Stereotypes of Women's Work Ethic: The Real Reason There Aren't More Women in Positions of Power

The negative stereotypes about women's work ethic keep them from advancing in their careers. Society does not encourage women to become leaders in the workforce.

China is Not Responsible for the Decline of U.S. Manufacturing

When China sells goods at lower than market price, it is to the benefit of U.S. manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

Unlike China’s 2008 Olympics, Displaced Slum-Dwellers in Brazil Will Not Go Quietly

Brazil should stop plans to demolish slums to make way for construction projects for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Newt Gingrich Attacks Mitt Romney For Speaking French, Underlining How Americans Don't Embrace Foreign Languages

Does the ad attacking Romney for speaking French show us a greater bias against language learning in the United States?

Should Laws Be Temporary? How We Can Reform America's Legal System

Eliminating the federal state is an option that should be seriously considered.

Chris Christie May Have Vetoed Gay Marriage, But He's Still a Gay Rights Supporter

The amount of criticism Christie is receiving from gay and liberal activists is undeserved.

Israel Could Thank the United States Once in Awhile

The next time an Israeli prime minister comes to Washington, instead of a list of demands, he should bring a thank you note.

Sarah Palin Movie: 'Game Change' is Unrealistic and Offensive

Game Change is not a film about politics, but rather a poorly engineered sob story. Palin is cast in an unflattering light, portrayed as unqualified and personally unprepared for national office.

Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari Wrongly Foresees the End the NCAA

Calipari's desire to end the NCAA's reign over collegiate sport would not serve college athletics well at this point in time.

Mitt Romney Campaign Playing it Smart, Winning on Delegates

Mitt Romney is expected to do only moderately well during the next few contests in the south and Midwest. Regardless, he is playing the smartest game of all the candidate so far.

Publicly Shaming Teachers Won't Help Them Get Better

Making teacher evaluations public won't help teachers improve their practice and could be counterproductive.

Mitt Romney Used Private Email to Conduct State Business While Massachusetts Governor

All government officials are issued an e-mail account, Romney decided instead to use a Hotmail account for most of his correspondence, which is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.