A Graduate Degree in Public Policy Is Not Worth Your Time or Money

Other graduate degrees like a JD or MBA would better serve those seeking to go into the public policy field.

Top 5 Stratfor Wikileaks Revelations (So Far)

From Goldman Sachs to Bin Laden, here are the five most important Stratfor emails leaks you need to know about, (until the next release that is).

ARPA-E Innovation Summit 2012 Provides a Glimpse of America’s Green Energy Future to Come

The Advanced Research Projects Administration in Energy is a rare example of the bi-partisan understanding for the need to develop and market American innovation and technologies.

How Debt Caused the 2008 Financial Crisis and Why It Matters

Flawed federal housing policy, Wall Street excess, and lack of bank regulation may have all contributed to the mess, but the 2008 financial crisis was caused by America's debt.

Graduate School is Worth the Investment

Reducing a public policy degree’s return on investment to “dollars in” and “dollars out” cheapens the degree and the reason most people go into the field.

Navy Railgun Will Change the Way War is Fought

The railgun is a weapon that has the potential to change military strategy, foreign policy, and America’s role in foreign affairs in this decade and even this century.

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012

With the passing of Andrew Breitbart, the world lost one our best conservative media moguls. His conservative activism and writing impacted conservatives everywhere.

In Grantland Interview, Barack Obama Still Wants a College Football Playoff System

Clearly he’s devoted to this policy issue, and nobody can blame him for flip-flopping on this issue.

Why Democrats Are Failing Millennials and What They Can Learn From Republicans About Engaging Youth

Millennials refuse to identify as Democrats while conservatives are training and mentoring a new generation of proud Republicans.

Mustafa Barghouti Q&A: Can Nonviolence Solve the Israel-Palestine Conflict?

Ask your best question for Dr. Mustafa Barghouti about non-violence and Israel-Palestine.

Oil Companies Like Shell Should Not Be Allowed to Drill in the Arctic Until They Create New Cleanup Methods

Until oil companies demonstrate that they've gotten better at cleaning up spills, they should not be permitted to drill in the Arctic Ocean.

Why Do the 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Suffer From Foot-In-Mouth Disease?

In the race to earn the Repulbican presidential nomination, the GOP candidates are saying the most inane things.

Barack Obama in Bill Simmons Interview: I Will Win Re-Election, Jeremy Lin Will Save U.S.-China Relations, and OWS Will Rise Again

In Obama's most recent sports interview with Grantland, politics can all too easily be teased out.

Born This Way Foundation Launch Makes Lady Gaga the Voice for Millennials

With the launch of her Born This Way Foundation to combat teen bullying, Lady Gaga is spreading the message of youth empowerment and bravery for years to come.

Barack Obama Must Stand With Benjamin Netanyahu and Act Against Iran

Obama has to assure Israel's security if he wants to take the time to use other means to end Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Canada Election Fraud Scandal Distracts Government From Fixing Canadian Economy

A recent political firestorm has engulfed Ottawa and has the opposition parties crying election fraud, misdirecting their attention away from working to better the nation.

Immigration Policies That Deport America's Workers Make Our Neighborhoods Less Safe

As the U.S. deports more and more immigrants from our country, we must recognize that our immigration policies are not securing our borders, but making our neighborhoods less safe.

Should We Regulate Cars More Tightly?

Currently, car rental companies can legally rent vehicles that are subject to a defect recall without having made repairs prior to renting.

High Gas Prices Are Not Under Politicians' Control

Newt Gingrich's proposal to reduce gas prices to $2.50 will have little effect because supply and demand and global economic forces determine gas prices, not politicians.

CDC Sugar Report Doesn't Go Far Enough to Address the U.S. Obesity Crisis

A new CDC report warns that American's eat too much sugar, but stopped short of offering a real solution to the obesity problem.

Elephant Massacre in Cameroon a Tragedy and Shows the Current Ban on Ivory is Insufficient

Growing ivory demand in Asia is leading to increased poaching of African elephants. A full ban on ivory trade and concerted action by all players are necessary to end the massacre of elephants.

Why It Will Be Very Difficult For Israel to Attack Iran

Israel has its work cut out for it if it plans on denting Iran's nuclear program, ranging from determining the perfect flight paths to figuring out alliances.

Fake CNN Video Highlights Asma al-Assad Role in Syria Crisis

An interesting, edited video brings attention to the role, or lack thereof, Asma al-Assad plays in her husband's violent crackdown in Homs