare example of the bi-partisan understanding for the need to develop and market American innovation and technologies.

Israel is America's Greatest Democratic Ally

In an increasingly globalized world, it is vital that the U.S. supports our allies who share in our values of democracy and freedom. No country embodies these more so than Israel.

Ron Paul Biggest Winner in Virginia Republican Primary, While Rick Santorum is the Biggest Loser

With only two candidates in the race, Paul could have a strong showing.

Top 5 Issues Barack Obama Must Address in a Second Term

Less restrained by a looming reelection campaign, President Obama would have the opportunity in a second term to take on many issues that have gone largely unaddressed for four years.

Occupy Wall Street Six Months Later: Why OWS Failed and How it Can Be Revived

Why Occupy so far has not lived up to its great expectations and how it can revive and re-energize its dwindling movement.

The Top 5 Millennial Financial Reporters and Bloggers You Should Be Following

Millennials are starting to make their marks in the world of business and politics.

Why Politicians and CEOs Make Bad Decisions

Powerful people often make poor decisions. Scientists may know why, and what we can do about it.

How Debt Caused the 2008 Financial Crisis and Why It Matters

Flawed federal housing policy, Wall Street excess, and lack of bank regulation may have all contributed to the mess, but the 2008 financial crisis was caused by America's debt.

Graduate School is Worth the Investment

Reducing a public policy degree’s return on investment to “dollars in” and “dollars out” cheapens the degree and the reason most people go into the field.

Tim Hawkins Political Parody 'Candy Man' Can Light Up Anybody's Day

Regardless of what side of the aisle you agree with, we can all agree that laughter can bring both sides together, regardless of who is being made fun of.

Stop Pushing Millennials Into Buying Our First Home

While the media decries falling home-ownership rates among young people, there's no real reason why millennials shouldn't simply rent a house and invest in the stock market.

Michael Pollan, Bill Gates, and 5 Biggest Leaders in the Fight Against Obesity

Find out who made the list along with author and activist Michael Pollan and Bill Gates.

We Stream, They Scream: How Silicon Valley Broke the Music Industry

Music streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify have transformed the music industry. While artists and record labels are suffering, there's one big winner: consumers.

Millennials and Baby Boomers: What They Fear and Why

Too often, political discussions are fueled by fear and fear-mongering. Here are some thoughts on why.

Ron Paul's Voter Base Doubled Since 2008, Analysis Reveals

A new analysis reveals that Ron Paul has improved on his 2008 performance, often dramatically, in every one of 19 states for which a direct comparison can be made.

Hoyas vs. Syracuse, Duke vs. UNC, and the Best NCAA College Sports Rivalries

It's March Madness, NCAA tournament time. Here's a primer on the top five rivalries in college sports.

Chevy Volt Failure Shows Why Government Subsidies Are Bad

If the government were serious about encouraging electric car technology, it would stay out of the way and stop subsidizing failed cars like the Chevy Volt.

Apple to Open R&D Center in Israel, Shows Why Country is a Tech Hub

Apple has decided to open its first R&D center outside of California in Herzilya, Israel. The announcement serves as a testament to Israel's contributions to the rest of the world.

America's Founders Were Pro-Big Government, But Only Because It Suited Their Interests

Political graft and cronyism explain the desire for a centralized national state.

What is the Future of Journalism?

Declining print revenue, expanding social media use, and the mass availability of information online is quickly proving what everyone expected — that the definition of journalism has changed.

What is 'Kony 2012' and Who is Joseph Kony?

As the KONY 2012 documentary goes viral, a look at who is behind the campaign and what it's all about.

Rod Blagojevich Goes to Prison, Chicago Reacts

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said farewell to Illinois residents in a prime-time television address Wednesday evening, one day before he heads to prison to serve his 14-year sentence.

Republican Crusade Against Birth Control is an (Unconstitutional) Exercise in Denial

The GOP crusade attempting to strip women of insurance coverage for birth control flies in the face of decades of legal precedent concerning privacy and medical rights.

What is Critical Race Theory?

Much has been made of Obama's connection to Derrick Bell, but who is he and what is his critical race theory?