5 Biggest Issues for the 2012 Presidential Election

The economy, Iran, and Super PACs will all weigh heavily on this election.

LIVE: Kansas Caucus Results, Rick Santorum Wins

Kansas is Santorum's race to lose, but Ron Paul is campaigning to win delegates.

LIVE: Solar Flare And Solar Storm Update

Live updates on this morning's solar storm.

5 Cheapest Public Colleges in the U.S.

As student debt grows, some parents need to consider cheaper schools when seeking higher education opportunities for their children.

Spanx Creator Sara Blakely Highlights the Positive Steps Women Are Making in Business

One industry where men continue to dominate is business. But Blakely, Oprah Winfrey, and Meg Whitman are blazing a trail for women.

Kony 2012 Could Cause More Harm for Africa

The Kony 2012 campaign will have perverse consequences for central Africa as idealistic Westerners exacerbate the fundamental problems of the region.

Ron Paul's Voter Base Doubled Since 2008, Analysis Reveals

A new analysis reveals that Ron Paul has improved on his 2008 performance, often dramatically, in every one of 19 states for which a direct comparison can be made.

Chevy Volt Failure Shows Why Government Subsidies Are Bad

If the government were serious about encouraging electric car technology, it would stay out of the way and stop subsidizing failed cars like the Chevy Volt.

Saudi Women Lead Student Protests in Rare Act of Valor

Do the past few days of protests led by female students in Abha point to a change in the mindset of Saudi youth?

Daylight Savings Time Change Should Be Eliminated

Daylight savings does more harm than good.

Kony 2012 is the Linsanity of Child Slavery Documentaries

With over 70 million views on YouTube, Kony 2012 has raised awareness of Uganda, child slavery, and the Lord's Resistance Army. It's also shown just how ignorant the U.S. public really is.

Rush Limbaugh Failed to Adhere to Conservative Tenets of Civility in Attacking Sandra Fluke

Rush Limbaugh crossed the line with his insults against law student Sandra Fluke last week. He gave up the standard that has differentiated conservatives from the other side in recent years.

The 10 Most Popular PolicyMic Stories This Week

From Kony 2012 to International Women's Day, with some SXSW and Rush Limbaugh in between, here are the stories people were reading, sharing, Tweeting, and commenting on this week.

U.S. Agreement Regarding Afghan Detention Center Not All It’s Claimed To Be

The U.S. has agreed to turn over control of a detention center in Pawan to Afghan authorities, but with all the strings attached, there isn’t much left to Afghan control.

Australia Should Pursue Missile Defense in the Pacific

With the United States reducing its defense spending, Australia will need to upgrade its missile defense strategy

The U.S. Should Not Ratify the UN Law of the Sea Treaty

The ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty would be extremely detrimental to the United States capitalistic endeavors, environmental controls, and our own security and freedom.

Coca Cola and Pepsi Caramel Color Won't Give You Cancer

Soda isn't good for you, but California public health advocates are exaggerating the risks of drinking a can of Coke.

One Year After Japan Fukushima Disaster, America is Constructing New Nuclear Reactors

The nuclear meltdowns of the Fukushima power plant in Japan occurred exactly one year ago Sunday. Now, the U.S. is gearing up to build new nuclear reactors of its own.

Randall Terry Beats Out Barack Obama in Oklahoma Primary?

Astonishingly, Randall Terry wins a delegate in the Oklahoma Democratic Primary.